Author's Note:

I'm really sorry to everyone who's been waiting and waiting for me to update my story and was so happy when they thought I had finally updated only to be disappointed by a lousy author's note. And I really do want to update my story. But not only am I suffering from a severe case of writer's block, I have also hit a bit of a bump in my story. I don't want to add that many details because it might give away what little of my story's plot I'm still certain of.

It would just be seriously comforting if you guys let me know that you still enjoy reading this story and want me to update. Also, if you could tell me in your review one or two things that you expect will happen in this story, or one or two things that you want to happen in this story, that would be extremely helpful! Like, tell me if you think my plot is waaaaay too obvious and I should change it, and tell me who you want to see get together with who and when in my story! That would be awesome.

Thanks for listening to my incessant rambling and putting up with my delayed updating so long, you guys! Please don't abandon this fic! I promise that if you guys give me some helpful advice in your reviews for this author's note, I'll have the next chapter up really quick, and it will be a long chapter.

Thanks so much, you guys!

- phoenix-rises-from-the-ashes