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Chapter 4. Thanks

"He's down there …"

"Son, can you here me?"

"His legs … pinned … earthquake …"

"Caleb …Caleb …"


The first thing he realized was that wasn't Joshua's voice. He felt heavy and could hear an annoying beeping. He wasn't lying on the ground anymore either. That had to be a plus.

"Caleb … you awake? Hey … hey man, open your eyes." Nope, definitely not Joshua's voice. That sounded suspiciously like Sam Winchester's soft worried voice. "Caleb?" Damn that kid was insistent.

Caleb thought the best thing would be to try and open his eyes. He had always hated hearing that worried tone in Sam's voice and it was even worse when it was directed at him. His eyelids felt heavy but with a little bit of good old Reaves determination they fluttered open to be greeted with the concerned face to go along with the voice. Sam was hovering over him and Caleb had the sudden feeling that the kid had lost all sense of personal space while being away at college.

"S-a …" Okay that first attempted hadn't gone so well. He still felt like he had been eating dirt. "S-sammy." He smiled dopily when his second attempt at speaking Sam's name was successful.

"Hey man, how're ya feeling?" Sam asked moving back slightly as Caleb woke up further.

"Like a house fell on me." Caleb rasped.

Sam chuckled. "I'm not surprised. You had us worried but the doctor seems to think with a time you'll be alright."

"My legs?" Loss of use of his legs had been one of his biggest fears once he had realised his situation. Caleb didnt do sitting around on his ass.

"Your legs will be fine man although they'll be a bit painful for a while and you wont be allowed to walk on them for a while, doctors orders." Sam clarified and took in Caleb's breath of relief.


"He's got a nasty bump to the head and has looked better but he got off pretty lightly."

Caleb snorted. "Typical."

"What were you doing there anyway?" Sam seemed more relaxed now that Caleb was conscious. He reached behind him and pulled the chair to him and sat down by Caleb's bed. "Last you told us you were heading to Nevada."

"I was." Caleb swallowed painfully and Sam was standing again pouring him cup of water from the pitcher beside his bed and holding it out to the psychic. Caleb took a few sips through the straw before relaxing back into the pillows underneath his head. "I called Joshua to clarify something I heard about this cult in Nevada and he asked for my help since I was in the area." Caleb was amazed at how all the details had suddenly come back to him now that he was out of the house.

"There was an earthquake."

"Yeah, just bad luck. How long have I been in here?"

"Twenty four hours. Joshua called and we drove out. We only just got here like ten minutes ago."

"Where is Deuce? Usually he's doing the whole mother hen routine by now." Caleb shifted and winced as pain shot through his legs. He still didn't have much mobility. He tried wiggling his toes and a big smile graced his face when they moved.

"He's outside talking to Joshua."

"Josh's still here?" Caleb asked surprised.

"Yeah." Sam smirked. "Dean threatened to tell Mac that he got his only son seriously injured if he didn't stick around till we got here."

Caleb's laugh turned into a cough. "Sounds about right."

"I think he would have stayed anyway. I think he actually feels guilty."

Caleb sighed. "For once I have to say that this wasn't really Joshua's fault."

Sam's reply was cut of by the door to Caleb's room opening and Dean striding in with Joshua trailing behind.

"Damien, you're awake." Dean observed.

"I always knew you were a quick one Deuce." Caleb smirked and winked at Sam causing the younger Winchester to laugh.

Dean ignored the jab and walked up to lean against the side of Caleb's bed. "Haven't I told you that the whole wicked witch of the west thing isn't a good look for you?" Dean joked as Joshua walked around to stand on the other side of Reaves bed. The older man had butterfly clips holding a nasty cut together on his hairline and his hair looked disheveled.

"Have I ever told you how hilarious you are?"

"It's one of his many redeeming qualities." Sam quipped.

Dean looked at Sam insulted. "I don't believe anyone asked you Francis."

"Ahh the brotherly love hasn't changed I see." Caleb sighed. It felt good to be with both Winchesters again.

"Yeah, you can really feel the love." Joshua piped up looking a little uncomfortable when all three younger hunters stopped and looked at him. "Well I suppose I'm allowed to leave now … so I'll be on my way." Joshua walked around Caleb's bed and past Dean but stopped just short of the doorway and turned around. "I'm glad you're okay Reaves." He told him quickly.

Caleb nodded and looked at Joshua. "Thanks for getting me out of there."

"You're welcome."

"Thanks for calling us Joshua." Sam smiled at the hunter trying to show his gratitude.

"No problem. I hope you boys find your father."

Dean nodded at Sawyer. He was starting to get uncomfortable with the seriousness of the conversation. Joshua gave them a parting nod before exiting the room leaving all three men quiet. Dean was the first one to break the silence.

"So did you manage to finish the spirit before you allowed the house to fall on you?"

The End

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