Night 1: White Golem

Allen Walker awoke with a splitting headache and crawled farther under his covers at the Exorcist Headquarters. He'd just returned from a mission the night before, and despite not feeling his greatest, hadn't gone to the infirmary. He debated about going today.

A pesky sound kept bothering him as he tried to go back to sleep. "Timcanpy," Allen mumbled, "go away, I'm tired."

"ALLEN!!" the voice cried. "ALLEN! IT'S AN EMERGENCY!!"

Allen didn't recognize this voice and glanced up at the bobbing yellow creature. Nothing seemed different about Timcanpy—he was fluttering his wings to stay in the air as always, and his small, circular, yellow body still had the large gold cross covering its face. Somehow, Timcanpy seemed bigger than usual.

At the sight of Allen, Timcanpy landed gingerly on the pillow in front of his owner. "Allen," he said, "I think you should take a look in the mirror."

Allen jumped up. "D-did you just t-t-talk?" he asked, surprised.

Timcanpy nodded—or bobbed his entire body, since he didn't really have a head. "Telepathically. All golems can do it."

Blinking, Allen walked over to the no giant mirror in his room. He jumped over to it, and almost fell of the dresser looking at himself. Instead of the boy with white hair, silver eyes, and scar over his cursed eye he was expecting, a small, white golem stared back. The wings were white and bat-like, and on his face was a large, upside-down red star. Allen raised his arm that contained his anti-Akuma weapon, and the golem lifted his stubby, red one. Allen wanted to scream, but he couldn't make a sound.

Timcanpy fluttered over. "Is that really me?" inquired a stunned Allen.

"Yes it is," Timcanpy replied. "I woke up this morning and you were like this."

"You mean golems sleep?"

"Of course we do. What do you think I do when I'm in your pocket, sleeve, or hood?" Timcanpy pointed out. "I think the Chief would know what to do about this."

Allen shuddered at the thought of going to Komui, the resident mad scientist. Still, it couldn't be helped—Komui was their best bet.

Timcanpy flapped his wings and took off, only to realize Allen had no idea how to fly. He turned back and alighted next to his owner. After a quick explanation of how to fly, he watched Allen's several attempts.

On the first try, Allen couldn't even get off of the dresser. The second made Timcanpy fall over laughing, since the Exorcist managed to take off and fall to the floor. The third try was the charm, even if Allen was having difficulty staying airborne.

Timcanpy bit the doorknob, turned it, and they were freed into the hallway.

"Wait up!" Allen cried as Timcanpy soared away. He flew as quickly as he could, but Timcanpy was losing him. Allen rushed around a corner, only to find that his golem had vanished. "Timcanpy!" he called. "Timcanpy! Where are you?"

Something moved behind him, making him freeze. Of course, because he was no longer flapping his wings, he crashed to the ground like a rock.

"You're a new one," commented a girl's voice. Allen glanced up into the beautiful face of Lenalee, his fellow Exorcist. Her long green hair was tied into her usual pigtails. "I wonder where you came from." She reached down and picked him up, only to drop him again and scream.

"What's wrong, Lenalee?" asked Reever Wenham, a scientist that worked under Komui.

"It has the Millenium Earl's symbol! It has a pentagram like the Akuma!" she said quickly, invoking her Dark Boots.

Allen cried out and was nearly smashed. Timcanpy shoved him out of the way just in time. Everything went dark as Allen hit the wall.

That's it for now! I'm starting a D.Gray-Man fic, but I'd like to say a few things before I leave:

First of all, this is all going to be based on characters and events from books 1-5, as six has yet to come out yet, and—as far as I know—the anime is not in the USA yet.

Second, the manga has various spellings for the names. I'm going with the ones that appear most often, i.e. Lenalee instead of Linali (which occasionally pops up) and Reever instead of "Riba" (which is his name in the profile) and as far as I know, Timcanpy has always been spelled that way in the manga. Sorry for the confusion if you don't know what I'm talking about. XD

Thank you for reading this!