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"You okay?" Dean asked her a week later.

"I really wish everyone would stop asking me that," Jamie gritted through her teeth.

"Sis, I know you had it rough-"

"I'm not listening to this speech again," She said cutting him off.

"Just hear me out."

"Fine," She said looking at him.

"Your going to find happiness again someday."

"Dean, I'm happy. I have Samantha and dad alive plus I have Tyler now and thanks to you I'm going to be an Aunt. I'm happy."

"You forgot Cass."


"You didn't say Cass's name in the happiness department. You two having trouble or something," He asked.

"No. No trouble. It's just he's never around and he's slowly been losing his powers because of him being with me. I don't want to be the cause of him not being an angel anymore. Just because he won't say it, it doesn't mean that I can't see it."

"You two are going to work it out. I know it."

"Why are you so confident all of a sudden," She asked eyeing him suspiciously.

"Just go to have faith little sis," He said wrapping his arm around her waist pulling her closer to him.

"I've always had faith. You didn't," She pointed out.

"Jerk," Dean said.

"Bitch," She tossed back.

"You're asking for it!" He said tickling her.

"Dean stop," She cried.

Dean hadn't done that to her since they were teenagers.

"Say 'Uncle'."

"Wussy," She said.

"Wussy," He said surprised by her choice of word distracting him long enough for her to pin him on the ground.

"New that would work," She said smiling.

"Have you been talking to Uncle Ken," Dean asked.

"No. I just know everyone hates that word," She said standing up.

"Are you two playing fair," John asked approaching them.

"No," Dean said pouting. "She called me a wussy throwing me off guard."

John looked at her.

"He wouldn't stop tickling me," She said in defense.


Later that day she went home and found Castiel standing in the kitchen waiting for her.

"Did something happen?" She asked.

"I can't talk. It's not safe here," He said looking around with a pained expression on his face.

"Cass what's going on?" She demanded.

She had never seen him look like this.

"Their coming for me," He said. "I have to be away from you before they do."

"Who's coming for you? The angels," She asked.

Before she knew it there was a flash of light and she heard Castiel scream being ripped for his body or the body he had been possessing then nothing.

She didn't know how long she had been out but she woke up and noticed the kitchen looked like a tornado had hit it.

"Cass?" She asked looking around.

She saw his body. The kitchen table was turned upside down on top of him. She went to move it off of him.

"Cass? Say something?" She pleaded.

Just then he pushed her off looking frantic.

"Cass, what did they do to you?" She asked scared.

"It's me."

"Me who," She frowned.

"Jimmy. My name's Jimmy," He said looking at her. "Why am I here?"

"You don't remember anything?"

"Bits and pieces," He said. "My name's Jimmy Novak and I have a family. I want to see my family."

"You can't at the moment."

"Why not," Jimmy asked like she was nuts. "By some miracle I'm out and I'm done."

"Which is why you can't go home just yet," She said. "Demons might go after your family if they knew you were back."

"I don't know anything!"

"I know but the demons don't," She said softly.

All of a sudden she felt dirty. She couldn't explain it.

"Are you hungry?" She asked him.

He nodded yes.

"I'll get you something to eat," She said grabbing her car keys. "You coming," She asked him.

"Okay." He said.


They were in the car silent as she paid for his food and handed him the take out bag. He looked through it fast and pulled out the hamburger before chewing on it greedily.

"How long has it been since you've eaten?" She asked as she drove back home.

"I don't know. Months," He said taking a sip of his drink. "How do you know Castiel?" He asked her after he swallowed his food.

"I've only known him for almost a year."

"You know about angels and demons?" He said looking at her surprised.

"Why do you sound surprised?" She asked not taking her eyes off the road.

"You just look a little young that's all," He said taking another bite of his burger.

She smiled. "I'm not that young. I have to kids to take care off."

"How old are they?"

"Samantha's 6 and Tyler's 16," She said.

He looked at her funny when she said Tyler's age.

"Tyler's adopted. I took him in after his parents were killed," She said.

"Oh," he said putting the burger wrapper in the bag getting the fries out. "I want to see my family."

"I know you do. We just can't not until we know it's safe."

"You mean until you know why Castiel ditched my body?"

"Yahtzee," She said. God she sounded like Dean!


"So Cass ditched out of your meat suit?" Dean said.

"Cass, was scared Dean. I don't know what happened to him. There was a flash of light and then he was gone," Jamie said kind of in shock for what Castiel might be going through now because of him being with her.

