A/N; For my beloved Ariel32 on her birthday. This is one of my favorite fairy tales, so, I hope you enjoy!

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Her fingers, long, pale and thin, were tangled in his mane, now matted from the recent tussle with that arrogant… human. Her form was bent over his, and she was weeping. He didn't know why, though; why would anyone weep for him, a monster?

A beast?

Even with his logic, though, she still wept. Was it because he lay there dying? If so, shouldn't she be jovial? He would no longer hold her captive… she would no longer be at the mercy of a horrible creature.

And still she cried, precious liquid crystals of bitterness crawled down her face at an agonizingly slow pace, and he could barely stand it. Lifting a claw (monstrous thing) to her porcelain face, gently brushing the tears from her cheeks. She gave a choked sob and buried her face in his heaving chest.

"Don't leave me!"

Startled, he gazed down at her long, silken brown tresses, and slowly wrapped his arms around her small waist. Don't cry…

He hated seeing her cry. She hadn't done it often, and almost never in his presence… he'd only seen it happen when she experienced loss.

Loss? Him? Surely not…

She lifted her head to stare at him with beautiful, tearful eyes, filled with an unexplainable emotion that wrenched at his heart, and he forced a feral growl to die in his throat.

"Don't cry," he finally rasped, and she covered her mouth as if to put a stopper to her emotions. (He couldn't help but think that, if she wanted to do that, she should have covered her eyes instead)

"Then… please… don't leave me!"

Thunder rumbled in the distance, and a few drops of rain permeated the deep gray sky. A perfect, dismal setting for a timely death, he thought.

"I'm sorry."

Her heart nearly stopped, for their chests pressed together had matching heartbeats… or lack thereof on his part now.

"No… no!" she cried, heart breaking into tiny shards and scattering about her ribcage. "NO!"

Screaming, cursing Fate and its cruel black heart, she wept in his lax arms, wishing everything to fade away. Her hands pressed against his chest, searching for some hidden sign of life, something, anything to bring him back.

"You can't leave me! I love you, hear me? I love you!"

Rain pelted her back, and as if to shield him from any further harm, she wrapped her arms protectively around his torso.

And each drop reminded her that he was gone.


Cruel thunder, mocking her. Making her hope.


Cruel thunder. Making her wish.


Cruel thunder. Making her believe…

"What… did you say?"

Merciful rain, bringing him back to her.

- Fin -

And, voila. My personal recreation of the ending of Beauty and the Beast. Because I don't like him when he's human.

Written while listening to Toxic, the cover sung by Blowsight. Again, happy birthday Ariel!! Kisses and luv! (Couldn't help but think of Neji and Tenten after rereading this XD)