Summer Days are here Again, End Birth Saga

Friday, July 17th

The loud screams of children could be heard everywhere as they broke out of school.

It was finally summer vacation.

"I can't wait to see what we'll do this year!" Koyomiko squealed happily. "I hope we get to go to the beach again!"

Sachiko said nothing, but rather turned and headed home.

Koharu quickly turned herself, and headed off to the dojo for karate.

Leaving only Pan, Koyomiko, and Nekosa to walk home.

Nekosa sighed heavily.

"What's wrong, Nekosa-chan?" Koyomiko asked.

"It's my aunt…" Nekosa replied. "She's been staying at our house for a while… it's been hard to sleep at night… not only with my siblings, but with her constantly making babies late at night."

"Awww… well, at least you'll be able to sleep a lot during the summer!" Koyomiko replied happily.

"Yeah… that is if my aunt can find a job first…" Nekosa replied.

"What do you mean?" Koyomiko asked.

"Well… I asked how long my aunt was going to be staying with us… and my Okaasan told me that she'd be staying there until she could find a job, because she got fired from her last job." Nekosa replied.

"Fired?" Koyomiko asked. "They set fire to her?"

"Um…I don't know…" Nekosa replied honestly.

It was then that Koyomiko and Nekosa got rather strange thoughts…

Boss: You're fired!! (sets fire to employee)

Employee: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!! (runs around on fire)

"I don't think I ever want to get a job…" Koyomiko said looking frightened.

"M-me neither…" Nekosa said, having the same frightened look.

Pan was off in her own little world… wondering not only about why Koyomiko made her heart beat faster… but why Koharu hated Sachiko so badly… Pan didn't see Sachiko the way Koharu did. Pan saw Sachiko as more of… a person who just needed a friend.


Pan broke out of her trance at the sound of Koyomiko's voice. "Y-Yes?"

"You seem distracted…" Koyomiko said.

"It's…nothing." Pan said.

"Oh… well, hopefully we'll get to see each other over summer vacation. See you later, Pan!" and with that, Koyomiko skipped along back to her house.

Pan's eyes followed Koyomiko all the way…

"Pan… why does she call you Melon?" Nekosa asked.

Pan sighed. "Because of the bread I like."

"Bleh…" Nekosa said, sticking her tongue out in disgust.

"I don't mind…" Pan whispered.

"Still… have a nice time, Pan." Nekosa said, waving as she trotted off.

Pan continued her walk home, thinking… musing about Sachiko, Koharu… everything that had happened to her…


Pan froze… in horror…

Her head slowly turned behind her…

And her plump Aunt Gertrude was trudging her way towards her, her Uncle Fungus not too far behind.


Pan fled. Her own size being able to run rather well. But Aunt Gertrude and Uncle Fungus continued to pound behind her.

Pan quickly ran into the Osaka house, and slammed the door shut, pushing her body up against it to keep out the two coming. She was breathing hard, not only from running, but also from sheer fright.

"Pan? Is everythin' ok? Are zombies chasin' ya?" Osaka asked.

"G…g…g…" Pan was breathing far too hard to say anything.

"G… wha' starts with a G?..." Osaka mused for a moment.

"GERTRUDE AND FUNGUS!!!!" Pan screamed.

Osaka's whole musing world was suddenly shattered by those names.

Along with the pounding on the door.

"Mah cute Ayumu!! Ah've come ta see ya and yer new baby boy-eee!!!" Came Gertrude's squeal from outside.

"WAAAAH!!!!" Osaka wailed. She started to flee…


The door slammed open, knocking Pan to the floor.

"There ya are!!" Gertrude squealed. She stepped in the house, over Pan, and right to Osaka for one gigantic sucker kiss right on the forehead.

"Ayumu, what's…" Arata stepped out of a room, with Akeno in his arms, and froze. "G-G-G-G-Gertrude!!!"

"Ya'll remembered mah name?! Tha's so sweet o' ya!!!" Gertrude stomped right over to Arata, who was still frozen with Akeno in his arms.

