This is my very first fiction so please do not be overly hateful. Thanks.

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Kage was like everyone else. Well….Sort of. She "looked" like a normal person. A tom boy no doubt, with long dark brown hair and blue highlights and meadow-like green eyes. One wasn't lead to believe that there was anything truly special about her. And the sad thing was that she believed it.

It started off as a normal day. Kage got up at around 7:30am and brushed her hair and teeth. After dressing in her normal jeans and a black t-shirt, she grabbed a banana and walked the short distance to school. She passed many she knew on her way to the Band Hall, waving and smiling to each one she saw, until reaching her final destination.

"Dude, Mom was a bitch again last night." She sighed as she talked to one of her friends, Alesia.

"I'm sorry." Alesia replied. "What was it about this time?"

"Apparently, no one ever does anything around the house and she is sick of doing all the work. And how no one cares about her and blah blah blah….the usual."

Anger and frustration started to build up in Kage again as she thought of her mother's idiocracy. Her mother rarely helped around the house and it was usually Kage or her father who were the ones to do the daily chores. Her brother, Brent, was extremely lazy and usually did nothing but sleep, work, and mess around with Kage. Thankfully the messing around wasn't as bad as it was when they were children.

Ever since Kage was brought home from the hospital as an infant, Brent had resented her with a passion. From biting her fingers when she was her swing, to hitting her in the head with a golf club, it was Brent's job in life to beat up Kage. But do not think that she did not retaliate. Although it rarely worked and she could not do much damage, Kage did fight back.

Alesia smiled a sad smile. She knew that her friend hurt whenever her mom would start to complain. She was there once when it had happened. It was the only time that she had ever seen Kage cry. Alesia was about to reply when the bell rang, signaling the start of first block.

Kage just laughed at Alesia's annoyed look and took off towards class. Turning and waving once she was at a safe distance from her temper.

The day passed rather quickly and Kage's mood had improved drastically. It was very hard for her to stay upset for long. After saying goodbye to her friends and heading home, she got ready for work and drove to her part-time job. While working at a grocery store had defiantly built up her arms, it was not the most pleasant job in the world. Many customers were mean and looked at her oddly because of her height. Standing at 6 feet tall, she was often ridiculed at school and given odd stares at work. But she had friends who loved her and that was all that mattered to her.

At 8:30 the familiar sounds of fire trucks and ambulances filled her ears as they left the station down the street. She thought nothing of it as it was a sound heard about 5 times a week. Thirty minutes later, Kage clocked out and changed into her normal attire and left for home.

Dread filled her stomach as she approached her home. Firemen and rescue officers were running around frantically trying to put out the fire to her house. She ran to her home and tried to go in to help her family out but only managed to make it a couple feet in before she was grabbed around the waist and was being dragged out. A burning beam fell and grazed her shoulder before they could escape making her cry out in pain as well as grief. Once they were outside of the house she managed to escape the rescue workers grasp before fleeing to the park a little bit away.

Storm clouds were brewing as she sat on the swings crying, though it was done silently. Her shoulder was aching with second degree burns and it was starting to blister. Deciding that it would be best if she went back, Kage was walking towards the entrance of the park when she suddenly tripped. She braced herself expecting to feel the ground meet here but when she didn't she opened her eyes and let out a terrified scream.