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Chapter two

Naruto couldn't believe he had to leave his home so soon. It was unfair. Not only that, but his friends and father couldn't come to the wedding ceremony becuase it was going to occur three days after they arrived in Sasuke's country. The sour expression on his face had been there for over an hour. The blond glared at his future husband. Not only would he not allow Naruto to ride his horse while holding his fox, but he also wouldn't let any of Naruto's..well Naruto's only servant to come along. Sasuke said the woman was annoying and an abomination. Naruto just rolled his eyes and continued walking. His baby fox, Ara, cuddled in his arms. He named Ara after his mother, who had passed away a few years ago. Naruto had taken after his mother in more than one way. it was evident just by looking at him. His mother was a beautiful, yet strong man. Naruto was like a mini Arashi, really. His father had one Arashi a similar way Sasuke won Naruto.

"Hey..How long till we get there?" Naruto asked as he noticed the clouds that were beginning to gather.

"Not for awhile." Came the short reply from the blonde's soon to be husband.

"Can we rest?"




"Pllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssse?" Naruto begged.

"...Hn.." Sasuke stopped his horse. Naruto smiled happily and skipped a bit. He settled down on a rock, watching the darker haired male approach him.

"So, when we get to your castle, what exactly is going to happen?" Blue eyes shifted to the ground.

"Well, we'll get married. There will be a big celebration, have a few days alone and such."

"Oh.. Hey how about after that? How many kids do you want us to have? Do you have any family? What are your parents like? Are your friends nice? What do you like to do? Will I still be able to hunt?" Came a flurry of question from the blonde.

"Maybe seven or eight kids. Yes. My mother was kind, my father cold and stern. I suppose. Hunting, training, fighting, and working. You won't need to, we have servants for that." Sasuke answered accordingly. "As my queen, you'll have to learn manners, etiquette, etc."

"Hey!! I have manners!" Naruto shouted, obviously annoyed. "And why do we have to have so many kids!!? I'm not a baby-making machine you know!"

"Right, I doubt you know the difference between a salad fork and an entree fork. We need to have many kids, because I need a secure heir, as well as restore my family."

"Psh..." Naruto huffed. He didn't really understand Sasuke. He had time to learn more about him later. The blonde wanted to take a nape. He pulled out one of the sleeping bags, not noticing the dark eyes that watched his every move. Pale arms wrapped around him from behind. "?! Sasuke?"

"I can't stand watching you from behind.. Seeing you move so gracefully turns me on." The darker haired male rubbed himself against the younger teen. Naruto could feel Sasuke's arousal.

"Stop!!" Naruto stomped on Sasuke's foot, causing raven to hiss in pain and let the boy go. "Pervert!!!"

"I'm not a pervert." Sasuke rubbed his aching foot. "We are going to be married, you are going to have my children, and we are going to have sex eventually.. What's wrong with starting sooner rather than later?"

"Grr" The blonde's face was bright red. "Because!! We aren't married!!! No sex till were married, so nyaaaaah!"

With that Naruto stuck his small pink tongue out at the other. Sasuke couldn't help but smile. 'Naruto is so childish..It's kind of cute.'

The blonde was pouting now, and he stomped off, laying his blankets under a tree. Sleep was nice distraction. The blonde awoke as the sun began to rise. His eyes fluttered open, only to widen in shock. Sasuke was lying right next to him. The dying fire made the pale man seem to glow. Naruto blushed lightly as he cautiously leaned over to touch the dark locks. They were much softer than they looked. His hands traced over some of the darker-haired male's facial features. 'He looks so relaxed...' Tan fingers gently brushed pale pink lips. 'He's royalty right? Why would he want to marry me? Why would anyone want to marry me? Is it just for my looks...? I'm not that good looking.'

Sasuke's eyes began to open, making Naruto pull away reflexively Sasuke sat up and stretched, looking at the blonde through the corner of his eye. "Good morning, my sunshine."

"Eh? Is that a new stupid nick-name for me or something?" Blue eyes narrowed.

"I'm certainly not calling the sky or this tree that." A smirk was beginning to show. Naruto frowned. He turned his head to stare at the sky.

"Fine...then you'll be my night." He said breezily. His body language was relaxed and calm. Sasuke scooted closer, his arm wrapping around Naruto's small waist.

"That's fine..." He kissed a tan neck gently, causing the other to tense up instantly. "Don't worry about future arrangements. I already have things set up. I have even picked out some gifts for you."

"You can't buy my love." Naruto huffed. He was aware of the customs of some men to buy gifts for their lovers. He thought it was pitiful. "Besides, you already beat me. We're getting married. If I come to love you, it won't be because you give me things."

"I know..but it is customary. I need to let everyone know you are mine after all. We have a week to get married." Sasuke stroked blonde locks slowly.

"I thought we were getting married a day after we got there or something?" A confused look showed on the cute boy's face.

"Not exactly. See where I come from, I must court you for a little bit. I probably won't have any competition for your heart, but it's the law of my country, so I must follow it. Even the king has to follow the rules you know." Sasuke's eyes smiled as he watched the blonde blush. "You're very beautiful. Many men will try to court you. I doubt they will be successful though. The pitiful fools."

"Hey...So I don't have to marry you?"

"You do. I did beat you. You just have to deal with men fawning over you, like disgusting dogs, until we marry." Pale hands made a motion to further his point. Naruto nodded slowly, his bright blue eyes were glazed over as he processed this. He couldn't stand having anyone hitting on him back home, how'd he feel with all these rich snobs doing the same in Sasuke's country. Sasuke began to talk once again. "You're mine, Naruto. No one will take you from me."

