A/N: So, I wrote this for Meeshkit a while ago, and I never put it up because, eh, I don't know why.

Well, I hope you enjoy this very drabbly drabble. It's short.

2 down, 4 to go.

Invader ZIM copyright Jhonen, Nick, Viacom, blah, blah, blah.


"This is the stupidest thing that you've ever come up with," Tak said, blandly, watching ZIM move around with disinterest. "And considering you're a total moron, that's saying a lot."

"Siiileeence!" ZIM yelled, wiggling his fingers around. "This plan is brilliant!" He pointed to the gigantic machine that he was building with a pointed claw, "Do you not see how shiny it is?"

Tak rolled her eyes, though it was hard to tell, considering her eyes had no pupils. "Of course, the fact that it's shiny makes your plan completely brilliant."

"Eh?" ZIM said, blinking in confusion. "Eh, I mean of course! I am ZIM!"

"Ugh," Tak said, bringing the palm of her claw up to her face. She shook her head, "You are such an imbecile."

ZIM frowned, "Lies! Foolish – er – Tak creature! Turning the population of Earth into meat is geeenius!" He grinned his wide zipper smile.

Tak growled, "The population is already made of meat, you fool!"

"…Really?" ZIM said, looking over at his machine curiously. "I mean of course ZIM knew this!" He waved his hand dismissively. "Do not tell ZIM what he already knows!"

"You didn't know that!" Tak said angrily, standing up and advancing on him. "You have no idea what you're doing!"

"You speak nonsense, Tak!" ZIM said, waving his gloved hand right in front of her face, which only infuriated her more. "I am an Invadeeer!"

Tak gave a cry of exasperation. "You are not, ZIM!" she screamed, drawing closer, much to ZIM's chagrin. "You are an incompetent, moronic, imbecilic, outcast who was banished to Earth because no one wanted to deal with you!" She accented each word with a sharp poke to the chest.

ZIM looked shocked at first before letting out a harsh chuckle. "Hehe, no need to be jealous, Tak!" he said, patting her on the shoulder. "The greatness of ZIM is already known."

Tak gaped, before shaking it off. "NOO, I'm not jealous, you idiot!"

"Eh?" ZIM said, not turning around. He had already gone back to work, which mainly consisted of beating the giant shiny thing with a wrench.

"Y-you," Tak said, stuttering and shaking out of anger. Her fists were balled at her sides.

ZIM didn't seem to be paying any attention, as the machine had started sparking. "Hmmm – hmm - hmm," he said, rubbing his chin and changing the angle of his head with each successive 'hmm'.

With another growl, Tak snapped, charging at ZIM and knocking him down to the ground. "You dimwit!" she yelled, as she landed on him.

ZIM seemed surprised, but not for long. "What do you do to ZIIM?"

"Shut up!" Tak hissed.

"Dare you tell the great Invader ZI-" ZIM was cut off mid sentence by Tak's lips. His red eyes widened to the point that he thought they would burst. If he had been expecting anything – it wasn't that.

After Tak seemed satisfied, she pulled away and stood up easily. ZIM still sat there, looking utterly confused. "E-EH?" was all he could say.

The female Irken just shrugged and turned with a flourish. Calling back, "You're still a moron!"