Bella just moved to Forks when she meets a group of unlikely kids…. will friendship blossom or perhaps something more. All human…. but things do change. All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.

Dreary. Dull. Desolate. And they said my life in Forks couldn't be summed up in three words. Not even off the plane for an hour, and I could already tell that this was going to be the longest two years of my life. But this is what is best for René, Phil, and Charlie. As long as I keep reminding myself this over the next 730 days, it shouldn't seem that bad. This is the best for René, Phil, and Charlie. This is the best for René, Phil, and Charlie. This is the best for René, Phil, and Charlie. Who was I kidding I hated Forks! Or at least I thought I had…

I am an average girl, nothing to fawn over but here in Forks it was like they were blessed by a God with my arrival. And to tell the truth, I found it rather annoying. I was more of the kind of girl that liked to blend in with her background, go unnoticed, under the radar.

"People! People! Settle down, I know we are all excited about the fascinating world of medieval art, but could we please try to contain the excitement. Who are you?" A middle-aged man with an outlandish goatee who I could only presume was Mr. Coggins, the European history teacher.

"Bella Swan. I just moved here…I have this slip from the office." I said as I rummaged through my bag to find the crumpled sheet of paper that Mrs. Cope had given to me this morning. Was I found it Mr. Coggins pointed me to a seat at the back of the classroom next a girl that had been in my first period but I couldn't recall her name. The class dragged on for what seemed like an eternity, until the infamous bell rang and the frizzy haired girl that I had been sitting next grabbed my arm and dragged me off to the lunchroom. Next to the gym the cafeteria was the largest room in the school, and that was kind of sad because neither rooms were too big.

"Come on Bella you can sit with us. Everyone I would like you to meet Bella; Bella this is everyone." She said as she motion to a crowd at the table; she wasn't a very big help with her vague introductions. I sat down next to a beautiful girl with long blonde hair and a boy with spiked hair with iced tips. I tried to keep my eyes down so that I wouldn't have to make meaningless conversation with any of these people, but of course curiosity got the better of me and when I thought it was safe to glance up for a moment, I noticed a pair of beautiful green eyes staring back at me.

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