Naruto blushed as Sasuke continued to play with his hair. "I don't get you Sasuke. One minute your a bastard, the next you're a romantic possessive bastard."

"It's my charm, dobe." The two were obviously flirting. Though Naruto didn't seem to realize this, though he did giggle.

"Charm...What charm?" The blonde asked leaning back.

"The charm that helps me seduce beautiful boys." Sasuke leaned forward, making Naruto back up some more.

"Tch...Well it must be broken then." Naruto felt nervousness creeping up on him as the older male got closer. Sasuke was now barely an inch from his face.

"Seems to be working just fine to me." Sasuke whispered before crushing his lips to Naruto's. Blue eyes glazed over as the smaller boy melted into the kiss. Eyes now closed, the boy felt an odd tingling through his stomach, it caused his face to heat up. He felt something poking his legs. Blue eyes shot open and pushed the other boy away.

"Sasuke, you pervert!" The blonde's face flushed angrily.

"I'm not. I am a perfectly normal teenage male." Sasuke stood up, dusting off his white pants. Naruto got up as well, huffing angrily.

"I'm hungry." Naruto whined as his stomach growled.

"Then make something." Was the only reply he got from Sasuke.

'I got dirt all over me, cause of that jerk. I wanna go bathe in the river or something. Too bad I can't, the pervert will probably peep on me.' The boy thought as he looked through his bag. He pulled out a wrapped up piece of bread, and started munching on it.

Sasuke watched the blonde eat. The one he loved from afar was finally his. He knew many had tried to get the blonde, and with a few golden ramen, Naruto was his. The dark-haired teen inwardly cackled. 'He's strong and beautiful. Hopefully our children will be more mature than he is though.'

Dark eyes glinted happily, as the older male thought about what Naruto would look like heavy with his child. 'He'd look beautiful even if he gained a few pounds.'

"Hey Sasuke..Can we go now?" The blonde asked, standing close to the other. Sasuke didn't even hear him approach.

"Yes." With that he watched Naruto pick up the small baby fox in his arms and start walking. "Get on the horse...As long as you can control that thing, then you can ride."

"Geez. I wish you would've said that yesterday." Naruto mumbled as he got onto the horse in front of Sasuke. Arms were placed at his side, with a tug of the wrist, the horse began walking. They traveled for hours, until they finally arrived at the border of Deste, the land Sasuke ruled. They arrived at the castle late at night, only stopping to eat, use the bathroom, and rest for a bit. Needless to say, they were both exhausted as soon as they got there.

Naruto stared at the large castle tiredly, his blues eyes glazed over slightly. A tall man walked up to the couple. The thirteen year old stared at the one visible eye curiously, which stared back at him.

"Hello, Kakashi. This is my soon-to-be bride, Naruto." Sasuke greeted, as he dismounted. His hands rested on his tired love's waist, as he lowed the boy to the ground, keeping him firmly in his arms.

"Quite a beauty." The man seemed to smile. "Took you long enough to find someone."

"Hn..Where is Iruka?" The sixteen year old asked. "I need him to tend to Naruto."

"He's probably worrying his pretty little head about you going off all alone. Knowing his schedule, he is either asleep, or in the main study." Kakashi's eyes twinkled as he thought of the brown-haired man. He was courting the slightly younger man. Iruka seemed a bit reluctant to marry. Kakashi really didn't understand why. "I probably need to remind him it's almost time to return to my bed chambers."

"No. I'll tell him, after I talk to him about Naruto." Sasuke continued to talk.It seemed the blonde was half-asleep in Sasuke's arms, and wasn't quite sure what was going on. The small fox was in his bag, which hung off his hip.

"I'm tired..." The blonde murmured, cuddling up against Sasuke. He was too exhausted to realize what he was doing. The darker haired male had a small happy smile on his face.

"Love, you'll be in bed soon." Sasuke placed a kiss on Naruto's forehead. The whole time this was going on, Kakashi was watching them with a large, but hidden, smile.

"Mmkay.." Naruto whispered as he was picked up bridal style. The little fox ran out of the bag, and onto the boy's flat stomach. Sasuke jerked his head for Kakashi to follow him, as he started his way up into the castle. Kicking open a door on the first floor, dark eyes spotted a brunette. The man looked up and smiled, the scar on his nose was unaffected by the sudden movement.

"Welcome back, King Sasuke." Brown eyes landed on the boy in Sasuke's arms. He bowed. "I'm glad you were finally successful in getting a bride."

"I said the same thing, Iruka." Kakashi glided into the room, wrapping his arms around Iruka's small waist. The gray-haired man began nibbling on the smaller man's ear.

"Kakashi!!" Iruka hissed, pulling away, his face bright red. "Not in front of Sasuke! Pervert."

SMACK!!! Kakashi rubbed his cheek from the blow he just received. Sasuke laughed inwardly, knowing that there would be a large handprint on the knight's face.

"Iruka, could you take my fiancee up to one of the guest bedrooms? Preferably, one near mine?" The raven-haired king asked after he collected himself.

"Of course, Highness." Iruka put down the books he was holding. He walked over to the young king. The brunette took the blonde from Sasuke's arms carefully. "Good night, Sire."

Sasuke nodded. His attention turned to the large stacks of papers on his desk. Sighing, he figured he might as well get caught up with some work.


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