Hello everyone! Yea for new story! Unfortunately not the next chapter of the ring...I promise I haven't forgot about it, it's just I can't think of a good ending. In the mean time, I had another idea for a story. My brother beat KH II today on hard (he's beat it before but he wanted to be it on hard.) and we were talking during the ending and for some reason I shouted out that Riku had a sock on his hand. And a new story was born! It's a short one, but it's entertaining.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts, Hanes Socks (The rights, I mean, I think I do own a pair of socks that are Hanes), or Sherlock Homes and Watson.

I bet I've caught your attention by now!

"Hey, Riku," Sora asked as he and his friends reclined on the tree, "What is the story behind only wearing one glove? You use to wear two."

"Yeah!" Kairi said hoping to hear a story of a dramatic battle with darkness.

Riku looked down at the single glove and thought back.

Riku sat in the realm of darkness. There was no sign of movement from any direction and the boy had taken the choice to relax for a few seconds. He sat down and looked around him. Darkness. It was slowly driving him insane. No matter where he went to avoid it, the black void was always there to greet him. He didn't know how much longer he could keep his sanity. The darkness was everywhere. It was slowly creeping into his thoughts, his dreams. There was only darkness.

And then he lost the small grip he had left on his sanity.

Riku pulled off his shoes and slipped off his socks. He giggled silently pulling his socks onto his hands.

"Elementary, my dear Sockson!" The sock on his left hand said to the sock on his right in a horrible British accent.

"But, Sherlock Hanes, the darkness goes on forever!" It was another terrible British accent by the other sock.

"Nothing is last forever! There has to be a way out!"

Riku let out a loud giggle. His socks were talking.

Due to his lack of sanity, Riku did not notice the small shadow heartless sneak up. It was only when it had stolen the sock on his right- affectionately named Sockson- and put it on its antenna that Riku felt the air on his bare hand.

"Hey," He said getting up to chase the little heartless, "Come back here!"

He ran after the shadow for a few minutes before losing track of him. He looked around the darkness but could not see the glowing eyes of the shadow. He turned to go back go get his shoes when he ran into something. Looking up he noticed a Neoshadow with the little shadow heartless behind it.

"Oops," he said as he dodged the larger heartless's attack. Riku summoned his keyblade and the battle began. A few second later and the heartless had dissolved. Riku sighed as he realized the smaller heartless had gotten away with his sock. But he still had another one! He looked down at his hand and to his horror noticed that during the battle the sock had slipped down his wrist and the heartless had managed to slice the top off of it giving it more of a fingerless glove look.

"Sherlock Hanes! NOOOOO!" Riku cried out into the darkness.

Sora and Kairi leaned forward anticipating a great story. Riku looked up at them.

"I'd rather not talk about it."

Yeah, pretty scary...I can just imagine Riku loosing his mind and starting to giggle randomly... oh well, Read and Review!