"The Golden Boys." Alva slammed the file down in front of Evelyn and Paul.

"Golden Boys...?" Evelyn raised an eyebrow. "Like that prince story? What was it...um...-Golden Prince? Sad Prince? Argh...Can't remember..."

Paul smiled.

"No, no. Nothing like that at all. Golden Boys are a legend that goes back to the around the 1600s..."Alva frowned. "...I think...Anyway, they are the cursed ghosts of the sons who were murdered by their mothers."

Paul blanched. "Killed by their mothers...?"

Alva stiffened. He glanced warily at Paul, as if expecting him to run out and be hit by a car all over again.

"Yes, Paul. They are apparently very beautiful and they glow a bright golden glow-hence, the name Golden Boy. Legend has it, that if you see a Golden Boy, you will either suffer a horrible and painful death, or you will have extremely bad luck for the rest of your life."

Paul snorted. "Not much choice is there."

Evelyn laughed.

Alva frowned deeper. His eyes rested onto Paul's for a long while before continuing. "Now, our case is Maggie Thompson. On May 23, she claimed to have seen a Golden Boy, saying that it looked exactly like her long dead son, Mark. She deteriorated soon after, and is currently in the Harrington Psychiatric Hospital. Her sister, Diane Johnston, asked us to see if what Maggie saw was just a part of her imagination...or true."

Paul nodded. "So...Golden Boy...she killed her son?"

Alva shrugged. "Mark died of leukemia. So when he died, the doctors said he died from it. But no-one really can tell."

Evelyn glanced over the file. "So, when do we start?"

"Right now," Alva said, grabbing his coat.

As they began to leave, Paul drew Alva aside.

"Alva...what does this case have to do with my past? You said that when you were researching this case, you found that article..."

Alva shook his head. "I don't know...but apparently this case does have some painful similarities to your past. Whether Maggie Thompson killed her son or not...We shall soon see."

Paul struggled with his rising emotions. "But Alva...Slap me if I'm wrong, but this case has no links to my past. I just don't understand how you could have found out about John...Johnson, at all! It doesn't make any sense..."

"Paul, as much as I wish I could help...I just can't. I found this case linked with your past...and that's all I know. Maybe the Thompson family is relations of yours...? No? Well then...I have to say I'm as lost as you are, Paul."


"We shouldn't keep Evie waiting Paul."

Paul slumped and nodded.

Alva hurried out the door, and looked back over his shoulder. "I really am sorry Paul." Then he left down the stairs.

Paul clenched his teeth, his mind whirling.

The case...His past...The bloody message...The Darkness...The nightmares he keeps having about Tommy and that horrible night when he was twelve...And then about that night five days after Johnson and his mother died...when Paul was sent to the orphanage...

How are all these things linked? And what does Tommy want from Paul? After all those months, why did Tommy come back? What does the Darkness have to do with all of this? And why did the message change?

From GOD IS NOW HERE...to...


Paul grabbed his cloak and headed out of the door. He couldn't help but feel, that the message meant that God had turned His back on Paul...forever.