Wicked Witch of the West

Author: Tara aka LovinJackson

Summary: Brotherhood AU. Caleb Reaves gets stuck litrally in a dangerous situation with only Joshua Sawyer to depend on.

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Wicked Witch of the West

Chapter 1. Buried Alive?

It was deadly silent save for the ominous creaking. Where the hell was he and what the hell had happened were the first two questions that came to his scattered mind. His body felt numb and he felt like he had a mountain of dust and dirt in his lungs. It hurt to cough but he couldn't stop himself from doing just that.

Opening his eyes the hunter panicked for a couple of seconds. Thoughts that he had gone blind filtered through his mind until his muddled brain realized that it wasn't his eyes that were the problem but the fact that wherever he was it was pitch black. Huh, wasn't that a Vin Diesel movie he thought in passing.

He needed to concentrate and he needed to get up. What he really needed was some light. Coughing again the hunter patted himself down, searching his pockets with shaky hands for a small flashlight he was sure he kept in his jacket especially for these moments. Finally he found the elusive object in his inside jacket pocket and pulled it out and clicked it on. Light spilled from the flashlight and he closed his eyes against the sudden onslaught. When he reopened his eyes he blinked a few times waiting for them to adjust to the new light.

The sudden feeling of being buried alive came over him when he saw that he was surrounded by earth walls and what looked like wooden beams. He coughed again, this time feeling his chest constrict with the effort, causing his breath to hitch and a coughing fit to attack. He couldn't breathe and he really, really tried to control himself but the lack of air reaching his lungs was causing his body to panic. Tears formed in his eyes as the coughing fit continued but started coming to an end. He started breathing slowly in and out to get a handle on himself. He didn't do panic so he needed to calm the fuck down.

Once he felt a little more stable he wiped a dirty jacket sleeve across his eyes to rid his them of the coughing induced tears. Damn. What the hell mess had he gotten himself into now? Wherever he was it was starting to get very closed in. He didn't exactly suffer from claustrophobia but the thought of being buried alive freaked him out just a bit. He had made it clear to everyone he knew that if he were to bite the dust then he wanted to be cremated, definitely not buried. For a start how many stories were there out there of people being accidentally buried alive. Then there was the whole earth bound spirit with unfinished business to worry about. No he had made it clear under no uncertain terms that he was to be cremated. In fact he didn't know a hunter that wouldn't want the same. If you were a hunter you knew too much about the other side to want anything else.

Damn. He needed to take his mind away from these depressing thoughts. He hoped he wouldn't have to worry about that for a long time and if he was indeed buried alive now then he was sure there was a good reason behind it. Well maybe not a good reason but an explainable reason at least. He rolled his eyes at his own wandering thoughts.

"Concentrate Reaves." He ground out, causing a few more coughs to annoy him.

A thought occurred to him. If he was buried under the ground maybe he was running out of air. Maybe that's why he was having trouble concentrating. What was that called? Hypothermia … no that was when you froze. Hy … hypoxia. Yes that was it. Maybe he was already suffering from hypoxia. Didn't that bring on euphoria? God damn it he needed to concentrate!

Caleb shone his flashlight around the small space he found himself in. For one, he realized he wasn't exactly buried underground. There was splintered wood and what looked like broken caved on floorboards that happened to be the reason for his confined space. Where ever he was, the space seemed smaller than what it had been moments ago but then Caleb thought that it might be only his imagination. He tried to make sure he kept his breathing calm as he searched his surroundings. He lifted his flashlight up and shone it behind him, straining his head and eyes so he could see. There was another body behind him about ten feet away from where he was laying. The person was unmoving and Caleb moved the light to where he assumed the person's head was and groaned when the person's face came into view.

The unconscious person was non other than Joshua Sawyer. Why out of every possible person did he have to be stuck buried under whatever with Joshua? Then again he thought that really he wouldn't want to have Dean or Sam in this predicament with him. Those boys found enough trouble all by themselves. They didn't need his help to find trouble. And just why did he find himself in this predicament? Fucking Joshua. The older hunter was as good as anyone to blame this on. Joshua's intel wasn't always the most reliable only this time the man had gotten mixed up in the shit as much as Caleb had which was a change. Caleb almost laughed when he saw the condition of the blonde hunter's designer clothes. The man was gonna be pissed.

Caleb sighed and then thought he would try to call out to the other hunter. "Sawyer!" he grimaced as his throat felt like it was being scraped. He felt like he had eaten a mouthful of splinters and his voice didn't sound much better.

"Damn it Josh," he called as loud as he could without feeling like hi throat was on fire. He couldn't stop the cough that attacked him again. He needed to move. He tried to turn onto his side only to suddenly to be engulfed in a fiery pain in his legs. "Ahh!!" he cried out as his body was no longer numb but a crippling pain felt from his thighs. The throbbing pain was unrelenting and Caleb was deadly afraid that he was going to pass out.

He reached down as far as he could without sitting up and the tips of his fingers came into contact with splintered wood. Shining the flashlight towards his legs he saw that his predicament was worse than what he had originally thought. A wooden support beam had split in half, the bottom half pinning his legs to the ground. Now that the numbness had left his body he could feel the painful pressure on his legs.

"Oh God," he ground out in pain and threw his head back against the ground, the pain of his head connecting with the ground nothing compared to what was felt below his waste. This was not good. This was so not good. His breathing was coming in pants now as his body tried to combat the pain that was coming down to just a painful throb.

He stretched his head back to look at Joshua who still seemed out cold. He swallowed thickly as he had the sudden urge to be sick. There was no way he was throwing up while he was pinned to the spot. That wouldn't be pleasant for anyone. "Josh!"

Joshua remained unresponsive which only made Caleb's frustration rise to a whole new level. "Joshua … I swear … to god …"

Caleb looked next to him and felt along the ground for something that he could throw at the annoyingly unresponsive hunter. He fingers closed around a small wooden statue. It would have to do. He looked back as well as he could at Joshua and threw the statue. Caleb relaxed his head to a more normal and comfortable position, Joshua's grunt from where the statue hit him alerting the injured man that he had hit his target.

Caleb took a calming breath. The air seemed thinner. "Josh!" He heard movement from Joshua's direction. He lazily swiped at a light sheen of sweat settling on his forehead. "Come on Sawyer, wake the fuck up!" he growled. He tried to look back, in doing so jarring his body. He couldn't contain the scream that erupted from his sore throat. His harsh breathing was interrupted by painful coughs and he could see black dots appearing in front of his eyes. He wasn't going to be able to prevent it this time. He could feel darkness encroaching and this time he didn't fight it.

TBC ...

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