If He Had Lived.

A/N WARNING!!!!! angsty JT,angry at the world JT suicidal JT. If you don't like turn back now!!!!!


JT was quickly rushed into the ER. They had to do surgery on him that night. The doctor had told the teen's grandmother and friends that if he had been brought in even a moment later he would've been dead for sure. Liberty had to sob at that,they had almost lost him and without a second thought she had rushed into his hospital room where he was now recooperating. She was nearly brought to tears again at the sight of him in the hospital bed. He lay underneath the starch white sheets,face pale. His beautiful brown waves of hair fell across his forehead in that charming way but his eyes...his eyes looked dark,angry,sad. So many things she had never ever wanted to see on JT. Not him. Not the boy who laughed and acted and loved children. Not the boy she had loved since she was eleven.

"JT?" Swallowing hard she moved to the side of his bed. He just gazed up at her without emotion. "JT. I am so sorry for yelling at you. So sorry. I shouldn't have,you where the last person to deserve it."

He let out a harsh laugh,eyes cold and forbidding. "Don't tell me lies. I am a piece of shit. My mother didn't want me,my father didn't want me,you don't want me. If I wasn't a freak I wouldn't have been stabbed. Now would I? So tell me why the fuck I should believe anything anyone says?" he said harshly,slamming his hand hard on the table beside the bed. Liberty jumped as she saw streams of blood run down JT's fist.

"JT,your fist. I..I better call the nurse." She said horrified.

"See? Your disgusted by me!! JUST GET OUT!!! Get the FUCK OUT NOW!!!!" He yelled,tossing his head back,hair gleaming,fist clenched in the sheets. A nurse rushed in with a needle sticking it in his arm. In seconds he was calm and asleep.

The nurse threw Liberty an apologetic look. "I am sorry. You should've been warned that he might act this way. He is very traumatized. Not that I can blame him. Those monsters hurt him badly and I don't mean the stabbing. Those boy's dropped him in a puddle of urine. as if he where trash. Don't judge him. And come back later. He'll need it." She said.

Liberty nodded and with a last glance at the love of her life she walked from the room.