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"Dean I have to go out. You guys are going to stay with Pastor Jim."

"Okay." 6 year old Dean Winchester said.

"You know what I do is important right?"

"Yes sir."

John winced. Dean was too young to say that.

"Daddy, we going to the church?" 4 year old Jamie asked.

"Yeah sweat pea. You like Pastor Jim don't you?" John asked picking her up. She had brown hair after John.

"Huh uh."

"What is it?"

"Everytime when you come back you always have an owie."

"I'll be careful." John said kissing her on the head.


"Thanks for doing this again Jim." John said.

"Your helping people John. I'm not saying anything." Jim said.

"Kids be good for Jim."

"Go kick evil butt." Dean said smiling.

"Dean Winchester not in this church." Jim said trying not to laugh.

"I'll be back in a few days." John promised.

The kids watched as he left.

"You kids hungry?" Jim asked.

They shook their heads yes.

"Let's go get something to eat."

Jamie carried Sam and Dean held her hand into the kitchen.


Later that night Jamie had to go to the bathroom real bad. She looked over and saw Dean snoring with droop. Dean was always a hard sleeper. She got out of bed and went to the bathroom across the hall. After she washed her hands she went back to the room and almost screamed when she saw a pair of yellow eyes next to Sammy but they were looking right at her. She tried not to scream. She was in church and no evil thing could get in. She squeezed her eyes shut and when she opened them again they were still there. Sammy must have felt something because he started crying. She flipped the light on and the eyes disappeared.

"What's going on?" Dean asked looking blind by the sudden light.

"Sammy just started crying." She said.

Jim came in stubbing his toes against the corner of a dresser half asleep. "Ow! What's wrong Sammy?" Jim asked picking him up.

When Sammy looked at him he stopped crying. "Maybe he was lonely." Dean said.

"SInce we're all up how about we get some hot chocolate?" Jim said.

"Okay!" Dean and Jamie yelled.

She never told anyone about that night.


"I hate highschool." 14 year old Dean said slamming the door shut.

"Dean language." John said. "It's not that bad."

"The homeworks harder."

"You just don't want learn." 12 year old Jamie said looking up from her homework.

Dean stuck his tongue out at her and she did the same to him and 8 year old Sammy started doing it.

"Kids enough!" John said. "Dean if you need help I'll help you."

"I like my homework!" Sammy said.

"You don't have any." Dean glared.

"That's why I like it." He said smiling and John and Jamie started laughing.


A year later she was acting cranky. Too cranky for John and Dean's liking.

"Dad do you think she's possessed?" 15 year old Dean asked.

"I don't think so son. Her eyes would be black." John said.

"But she's always in the bathroom."

"I'll go talk to her okay?"

"You might want this." Dean said handing John a cross.

John smiled and knocked on her door.

"Go away!" She yelled.

"It's me." John said opening the door. He saw her curled up in a ball on her bed. "What's wrong honey?" He asked sitting down beside her stroking her hair.

"My stomach hurts." She said with tears in her eyes.

He felt her forehead. "You don't have a fever. Does your side hurt?"

"Just the front of my stomach."

"How about I get you some warm milk?"



"Can I call Missouri?"

John frowned for a minute then it kicked in. "Oh honey you don't have to call Missouri."

"But it's a girl thing I think."

"I'll bring MIssouri over. How about that?"

"Thanks daddy."

John walked out of the room with Dean and Sammy watching Jerry Springer.

"Dean, Sam's to young to watch that." John said turning the channel.

"It was just getting good dad." Sammy said sitting up.

"Boys I have to go get Missouri."

"Why?" Dean asked.

Dean, I know why your sisters been cranky."

"She is possessed!"

"No she's just growing up." John said.

Dean's face went pale. "That can't be good."