Warnings: EdxPeter. Incest. Slash/Yaoi. Boys kissing.

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- - - - - - - time change (still third person)//////////// scene change

A Different Type of Comfort
by Brooding Darkness

Pure. That was the only way to describe it.

The snow still fell in pretty white drops, as the sky gently let the flakes flutter down to the earth, floating past the window slowly, and silently.

On any other night, King Edmund the Just would have been sat at the stone framed window watching the world pass in that white coated silence, while whispered thoughts of current events ghosted through his mind. But tonight was different.

He had been in an open relationship with his handsome older brother, High King Peter the Magnificent, for almost two months now, and he was enjoying the experience entirely. Right now, Peter lay asleep under the covers of the bed, bare underneath, and his golden hair splayed across the pillow slightly.

On any other night, Edmund would have been sat at the window, watching the world pass by. But tonight, he lay in bed next to his lover, watching the other boy sleep. A light smile played across his features as he planted each curve, point and marking into his mind like a carving.

Tomorrow, a grand ball was being held in the honour of Christmas – the third Narnian Christmas which the Pevensies' had experienced – and it was his duty to attend the ball not only as King Edmund the Just, but also as High King Peter's lover.

A fluttering of warmth and butterflies spread through his stomach, and Edmund blushed, before snuggling back up with Peter, and letting the calm of the night take its toll.

Of course with Susan and Peter being in charge of the ball, that calm didn't last long.

Susan fussed constantly over the decorations, and the food arrangement was never quite right in her opinion – no matter what everyone else said. Peter, on the other hand, was automatically in charge of the courtiers and ambassadors, and the foreign people who were attending – as well as his own Narnian people.

Lucy was sitting on her throne, giggling and watching the chaos ensue. From her view point she could see the whole room, as well as the courtyard where the party's extension was, and her two eldest siblings worrying over minor details.

She was still laughing and giggling to herself when Edmund walked gracefully into the room, parchment in hand, and a very serious look donning his pale features. However, this look only lasted as long as a few moments in which he took in the room's current status – exchanging looks with his younger sister – before bursting out laughing.

Lucy squealed, and Peter looked up at the source of the laughing. Wiping away at his teary eyes, Edmund moved to stand beside his little sister. "Have you been here all afternoon?" he asked, smiling widely.

Nodding, she replied enthusiastically, "And morning! It's soo funny to watch though! Susan is still changing the decorations every ten minutes, and Peter keeps re-arranging the guest seating. And its complete havoc!"

"Well, at least its something that can be easily sorted," Edmund, smiled. At that moment, Peter came up beside him, pulling him into a gentle kiss. "Hello to you too, Peter."

"I love you."

"I love you too, Peter."

"I love you."

"And I you, Peter."

"I love you."

"I'll sort out the seating so that you don't get it all mixed up, Peter," Edmund laughed, as he saw his lovers face melt into relief, before sharing a second kiss.

"Thank you!" Peter slumped into his throne, still holding Edmunds hand, and smiling lightly.

"Its one of my duties, Peter," the Just King informed him.

"Really?" Edmund nodded in answer. "So where have you been all day then?!" He asked exasperated and laughing to himself. Lucy laughed out loud again, and started giggling even more when she heard Edmund reply.

"Sorting out the seating, Peter." Edmund ran a hand through his hair, brushing it out of the way of his eyes. "I've been through all of the invitations – who's coming and who couldn't make it, as well as setting out the food preparation, and changing the decorations accordingly for the occasion. I've also been working on new procedures for the justice system – you know, the whole punishment business that we've been discussing – as well as sorting out the Western armies payroll and Christmas vacation – who gets to go home, and who gets the unlucky job of staying at the boarders – and I've also been researching through the Order of Justice archives on how we can politically move through negotiations with Ettinsmoor peacefully. I was also in meetings with a number of our western allies, opening trade units over the next year. Why, what have you been doing all day, Peter?"

Edmund could not help the smirk that formed on his lips at the look on his lovers face. And a small laugh even escaped, while Lucy burst into a full fit of it.

"So why has Susan been running around all day?" Peter asked, confused.

Lucy and Edmund burst out in new peals of laughter.

Huffing, Peter stormed into his bedroom, flinging his crown onto the top on his bed. Angry, Peter growled before turning around to face the door... and his brother closing it.

Edmund was trying to hide his smile – knowing that his older, beloved brother being angry was not a good thing – yet his amusement still showed.


"Yes, Peter?" Edmund inquired softly.

"How could you?" Peter growled.

"How could I what, Peter? I didn't do anything."

"You let them-! You let them flirt with you!" Peter raged. He childishly stomped his foot, throwing his arms out for emphasis. "And you-! YOU!"

"I didn't do anything, Peter," Edmund was starting to get angry now, as the accusations being thrown his way were clearly false in his mind. "Yes, they were flirting with me – and quite frankly I appreciate the fact that I'm noticed for once, both over you and the girls – but I was most certainly not flirting with them." Edmund stood, back against the door, trying to hold his temper in check.

Brushing his hands through his hair, Peter turned away from the Just King. Ever since they had gotten together two months prior, Peter had become overly protective of his younger lover – and was easily jealous. They had been to two parties as lovers before tonight, and in both instances, Edmund had not been approached by anyone in such a way. The possibility of any young man or woman, other than himself, wooing the love of his life was both horrifying and worrying.

A light touch to his shoulder, and a brush of fingers over his cheek caught Peter by light surprise. Edmund had moved silently to stand beside him, and was now gently smiling.

Unbuttoning the blondes' shirt, Edmund softly slid the material over the broad, tanned shoulders, revealing smooth flesh that his sharp, brown eyes devoured. A soft blush flew across Peters face, as he allowed the younger boy to guide him to the bed.

- - - - - - -

Fierce kisses, gasping moans and soft echoes of burning skin settled into the night. Edmund lay under Peter, gasping with half-closed eyes as the remnants of pleasure flitted through him. Peter's head lay in the crook of he pale boy's shoulder and neck breathing deeply.

Smiling, Peter listened as Edmunds breathing filtered into a soft rhythm of sleep.

"I guess you were my comfort this time."