"And I'm out," Jimmy said. "I want to see my family."

"You can't until we figure this out," Dean said.

"You're not going to stop me from seeing my family," Jimmy said facing him. "The only reason why I went along with your sister this long was because I also wanted to know why Castiel left me but now I don't care because it doesn't look like he's coming back."

Jamie swallowed hard when Jimmy spoke those three last words. Dean noticed.

"Hate to break it to you buddy but Cass is coming back," Dean said.

"Dean, we can't force Castiel back in Jimmy's body," She said.

Dean looked at her like she was nuts. "I thought you of all people would want Cass back."

"I do but not if it means keeping Jimmy away from his family. That's not fair Dean. Jimmy did what Castiel had asked him to do and he did it. He deserves to be with his family now," She said.

Jimmy and Dean looked both at her surprised what she said.

Jimmy Dean, She thought and giggled to herself.

"Are you on something?" Dean said eyeing her cautiously.

"Jimmy Dean. It's kind of funny," She said.

Jimmy smiled as he got her joke but Dean was clueless.

"What's so funny?" Dean asked again.

"You are at the moment," She said and sighed. "Maybe we should let Jimmy see his family."

"It'll put them in danger. We all know too well about that."

"Because of what happened to Sam?" She said. "What if one of us was with Jimmy while he saw his family," She suggested.

"You can't be serious."

"I am Dean. No one should be denied of being with their family."

"We're not doing this," He argued.

"Yeah well dad's out on a hunt with Adam. Are you going to stop me?"

"I've done it before," He said facing her.

"Technically you didn't. I got away both times," She said with a smirk.

"Damn it."


"Your leaving?" Mia said as she watched Dean pack a bag.

"Just for a few days," He said. "I'll be back."

"Can't your sister handle this herself?"

"Not if demons are after Jimmy," He said facing her.

"Dean your sister's stronger than you think. Hell she's been through hell and back and she's still standing. You and John treat her like she's a piece of glass ready to break."

"No offense Mia but you weren't there growing up with her seeing what she'd been through. I was. It's my job to protect my little sister."

"She's not little anymore. She had two children to take care of. She's an adult."

"An adult that still has a psycho with a pick ax after her."

"Dean your going to have to see that she's not a little kid anymore. I'll see you when you get back," Mia said walking out of the room.


Dean was driving with Jimmy in the passenger seat and Jamie in the back. For some reason she could tell Dean looked liked he wanted to explode but didn't say anything.

"You listening girl," Bobby said on the other line.

"Sorry. What'd you say?" She said.

"I can't find anything. I'm tapped out."

"What about Zachariah? He's Castiel's superior," She said. "Is there a way to summon an angel?"

"I don't think so. They don't let themselves be seen that often."

"Thanks Bobby. We'll try something else," She said hanging up.

"What'd Bobby say?" Dean asked.

"He doesn't have anything," She said.

"This is it," Jimmy said as Dean stopped in front of his house.

Jamie saw what she figured was his wife and daughter.

"You're daughters beautiful," Jamie said watching them in the window.

"She is," Jimmy said.

"What do you plan on telling them? I mean the reason why you were gone," Dean said.

"I'll get back to you on that," Jimmy said getting out of the Impala.

"Hope this doesn't bite us in the ass," Dean said as they watched Jimmy's wife open the door.

"I hope so too," She said.


An hour later Dean had fallen asleep but Jamie jerked him awake when she saw a man walk up to the door.

"What?" Dean said half asleep.

"Look," She said getting out of the Impala after the man went inside.

Dean followed her up to the house and they heard screaming from inside. Dean kicked the door open and they ran in where they saw the man possessed holding a knife to the girl.

"Let her go. You can have me just let my daughter go," Jimmy begged.

"Can't do that," The man said. "Need a little insurance."

"Daddy," The girl said scared.

"It's okay. Just do as he says," Jimmy told her.

Just then Dean stabbed the guy with Ruby's knife. The girl screamed as her mom held her close.

"He's dead," Jimmy's wife said in shock.

"Amelia that wasn't Frank," Jimmy said.

"It was his body," Amelia said.

"Amelia you know Frank would never hurt us," Jimmy said.

"We need to get you guys out of here before more demons come," Dean said.

"Sorry. You're a little late for that," A woman possessed said with more lackeys.

"Great. I get to kill more of you," Dean said advancing on her. "Get them out of here!" He yelled at Jamie.

