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Warnings: yoai, shounen-ai, sexual situations, swearing, future mpreg, mentioning of mpreg, etc.

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Note: This is loosely based off of the myth of Atlanta and the golden apples...which I do not own in any way. The ending is going to be different...I don't want to turn them into lions XD. Also please excuse my use of slang, it's a bad habit.

summary: Naruto is a beautiful famous hunter, who refuses to marry someone unless they beat him in a race. One day a prince comes, challenging the blonde. He has some tricks up his sleeve to distract the boy. After he makes Naruto he beats Naruto, he must help him adapt to life at court? Sasunaru, m/m, mpreg

Naruto and the golden ramen: chapter one

A beautiful boy did a victory dance at a finish line. His soft blonde hair framed a cute face, full lips grinned in a victoriously. "Ha! Beat you dog breath! There goes your only chance at getting married!"

Blue eyes smiled teasingly at a rough looking brunette. "No one can beat me! Believe it!"

"Yeah...Well... Who would wanna marry a weirdo like you anyways." The other growled.

"You obviously. Too bad you lost!" Naruto skipped around happily. His father, Kyuubi, had said he needed to get married. The blonde didn't really want to get married, at all. So he made a deal with his father. If someone could beat him in a race, then Naruto would marry them. So far no one had beat the boy, and he wasn't about to lose to anyone. His bright blue eyes sparkled happily. Another day single, like anyone could beat him..

A dark figure watched the boy off in a distance. 'Beautiful...I didn't belive the rumors...He seems like a bit of an idiot though...I guess that is what he gets for being raised way out here...I will make him mine...I swear it."

Sasuke had been watching Naruto for over an hour now. He thought the blonde was absolutely adorable. 'I will have him bear my little ones. It shouldn't be too hard to do. Sasuke found out all that he could about the blonde. He now knew the perfect way to make the boy his. Though there was a slight age difference, Naruto being 13, Sasuke being 16...but that wasn't a problem.

He had searched far and wide after seeing the blonde. Finally finding what would insure that he won the race, Sasuke returned to Naruto's village, a bag in tow. Finally appearing in front of the famous Kyuubi, he bowed lowly. "I have come to ask for your son's hand in marriage."

"You know what you have to do to win his hand, correct?" The blood red haired man asked. He didn't think this rich brat could beat his child.

"Of course...I've been preparing." Sasuke smirked devilishily, not effecting Kyuubi at all.

"Alright then. I'll just go get my son." With that the man left, going inside his large house. He noticed his son staring out the window. "You have another challenger."

"Tch. I'll probably beat him easy! Why do all these losers want to marry me anyway?" Naruto suddenly asked his father. His eyes still focusing on a tree off in a distance.

"Well it could be because you are a wonderful hunter." Kyuubi sat down near the boy. "It could also be because you look so much like your mother. Boy, was he beautiful."

"Yeah, whatever." Naruto huffed, his cheeks flaring slightly. The blonde turned from the window, standing up quickly. "Lets go."

They got out of the house and found Sasuke waiting for them. The dark haired man eyes lit slightly when they landed on Naruto. "Hello.."

"Hey, bastard. Don't think your going to win, cause I'm the fastest runner around!" Naruto grinned at the other teen.

"We'll see about that." Sasuke smirked. "I'm Prince Sasuke by the way, heir to the Uchiha throne."

"How nice for you. I just wanna get this over with." Naruto responded, an annoyed glint in his blue eyes. "No need to waste time on introduction, especially if you're just going to lose."


"Ok, here's the deal. We race from here to the river." The smaller boy began. "You know where that is right?"

"Yes." Was the immediate response.

"Good. So if you beat me, which won't happen, I'll marry you. If you lose though, you have to pay my father one hundred gold coins." Naruto grinned as he continued to talk. "Ready?"

"Whenever you are, dobe."

"Tch, you really are a bastard.." Naruto muttered.

"On the count of three..." Kyuubi began, not wanting his son to spend any energy on an endless fight. "One...Two...Three!"

They ran off. Naruto was surprised that the older boy could keep up with him. It was time to take things up a notch. He picked up his speed.

Sasuke noticed the sudden increased, and took a golden ramen cup out of the bag he carried on his back. Throwing it in front of Naruto, abit away from the path, he continued to run.

Naruto's eyes widened when he saw the wondrous ramen cup, in all it's golden glory. Running towards it, he scooped it up into his arms. The race continued.

Sasuke threw a second ramen cup, this time a bit farther off the path. Naruto had to slow down al ittle to get this one. This made it so Sasuke got into the lead. Naruto frowned as he ran after the other boy, both ramen cups in his arms. The dark-haired teen threw the third, and final ramen cup. This time Naruto had to go back to get it, giving Sasuke a big lead. Sasuke reached the river, officially winning the race. The blonde glared at him as he walked to the river. No point in running there, now that he lost.

"You bastard!! You cheated!! No fair, I call a rematch!!" Naruto started yelling.

"Fine... We'll race again. Just give me back my golden ramen cups." Sasuke demanded, knowing full well the blonde could never give them up.

"Err." Naruto bit his lip as he thought. The boy started to pout. "Fine. I'll marry you."

"Alright. I shall inform your father, and you and I shall marry in one week. We'll leave immediately for my castle." The raven-haired teen started walking in the direction of the house.

"I'll go with you." The blue-eyed boy began to follow. "Hey, why do we have to get married so soon?"

"Well I am the heir to the throne. I will need an heir." Sasuke grinned when he saw Naruto's jaw drop.


"You heard me." Sasuke stopped walking. He turned to the shorter boy, creasing his cheek gently. Leaning foreward as he gazed into those beautiful blue eyes. Naruto's face lit up like a candle. Sasuke pecked Naruto on the lips. "You would make a wonderful mother. You shouldn't have too much of a problem, you do have birthing hips."

"Hey!!" Naruto blushed brightly as he stomped away. They finally reached Naruto's house. He wasn't in love with this guy, but maybe, just maybe he'd fall for him. MAYBE.


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