Akeno looked up at Gertrude, who looked back at him.

"AWWWWW…. Ain't 'e jus' adorable?!"

Akeno's face started to contort….


The loudest wail anyone had ever heard came from him. Osaka, Pan, and even Fungus and Gertrude had to cover their ears.

"AH THINK YA SCARED 'EM, GIRDIE!!!" Fungus yelled.

Gertrude never heard him. Arata had Akeno at arm's length, for the wailing was just far too loud. The tears were streaming down Akeno's face as he cried.

Arata quickly retreated to the room and shut the door, the crying now simmering down, but still loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Oh dear…ah…ah'm so sorry…" Gertrude said in a humble tone no one had heard come out of her before. "ah didn'… mean ta scare 'em…"

Osaka was completely confused… Gertrude had never acted this way… even when one of her relatives blew up in Gertrude's face because she had been tired of the constant hugging and kissing… Gertrude just blew them off as being 'too sensitive'…

Gertrude began mumbling something… and slowly retreated… heading her way out of the house, grabbing Fungus along the way.

"Mah god…tha' was new…" Osaka said, still stunned.

The door to the room opened, with Arata stepping out, still carrying the wailing Akeno.

"LOOK, LOOK!! HERE'S YOUR MOM!!!" Arata yelled to Akeno, quickly handing him off to Osaka.

"OI!!! OI!!!!" Osaka called out to Akeno. Akeno's crying finally calmed down after a few more calls.

"There we go" Osaka said. A smile came on her face. "Did that mean ol' Gertrude scare you? Ah know… she scares me too."

Osaka grabbed a white burping towel off of a stack of them that were next to the couch, and used it to wipe Akeno's face of tears, and then also to wipe his nose.

"There, all better" Osaka said.

Akeno's eyes slowly opened back up to their usual size… then…


There was a sudden silence in the room…


"Awww…he's got the hiccups." Osaka groaned.


"Well… what do we have to do to get them out of him?" Arata asked.

"Ah think he's a bit too young ta try and have him drink while we hold his head…" Osaka said.


Akeno's eyes slowly traveled around the room… looking about…

"Oh no…" Osaka said, looking slightly terrified.

"What?" Arata asked.


"He's lookin' ta pass 'em to someone…" Osaka said.

"Eh? He's gonna give the hiccups to someone?" Arata asked.

Akeno's eyes landed on his favorite person… Pan.

"Uh-oh… Pan, ah think you're gonna get the hiccups…" Osaka said.

"H-huh?!" Pan asked. She didn't really like the hiccups… they were uncomfortable.

There was a pause…noticing Akeno's hiccups were gone.

"Ok…here it comes…" Osaka said.

Pan braced herself…waiting…waiting…


Pan opened her eyes…


All eyes followed the noise… to Arata.


"Nawww… now I got 'em." Arata moaned.


"Ah think we'd better call up mah friends…they have a few suggestions…" Osaka said.

Arata whined.


Spoiler Theatre

That day, Kaorin was sorting through the mail… when she spotted an interesting letter. So she opened it…

Sakaki would read the same letter…

As would Yomi…

And Osaka would also read it…

Dear (Name)

You are properly invited to a party of sorts involving the many kids created from your DNA and the corporation that has long since been destroyed.

The kids, along with their caretakers, would like to meet you in person. Enclosed are plane tickets to America, specifically Oklahoma. From there, Joseph Wada will pick you up and drive you to the party.

We hope to see you all there. Please find any means to attend, as missing out would be a severe disappointment to the kids.


The Caretakers of the kids.

And when Kagura read the letter… it all came flooding back to her. As it did with Pan and Koharu.

Author's notes: Remember the Azu-kid saga, when Kagura, Osaka, Pan, and Koharu all met Jay, Jacob, Moriko, and Kaede? Yup, that was a prelude to this coming saga.

I hope you all enjoyed this one, despite it being rather short, and I shall be writing the next saga soon!

Jamesbondkid will return in the 'Corporation Saga'