A/N: This is just something that hit me during my recent road-trip to L.A. to see Ten Inch Hero.

Dude, I Really Need A Kleenex

Dean sniffled for the third or fourth time (he wasn't really sure), trying to keep the snot that was attempting to escape from his nose from doing so. His nose twitched repeatedly and his irritation about the situation grew. He tried to ignore it and focus on the road, but it became increasingly more impossible.

"Hey, Sam." Dean finally called.

"Yeah?" Sam asked, pulling his attention away from the passing scenery.

"Dude, I really need a Kleenex." Dean said, his nose twitching again as the snot situation became increasingly dire.

Sam searched the near proximity of the car, but nothing remotely like a tissue presented itself. He shrugged at Dean apologetically.

"Ah, come on. We don't have any napkins or anything?" Dean whined.

"Not that I can see." Sam shook his head, "Use your sleeve."

"I'm not using my sleeve!" Dean protested, "Give me your sleeve."

"No way, dude! That's sick!" Sam exclaimed, recoiling further away from his brother and crossing his arms across his chest as if to ward off Dean from grabbing one of the aforementioned sleeves.

"Well, then find me something!" Dean exclaimed, waving his arms about as the offensive mucus began to drip precariously lower.

Sam quickly searched more thoroughly through the assortment of junk surrounding him in the car.

"Your options appear to be grocery bag or receipt." Sam said as he emerged with the items in each hand.

"Uh...receipt." Dean decided quickly, snatching the object out of Sam's hand and hastily wiping at his nose with it. The harsh paper was hardly an adequate replacement for a tissue, but it would have to do. Still, Dean couldn't stop himself from grumbling about it, "Damn waxy coating."

Dean carefully folded the receipt up as best he could before dropping the offensive object into the cup holder.

"Dude, you are so going to be the one to throw that out the next time we're around a trash can." Sam said, glancing at the receipt with disgust.

Dean rolled his eyes, "Yeah, well, next stop we definitely need to get some car tissues."

Sam nodded, "Agreed."