Warnings: EdxPeter. Incest. Slash/Yaoi. Boys kissing.

- - - - - - - point of view change (still third person)

by Brooding Darkness

Pure white flakes drifted slowly, and silently to the ground. Against the darkness of nights zeneth, the snow almost glowed ethrally - yet this knowledge did absolutely nothing to calm Edmund the Just - King of the Western Provencies, and Narnia.

His arms were settled languidly across the stone sill of his bedroom window in a crossed fashion. Deep, ancient brown eyes stared aimlessly into the white abyss before him, as he thought once more on the one mistake that he deeply regretted - and knew, painfully, oh so painfully, how everyone had forgiven him. Even the one he had betrayed first, who he had never even met - Mr Tumnus, faithful Mr. Tumnus - had forgiven him.

Yet he couldn't seem to forgive himself, even two years on.

Each winter seemed to numb him completely. And his nights were long, cold and sleepless. Ususally he spent those moments staring out into the vastness of the world, feeling alone, and remembering the dungeon in which he had been imprisioned.

Blinking, he shivered slightly, leaning his head onto his arms, skin paler than usual, and dark rings under his eyes.

Knock Knock

Sitting up, Edmund focused his eyes on the door as the soft knocking awakend him from his musings. Standing, Edmund moved towards the door, revealing the tall, blonde figure of his older brother: Peter the Magnificent - High King of Narnia and the North. Tilting his head slightly, Edmund watched his brother.

- - - - - - -

Peter had been waiting for his younger brother to open his door. Ever the worrier, he had noticed that Edmund had obviously not been sleeping, and he was determined to find out what it was all about. Although these thoughts raced through his head, he didn't notice as his little brother opened the door, untill he nearly jumped out of his skin upon seeing those beautiful - albeit haunted and ancient - brown eyes.

"Edmund," Peter said softly, noticing how cute his brother looked with his head tilted, and his hair falling lightly around those large eyes.

"Peter," Edmund intoned, not really understanding why his older sibling was here.

"Can we talk?" the blonde asked quietly. The dark haired boy nodded, indicating for Peter to enter by stepping away from the doorway. Following Edmund in, Peter watched his younger brother intently.

Pale skin, only brushed lightly with soft freckles here and there. Sharp, delicate brown eyes, that held the wisdom his was so famous for. Long, slender legs, and gently curved arms. Thin, muscian fingers. Short, brown hair that curved to suit his features perfectly. A well toned waist and chest, and a thinkers lips.

Yes, Peter thought, it was really no wonder why so many sought out his younger sibling. He was beautiful in every word.

"What is it that you wanted to talk about, Peter," Edmund asked pulling the older boy from his obervation. Edmund had sat back by the window, and the snow falling in the background, doubled with the night air created a breath-taking sight for Peter as he stared at the beauty before him.

"Well... You've seemed a bit down, recently," Peter replied, pulling himself together quickly. Sitting upon the bed, Peter stared down into his hands before continuing. "And were all worried, Ed. I'm worried. Please... tell me what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, Peter."

- - - - - - -

Even as Edmund said this he knew it was a complete lie, and he also knew that Peter wasn't about to buy it. Staring at his older brother, he took in the powerfull, lean muscles - covered by the material of his brothers PJ's - the short blonde hair, deep, bright and caring blue eyes, the tanned skin, and the strong limbs that he had come to adore.

Edmund had long admitted to himself that he was in love with Peter, and had even researched through the records of the law to see if his love was forbidden. It seemed that Narnia was a lot more leniant that his last home had been. But he would never speak of it, as he knew of the rejection he would have to endure.

No, Peter was better off thinking that it was only brotherly love that Edmund felt for him.

"That's a lie, and I don't even know why you bother to use it," Peter answered, staring staight at him. Edmund's cheeks coloured slightly, but he only looked back out the window in reply. "Please, Ed. Please?"

Biting his lip, Edmund knew that he was fighting a loosing battle. His brother really could get anything out of him. Sighing, Edmund decided to give only half the truth. "I... Peter, why did everyone forgive me? I don't deserve it."

- - - - - - -

He knew that he should feel guilty, but Peter was so relieved that this was the only thing concerning his younger brother. Shaking his head, Peter smiled for the first time that evening. "Ed, you silly thing. You made a mistake. We all forgive you because you didn't mean it, and your sorry. Why shouldn't we forgive you."

"Because... I made the choice, Peter. I put Mr. Tumnus in danger. I betrayed Narnia. All for the sake of sweets," Edmund replied bitterly. The dark haired boy was hugging himself now, even though the room was not cold.

Standing, Peter moved to embrace Edmund in a tight hug - hoping to send his feelings out to the younger boy. Smiling when Edmund hugged back, Peter dropped a kiss onto his forehead, comforting, and hoping to send all of the Just Kings fears away. "You need to forgive yourself, Ed. That's the only thing you haven't done yet."

"How can I? I did terrible things-"

"-You made a mistake, and you only did it with words. Now stop being silly. Your supposed to be the mature one. The wise King that kept his older, annoying brother at bay," Peter chuckled.

Smiling into Peters pajama shirt, he nodded, remembering all the times he had had to force his brother to calm down for his excitement, and try to get him to act older. "Your not annoying, Peter," was all he could say. His words were muffled slightly by the shirt, but Peter still heard every word.

"Oh, I do love you, Ed," the blonde haired boy whispered. Smiling even more, Edmund tighened his embrace.

"I love you too, Peter."

- - - - - - -

Pulling away slightly, dark brown locked with light blue, and Edmund smiled brightly for the first time in weeks as he found the comfort and reassurance had had been looking for. He had been forgiven. And now he could learn to forgive himself. But the next moment made him blink, and shut his senses down.

- - - - - - -

Watching those large brown eyes stare lovingly up at him, with a smile that lit up his world, nobody could blame Peter really for what he did. Swiftly pressing his lips to Edmunds, Peter had kissed the boy sweetly and soundly, pulling the smaller body closer to his.

Although there was no response, Peter continued to press his lips to those soft, gentle ones that he had longed for on so many nights alone.

The blissful moment, however ended after a few seconds - in which felt like centuries - and Peter found reality crashing down on him. He had just kissed his little brother. His brother who proberly had no feelings like this for him. A brother who was powerfull in his own way. A brother who was now staring at him completely shocked.

"Ed?" Peter tried. Edmund blinked. Looking up at him, Peter swallowed. Those pretty brown eyes were studying him, but in a way that revealed nothing. "Ed, are you alright?"

- - - - - - -

Edmund was trying to pull himself together. He had to be dreaming, he reasoned. But, clearly, he was not. Here he was, in his bedroom, with his brother, who he loved very deeply, and who had just kissed him. Had he gone crazy?

"You... kissed me," was all he could say. Peter nodded slowly, not knowing what was racing through his little brothers head. Edmund, raised his right hand, and gently caressed Peters cheek. The older boy instantly melted into the touch, and Edmund smiled again. "You kissed me," he repeated with more confidence.

Sliding his hand down to Peter's collar, and then to his neck, Edmund stood on his toes, and returned the kiss. This one, however was much deeper, as both boys pushed into one another, trying to get as close to each other as possible. Pulling away after a few moments, Edmund smiled, sighing into the older boys arms.

Peter was all the comfort during those long, cold and sleepless nights, that he was going to need.


Brooding Darkness: Well, there you have it. Thankyou for reading!