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Chapter 18: Draco and Hermione:

Draco arrived at the house at ten minutes after 10:00 am. He was pleased to see that Hermione had obeyed his orders and had left the house. Her parents started moving around the house, in a hurry. They had a lot to do, and only a few hours to do everything. Around noon, Hermione's friends started arriving, as well as the whole damn Weasley clan and spouses. The remaining Order of the Phoenix members came next. Some of their old schoolmates from Hogwarts showed up, and Hermione's aunt, uncle, and two cousins came about 1pm. Everything seemed to be under control, and moving smoothly.

Ron came into the kitchen, where Hermione's mum was icing a cake and said, "I put the warming charm over the entire garden. Harry and my brother Charlie are finishing with the chairs. What else can I do?" Just then, Draco walked in the room.

"Just relax, Weasley," he told him. Everything was going smoothly. Draco walked out to the garden, where Mrs. Weasley and Bill Weasley's wife Fleur were finishing up with the flowers. Everything looked beautiful.

Ginny Weasley walked out to the garden and said, "I got the little stuff bear you wanted out of Hermione's bedroom. Where should he sit?" Draco pointed to a chair in the front row. Ginny rolled her eyes and plopped the little bear on the chair. She took out her wand and transfigured his little outfit into a miniature tuxedo. Draco smiled and told her thank you.

Hermione's mum called for Draco. He walked back into the house. She said, "Hermione's dad and I are going to go up and get dressed now. You should do the same." Draco nodded, but then he realized something. He thought of everything but one thing. What was Hermione going to wear? He dashed over to Ginny Weasley and told her his predicament. She rolled her eyes for the second time, and vanished away. She returned not five minutes later with a beautiful off-white, short dress. It wasn't quite a wedding dress, but it would do.

Draco went upstairs to Hermione's old bedroom and started to change into a suit and tie. He and Hermione were having their wedding today. They were already married…but this was their wedding. He hoped beyond hope that this would be close to the wedding that she always dreamed.

Someone knocked on the door; he opened it and saw Potter. "It's almost 2 o'clock, Draco," Harry said. Harry called him Draco, not just Malfoy. Maybe Scarboy wasn't too bad after all. Draco finished tying his tie and he ran down the stairs. He had just reached the bottom step, when the doorbell rang.

He looked at his watch. It was exactly 2:00 pm. It had to be Granger. Her parents came into the foyer, and all her friends and family started filling the hallway and the living room. All eyes were on the door. Draco started sweating profusely. He was nervous. Why? He had already married her. He took a deep breath. He wanted her to be happy. He wanted this to make her happy. Ron came up behind Draco and pushed him down the remaining step. He walked up to the front door, and looked around one last time.

Everyone was smiling. Her parents were absolutely beaming. So many people loved Hermione. He felt the love for her, radiating off them, and it filled the whole house with its warmth. If all those people could love her this much, maybe they could some day grow to at least like Draco, if only by association. He opened the door, and stepped aside.

He was shocked at what he saw before him. Standing in front of him was his mother and father. They were both dressed in formal dress robes, and had large smiles on their faces. His father shook his hand, and his mother gave him a kiss on his cheek, and handed him a package with a large bow. He was so confused. Who told them about the wedding? He knew he didn't, because he thought, even after all those years, they would never have approved. Maybe he was wrong. He turned to the throng of people behind him, and said, "Thank you to whoever invited my parents to my wedding. This is a wonderful surprise."

As his mother and father stepped over the threshold, he saw Hermione, standing there in a beautiful wedding dress, holding a bouquet of flowers, and she said, "You're welcome, Draco. I'm the one that invited your parents. That's where I've been all afternoon." He grabbed her arm, and escorted her into the entryway.

"How did you know?" he asked her. He looked around the room, and said to the crowd, "Who told her? Potter? Weasley?" Everyone shook their heads or said 'no'. He looked at her parents, and they shook their heads. He looked back at Hermione, and repeated, "How did you know?"

"You're just so transparent. I can read you like a book. Just remember that. You'll never be able to throw one over on me; so no mendacious behavior, or lying in the future, because I'll know," she joked. He bent and kissed her sweetly on the lips.

Their wedding was beautiful. She told him later it was what she had always imagined. Everyone quickly removed all the seats, and turned the garden into a wonderful reception area, with food and candles, and music and a dance floor.

Hermione stood and danced with her father. She looked so lovely. Draco danced with her mother. They left their partners, and danced with each other. They sat back down, ate some cake, listened to some speeches, and had a wonderful time in general.

Draco took Hermione in the house for a moment. He told her he wanted to give her a present, but in private. They went to her father's den. He handed her a small present, which she promptly unwrapped. Inside was a small bowl. She looked up at him with a quizzical look, and he said, "The moment I knew I loved you, was when I brought you that can of pears, and you went on endlessly about how I forgot a bowl." She laughed and handed him his present. He opened it, and inside was a can of pears. "You have got to be kidding me," he said, but without a trace of a smile.

"I told you I could read you like a book, and for your information, that was the exact moment I knew I loved you as well." She smiled at him. He took the bowl from her, and put it on the desk, along with the can of pears. He took her hands, and pulled her body flush against his.

"I was lonely for so long, Granger," he stated, and then kissed her on the mouth.

"You'll never be lonely again, oh, and my name is Malfoy now," she laughed and kissed him back.

-The End-