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Chapter 11- Race

The tantei arrived at the ramen shop not to long afterwards and followed Koenma's instructions. Kage walked first into the shop, followed by Yusuke, Kurama, and Kuwabara and asked for Rei. Not sure what to expect, Kage was certainly surprised to see who walked out the door. It was a really short person, probably no taller than 3'8" and had long blond hair.

Composing herself quickly, she gave a short bow to the small man and inquired about the race. Staring the group down for a couple of moments, he motioned them to follow him. They walked behind the counter, through the kitched and into a small office that had a door out the back of it.

The office was sparsely furnished and had no personal decorations of any sort. the desk was lower to the ground than normal as was the chair. Rei took his seat and stared at Kage in particular for a little while.

"Why do you wish to know about the races?" he asked with a strong English accent.

"I wish to partake in the race and test my skills." Kage replied with all sincerity. She got another long stare in response.

"What do you ride?" Rei asked suddenly.

Kage quickly gave the appropriate response and added a quiet edge to her eyes. She knew he was testing her. She had done this enough to not be worried about it.

The two quickly entered a question and answer session determined to test her knowledge and worthiness. Before the others could worry, Rei gave her the nod that meant she passed. He reached into a draw and pulled out a napkin and passed it over to Kage. She took it and inspected it. She memorized the words on the napkin and handed it back.

Motioning to her "crew", they turned and walked out of the office and made their way out of the shop. Moving out of site of the shop, she turned to look at the group as Hiei rejoined them.

"Alright. The napkin said that the race would be held at the old Hitachin factory in Kyoko district." Kage informed her group.

"I know where that is. It is about 30 minutes away from here." Yusuke supplied.

"Perfect. It also said that the race starts at midnight which is in an hour and a half. That will give us time to scope the place out before the race."

With that being said, Yusuke hopped on the bike with Kage while the others prepared to follow them. They took off at a moderate pace. Yusuke would lean forward and give the directions to Kage's ear and she would nod and follow them. The group made it to the factory on time which gave them the hour to explore.

Hiei would stay outside of the compound and use his third eye to keep an 'eye' on things. Kage snickered at that part of the plan. Kuwabara would play friend and fan to the Tsubiko team. (Kage's last name). Kurama and Yusuke were the mechanics.

They pulled up to the gate after Hiei left and Kage spoke the password. They were lead to the largest building and when they stepped inside, they were greated buy lots of people and motorcycles. Beyond the crowd was a large track.

The track was compiled of hairbend turns, ruts and potholes that could kill people a dirt section complete with a hill jump and other dangers. This was without a doubt gonna be one of the hardest competitions she had ever done.

The group was lead to an area where they could get ready. Kage had the boys stand by the bike as guards while she went and checked the track out. She mentally took note of all the obstacles the track had to offer. While observing, a tall muscular man approached her.

He looked to be in his late 30's. He was about a head taller than Kage with coal black hair and cold grey eyes. He obviously worked out in a gym often. Kage noticed his eyes roaming her body as he approached her.

'That is the boss.' Hiei supplied in her mind.

Kage just gave a mental thanks and turned to fully face the guy.

"Whats a beauty like you doing in a place like this?" He asked.

"Just preparing to win the prize money. What about you?" She replied.

"Ahh..so your a competitor." He gave a feral grin at that and moved even closer. "Well then I wish you well on your attempt to take my money."

Kage just smirked up at him. "No luck is needed and I will be looking forward to ridding you of some wealth."

The man chuckled darkly. "Such wit and boldness. What might your name be, sexy?"

"If you want to know who to make the check out to, it would be Kage Tsubiko. And who might be signing it?"

He grinned ferally again and leaned next to her ear. "Tsuyo Tomiko." He supplied. "Would you care to join me after the race? I would like to get to know you better."

Kage wanted to gag but smirked instead. "But of course. How else will I be getting your money." With that said she walked away from him. She could feel his eyes on her butt and couldn't wait for him to leave. He finally went on his way and she hurried over to where the guys were.

"Well, I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that I met the boss." Kage said as she reached the others.

"What's the bad news?" Kuwabara asked.

"I met the boss." The others chuckled a little bit. "His name is Tsuyo Tomiko and he is a lecherous and perverted thirty something year old."

The guys looked concerned at that. Kage got down on the ground by her bike and was checking things over while recounting the conversation between her and Tsuyo. Once she finished the story, Kuwabara was ranting about honor, Kurama looked concerned and angry while Yusuke just looked downright pissed.

"No worries guys. I will make sure that you are nearby whenever I go meet him and then we can take him out." Kage let out a heart-felt smile at the guys. She was nervous but she wanted to prove that she could handle it.

The guys melted a bit at her smile. Especially Yusuke. They gave her smiles of their own back. She finished checking the bike over when the announcement came for riders to enter the track. Kage stood up and hugged each of the guys.

"Good luck!" They chorused.

"See you in the winners circle!" Was her reply.

Kage moved her bike onto the track and got into position. She listened as a guy told them the rules of the race. It would be three laps, anything goes. Riding dirty was encouraged. A lot of the other riders grinned at this. Kage would have to be careful. She had some tricks up her sleeve but she was not into what she viewed as cheating.

The riders started their engines and put on their helmets. Kage made sure to lower the visor on hers so that the dirt wouldn't get into her eyes. The flag went up, signaling them to get ready. Engines reved and as soon as the flag dropped, Kage was off.