"Follow me," Jamie told them as they followed her to the Impala. She got in the driver's seat already to take off.

"What are we waiting for?" Amelia said scared.

"Her brother," Jimmy said.

Just then Dean got in the passenger seat. "Drive!" He said slamming the door shut.

"You okay?" She asked Dean who had some cuts on his face.

"It's nothing. I knew we shouldn't have brought Jimmy to see his family," Dean said.

"How long have you been here?" Amelia asked Jimmy when she heard that.

"A few days," Jimmy said. "I'll explain everything when we're safe."

"I can't believe this," Amelia said.

"Believe it sister," Dean drawled.


"You were right," Jimmy told Dean as they watched Jamie talk to his wife and daughter. "Me coming here put them in danger."

"I didn't want to be."

"So what happens next?"

"We take you with us at least until we know the demons aren't a threat anymore then you can go back to your family," Dean said.


"So demons are real?" Amelia asked Jamie still in shock.

"Yes. I'm sorry you had to find out about it this way. I wouldn't wish this on anyone," Jamie said as they watched Dean and Jimmy talk.

"I owe Jimmy a huge apology. Before I thought he was going insane."

"You didn't know."

Jamie frowned when she thought she saw Amelia's eyes flicker black for a second when Dean and Jimmy walked to them.

"What now?" Amelia asked Jimmy.

"Got to keep you and our daughter safe," Jimmy said.

"It's not Amelia," Jamie said.

"I think I know my own wife," Jimmy glared at her.

"Jamie what are you saying?" Dean said trusting her instincts.

"Cristo," Jamie said and Amelia/Demon punched her hard across the face with enough force to knock her down.

"Son of a bitch," Dean said angry. "I'm going to kill you."

"No you won't. Not while I'm in this innocent's body you won't," Amelia/Demon said with a smirk. "Got to admit it," She said looking at Dean. "Your sister's smarter at hunting than you think."

Jamie stood up and wiped the blood off her lip. "What do you want?"

"I want Jimmy here. I want to know what the angels are cooking up," She said now looking at Jimmy.

"I'll go with you if you let my family go," Jimmy said.

"But I'm sort of liking this body," She said. "What body do you suggest that I use now?" She said looking at Jamie.

"Hell no," Jamie and Dean said at the same time.

"I was already possessed by Alastair," Jamie said.

"Then a second time shouldn't be hard. I need insurance to make sure he keeps his deal with that saying I know you and Castiel have something going on so if he is still out there somewhere he'll come back to his vessel," It said looking at Jimmy.

"Possess me," Dean said.

"Dean are you crazy?" Jamie practically shouted.

"Hell I mean basically everyone else in our family's been possessed. I guess it's my turn," Dean said.

"Sorry sugar but I can't possess you," It said walking up to him and pulling his shirt down revealing a tattoo. "Your protected," It said letting go of his shirt then walking back to Jamie. "You on the other hand aren't. I shouldn't even said you were a smart hunter. Don't forget I can read your mind. I know how much you want your angel boyfriend back."

"Jamie don't do it," Dean said angry. "We'll get Cass back some other way."

"My family-" Jimmy began.

"I have to Dean. If I don't then his family might die. Dad taught us to save others first," She said looking at Dean.

"I won't let you do it," Dean said facing her. "It took us over a year to get you back and losing Sammy," he said practically begging.

"I'm-" Jamie didn't finish what she was saying before she knocked Dean out cold and faced possessed Amelia. "Dean doesn't get hurt and neither does Jimmy's family. That's the deal."

"Should we seal it with a kiss?"

"I only kiss the opposite sex. Sorry," She said with a shrug.

"Oh well," It said leaving Amelia's body and going into Jamie's.

"Jimmy what's happening?" Amelia asked eyes filled with fear.

"Clock's ticking," Jamie said with black eyes.

"I have to go away Amelia. I will always love you and our daughter," Jimmy said giving her one last kiss.

"You humans are too emotional," Jamie said rolling her eyes. "Time's up."


Dean came to and groaned.

"Are you alright," Amelia asked him.

"Where did my sister go?" Dean asked getting up.

"I don't know. The demon in her took Jimmy and left."

"Damn it," He got out his cell. "Bobby it's me. I need you to do a locater spell…."


"I'm telling you Castiel's gone," Jimmy said an hour later tied up.

"He's not," The demon said hitting him in frustration. "That's it. Guess I'm going to have to do the one thing I know that will make him show."

