Chapter 1: Memory Lost?

Taylor ordered a vanilla bean at Starbucks on the way to class. It was their junior year in college. Everybody tried to keep in contact, but things change from time to time. Some kept in contact though. Taylor and Kelsi talked on the phone sometimes. Chad, Troy, and Jason sometimes go to NYU for basketball games. Usually, Sharpay goes to their games, so they talked. Sharpay and Kelsi went to the same college, so they would talk about what they talk about to one of the members of their crew. Zeke got transferred to Stanford in the beginning of sophomore year, so Zeke, Taylor, and Gabriella hanged out together. Zeke secretly kept in contact with Jason because of Troy/Gabriella break up.

Taylor walked to her dorm that she shared with Gabriella. She opened her dorm door and closed it behind her. Gabriella appeared at the hallway and ran toward Taylor, happy.

"Hi Tay. How's your day today?" Gabriella asked, swinging her arms around.

"Fine. How's yours?"

"Good. I think I flunked my math quiz though. I don't remember any of the equations."

"Oh. Okay." Taylor changed the subject. "And you packed right?"

"Yeah. But why?"

"Remember? I'm going to visit my friends at UCLA."

"Oh yeah. What's their names?"

"Chad, Troy, and Jason."

"Oh. They sound like cool people."

"Yeah." Taylor started walking away, but turned around after a few steps, "you sure you don't remember them?"

"No I told you a million times. I don't remember them." Gabriella ran back to her room. Taylor sighed and sat on the couch. She remembers the day Gabriella lost her memory.


Ever since the day Troy broke up with Gabriella, she's been crying her every single night. Sometimes she would call Taylor and talk to her about it. Things started settling down when college started, but when Gabriella re-read her school yearbook, she started bawling about Troy all over again. One day changed her whole life.

Taylor was walking to her room one night. Usually she hears crying in Gabriella's room but this time there was nothing. She knocked on Gabriella's door. Nobody answered so she went in. Gabriella was just sitting there, her arms around her legs close to her chest. Taylor walked over to Gabriella.

"Are you okay Gabi?" Taylor asked softly. Gabriella jumped.

"Who are you?" Gabriella said, backing up.

"Don't you remember me? I'm Taylor, your best friend." Taylor stepped forward.

"No you're not."

"Wait do you know your name?"

"Yeah. Gabriella Montez." Taylor lay out a sigh.

"How old are you?"


"What school do you go to?"

"Lawson High." Taylor gave her a confused look.

"Where's that?"

"San Diego." That's where she went to before she moved to East High. Taylor figured out everything.

"Do you remember a Troy Bolton?"

"No." Taylor gave her a mischievous grin. "Where's my mom?"

"She's in Albuquerque. It's where you lived before you're in college. Right now, you're a freshman in Stanford. You are 18 years old," Taylor said like Gabriella is a little kid.

"Really? Stanford is my dream college." Taylor slapped her forehead. Gabriella realized something. "Wait how come I'm 18 when I remember I'm 15?"

"I don't know. Memory lost?"

"Maybe." Gabriella took out her hand. "In that case, I better make friends that I'm already friends with. You know me, I'm Gabriella Montez. And you're Taylor right?" Taylor nodded her head. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you." Taylor shook Gabriella's hand. "So what am I majoring in?"


"Oh good thing I've got some knowledge of that." Gabriella smiled.

End of Flashback

Ever since then, she became close friends with Gabriella. Twice. But it's alright. Gabriella got to meet Zeke too and she especially loves his cookies. Zeke knew the whole story and was mad at Troy, but he's still going to UCLA with Taylor and Gabriella. Taylor hopes that this trip goes well.

A/N: Well here's the first chapter. Hope you love it!!!

Here's some answers to your reviews. Gabriella has memory lost because of depression against Troy. She's been crying everyday and so she cried so much, she had a bit of memory lost. I saw it in a movie, so I thought that will be the main problem. But in the end, Gabi might or might not get her memory back, it depends if you read the end. And yes, she really forgot at what happened at East High. She still kind of falls in love with Troy, but yunno when Troy tells her about the five years old thing, she doesn't react the way Gabi reacted in At Last I Found You. So just keep reading and you'll understand. And I made the last chapter two years later cuhs I didn't have anymore ideas for more events between Troyella and I had this memory lost idea in my mind for a long time, so I just skipped and went straight to the sequel. Hope you guys don't mind. And no, she doesn't know that Troy's her ex-boyfriend cuhs she doesn't remember that stuff. But she'll find out sooner or later. You'll just have to see. Don't kill me cuhs I'm not telling you the whole story. :D