Kage quickly made it into fourth position. She stayed there as they went around the hairpin turns. Once in the straight away she made her move and made it to third. She was quick to dodge the ruts that would unseat her. In the background she heard the sounds of skidding and crashes.

They made it to the dirt section and went over the jump. Kage grinned at the weightless feeling for a moment before making sure to land properly. Since these weren't dirt bikes, they would have to be careful on the dirt. They slowed down on the turn in order not to skid out and made their way accross the starting point.

The three boys watched in awe as she manuevered the course. The first lap had eliminate half of the riders, leaving only five left. Kage was currently neck and neck with the person in second. He was trying to knock her out of the way.

Kage was getting sick of the guy trying to knock her over. They were coming up on the rut section again. The guy was moving in towards her again and this time she had a plan. Just when he started to reach for her, she slammed on her brakes. The guy was not expected this and moved his bike right into a hole and flew off it. Kage raced out of the way and onto the dirt section.

It was now down to three riders left on the final lap. Kage was just behind the guy in first place when the exited the turns. In the straight away she sped up enough to be neck and neck. He swerved towards her and Kage had to slow down in order to avoind a pothole. They had just entered the dirt section again and she knew she had to do something durastic in order to beat the guy.

Speeding up, she went too fast to be safe over the jump. She landed just ahead of the guy and wobled a bit. She kept her speed. The turn would be very dangerous at this speed but she had to do it if she wanted to win. She took the inside of the track and leaned. The bike started to skid a bit but she corrected it enough to keep going and cross the finish line.

The crowd cheered as she slowed. Her boys were the loudest though as they rushed out to congratulate her. Yusuke got there first and swept her into a hug. They were laughing as the others caught up to them. Yusuke set her down before offering his congrats.

"That was awesome. You totally kicked their ass! It was amazing. Good job!" He shouted.

Kurama and Kuwabara offered their tidings and she hugged the two back in return. Her eyes were full of happiness and love for her friends as she gave her thanks. The mood was shortly ruined however as Tsuyo came over.

He reached down and gave Kage a tight hug, running his hands up and down her back. It made tingles race down her spine and not in a good way. Kage pulled away and looked up at him.

"So where's my money?" She asked.

Tsuyo just laughed his dark laugh and held out his arm. "This way my dear. It is in my office."

Kage turned back to her boys. "Kuwabara dear, could you stay and watch the bike. Yu-kun, Kura-kun, if you would follow please."

Kage then linked her arm with Tsuyo and allowed him to lead her away. The boys followed her instructions. Tsuyo leaned down to whisper in her ear.

"Why are the two following along? Do you not trust me?"

"Not quite. Besides, depending on how well we get to know eachother tonight, I may feel the need to invite one of both of them in to join." Kage let out a sexy smirk and hoped it would be enough to let them stay.

He looked down at her a moment before a smirk graced his face as well. "I did not realize you were that kind of girl. I have no objections, especially of the red head."

Kage wanted to laugh at that but instead faced forward. A bit too soon for her liking, they wound up in his office. Yusuke and Kurama were outside along with two guards of Tsuyo's. The door shut and Tsuyo released her arm. Kage looked around his office while Tsuyo went over to his desk.

Kage followed after her inspection and watched as he opened a vault. Inside, was a bag with the prize winnings. He grabbed it and handed it over to her. Kage opened it and looked inside quickly before closing it. She tossed it by the door and hopped onto his desk in front of him. One of Tsuyo's eyebrows lifted and he grinned at her.

"Now that business is taken care of we can get down to pleasure."

Tsuyo grinned even more and leaned forward to kiss her. Kage just pushed him back about and waggled her finger.

"I don't know what kind of girl you take me for, but I certainly don't kiss on the first date."

He chuckled before complying and nibbling on her ear and neck. Kage slowly leaned back until her back was against his desk. Her left hand wrapped around his neck while her right streteched over the desk. One of his hands went to the zipper of her outfit. Kage's fingers wrapped around a large metal object.

Once she was sure he was sufficiently distracted, she lifted it over then and bashed Tsuyo on the back of the head with it. He was immediately knocked unconcious. She pushed him off and back into his chair. She put the object back on the table and got off. She put her bag of money inside her outfit and zipped it up. She called for her boys.

She heard two thumps and she opened the door. The two guards were knocked out and Yusuke and Kurama looked at her with concern. She gave them a small smile and a tight hug each. After letting them go, they entered the office. The boys grinned at the sight of the unconsious male and looked to Kage.

"I used a paperweight."

They shared a laugh and Kurama took out his compact to call Botan. Kage just went and buried herself in Yu-kun's embrace again.

"I really don't want to do that again." She murmured into his chest. "Acting like that was not fun." She continued.

Yusuke just held her tighter for a moment. He did not like the idea of it himself but understood the need. Kage did too and knew she just may have to do it again. They slowly released eachother and waited for Kurama to get off the comunicator. He did soon and turned towards them and filled them in on the plan. Hiei entered the room then and a portal appeared.

'Good work, onna.' He said.

'Thanks a lot.' Kage replied with a smile.

The boys picked up Tsuyo and walked through the portal. Kage went back downstairs to where Kuwabara was with her bike. She informed Kuwabara of what happened and hugged him as well. She gave him the helmet and they took off for the shrine.