"What's that?"

"This," It said pulling out a knife ready to stab it's self.

"I'm here," Castiel's voice said. "Let her go."

"'Bout time you showed yourself," It said.

"Let Jamie Winchester go now," Castiel ordered back in Jimmy's body.

"I don't think so. Not just yet," It said giving him a quick hard kiss before pulling back and grimaced. "I honestly don't know what Jamie sees in you. Your obviously a bad kisser."

"Not as bad as you," Castiel snarled.

All of a sudden it screamed and black smoke came out of Jamie's body and she fell to the floor coughing.

"You okay," Castiel asked her after he got untied.

"I think so," She said still coughing. "How'd you pull it out of me?"

"I didn't," He said looking confused as she was.

"I did it," Dean said appearing glaring at her. "Thanks for knocking me out by the way."

"Dean we didn't have a choice," She said.

"We always have a choice!" He yelled angry.

She swallowed hard. "Jimmy's family is safe-"

"Don't," Dean said sharply. "First thing when we get home is your getting that protection tattoo-"

"Dean stop it!" She said angry now. "I'm not a little kid anymore! I have two kids to take care of! You can't tell me what to do anymore!"

"NO?" He said backing her up to a wall.

"Dean it wasn't her fault," Castiel said.

"No just yours because the demons want you dead," Dean yelled.

"That's it Dean! You want to know why I nearly went insane those times! You! All you'll ever see me as a little kid! It stops now! I'm not doing this anymore!" She yelled angry and looked at Castiel. "Can you zap me home? I don't care if I don't poop for a week," She glared at Dean.

Castiel looked at Dean before zapping her back home.

"I can't believe him," She said angry.

"Momma, why are you angry?" Samantha asked walking in the kitchen.

"Mommy's just mad at Uncle Dean at the moment," Jamie told her in her regular voice.

"Is it because he taught me how to play 21?" Samantha asked.

Jamie looked at her in shock. "He taught you how to play 21?"

"He said it was a skill in life that I would need when I get older," She said.

"Well I guess that's part of it," Jamie said. "Isn't it past your bedtime? Where's Tyler?"

"Upstairs," She said.

"Why don't you go put your pajama's on and I'll be up to tuck you in," Jamie said.

"Will you tell me a bed time story?"

"If it'll get you to go to sleep right away," She said and watched Samantha go upstairs. "It's hard," told Castiel.

"What's hard?" He asked.

"Watching how innocent she is now and not knowing how hard it'll be for her when she gets older."

"She's meant to save the world," Castiel told her looking right at her. "As you," He added.

"Not me Cass," She said going upstairs.

Dean walked in to find Mia asleep on their bed. He leaned over and gave her a kiss.

"I'm sorry about before," Dean whispered in her ear. "Your right."

"I'm always right," She said with a small smile turning around and facing him. "So does this mean that Castiel is back?"

"Not without Jamie being possessed again," Dean said rolling his eyes at 'again'.

"Dean, I know you don't want to do the big rehearsal dinner thing so we don't have to."
"Really," He asked.

"Well with my family and your family and especially with Connor liking your sister it might be better just to have a small private ceremony. Is that okay?"

"I thought all girls want a big wedding and everything," He said confused.

"We do but we can't if say one is marrying a guy that supposed to be dead. Luckily we have Pastor Jim to do the ceremony," She said.


Jamie tried to sleep as she laid in bed but couldn't. She couldn't stop thinking about Sam. She pulled out a picture from the nightstand drawer of her, Sammy, and Dean when they were kids. Dean was on the left, her in the middle and Sam on the right.

"Why don't I believe that your dead," She said to herself in the dark.


The next day Jamie got up and went to see Dr. Kincaid.

"So you don't think your brother is dead. Why is that," He asked her.

"I just don't feel it. I don't feel grief," She said. "Everyone was at Sam's funeral that I haven't seen since I was a little kid and they didn't show up when my dad had died but they do when Sam's supposed to dead? I don't buy it. Plus Dean still treats me like a little kid even my dad doesn't do that to me."

"Have you and Dean always been close?"

"We've always been close but he was always jealous because Sam knew every time when something was wrong with me when I couldn't tell anyone. I could always talk to Sam."

"Just because Sam isn't here doesn't mean you still can't talk to him," Dillon said.

She smiled a little. "If I do that then they'll think I'm more crazy."

"Your not crazy. Just like I've told you before. Worry about what you think not anyone else," He said.