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Light of Hope

Chapter Fifteen

The broadcast played in loops. His tall frame filled the screen, his black hair swished in a tall ponytail that fell around his broad muscular shoulders, his pale skin looked white against so much black, only highlighted by his pitch black eyes. There were no whites to his eyes, they were nothing but black orbs in his sockets. His smile was cold and eerie as he talked. This time he wore no mask, and it was all the more frightening.

"My name is Dark, I hail from the Dragon Clan from the Planet Argodan in a different dimension. We have come in search of the Silver Queen. Our demand is simple. Hand her over, or we will annihilate mankind."

The loop rolled over and over again, showing a massive mother ship half the size of the moon, shadowing the giant white pearl in space, with several screenshots of small ships, all around earth, and around the colonies.

They were surrounded.

The loop ended suddenly and Dark came back onto screen live. "To show how severe the situation is, we shall kill your pathetic little Cinq Princess."

Suddenly the camera changed, to an explosive blast of yellow energy, like lighting that came from one of the tiny ships above and completely obliterated one of the Academy buildings. It was turned to burnt rubble as the building was torn apart in the explosive blast from above it.

A zoomed in picture showed a beast in place of the destructive blast as the debris and fires slowly dwindled to the ground. A giant demonic wolf like creature with long arm like front legs with claws like swords and teeth that resembled sharp rusty nails. It gave a roar and headed towards the palace.

Just as it neared the palace people were rushing out and the soldiers were rushing towards the beast, shooting at it with no affect. As the beast neared, it rammed it's way through the soldiers, killing those that got in it's way, shredding them to bloody pieces.

Relena rushed out of the gates of the Palace, her lavender dress swishing around her legs as she ran towards the beast with cries of horror, pleas begging it to stop.

Millardo and Noin were shooting at the beast, as Hiiro managed to reach Relena and push her to the ground, as the other guys rushed in front of her, putting themselves between her and the beast.

"Are you nuts!" Duo shouted as he continued to shoot at the creature, with it having barely any affect. "Or do you really just have a death wish?" He looked at the beast with glaring determination but his shaking lips looked ready to produce a scream a girl would be envious of. "Hiiro's gun would be a waaay better way to go if that's the case."

Relena was glaring at Duo, struggling to get free from Hiiro's hold. "It killed all those men! It just wants me!"

A beam of white hot light shot out at the beast from the sidelines, flinging it with massive force towards the far gate, making the iron and bricks of the wall crumble under it's weight.

The monster was down but not out. Soft clicks of heels could be heard coming towards them and a sweet feminine voice spoke softly.

"That's very brave of you Relena, but being peaceful means sometimes you have to fight. There will be times for pacifism and times where you must make the hard choices of being the one responsible under the kingdom you protect. Leading them, and leaving them are two very different things, even if you think this time to sacrifice yourself is best… You can't assume that giving your life would end it's crazed blood thirst. It would have kept on killing and your death would have been pointless. You must fight first, and only when it is absolutely the last choice, must you make that kind of decision."

Off to the side standing between the beast were the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen.

Eternal Sailor Moon stood at the front, a long intricate white staff in her hands, with a red jewel incrusted chalice atop it. The source of the white energy. Sailor Moon's dark blue eyes were soft, and while she should look strange standing there in her short skirts and high heeled boots with large white angel wings extruding from her back, she looked nothing more than a god.

As she spoke, those soft dark blue eyes looked aged and compassionate. A regal aura emitted around her, standing tall and proud like the Princess she proclaimed to be. "Instead of sacrificing yourself because you want to save everyone, why not fight instead with them? Now is not the time to leave them, it's only the beginning… not the end."

The beast suddenly roared as it began to rise from the debris.

Sailor Mars took a step forward and glared. Her thick lashes surrounded her mysterious bluish purple eyes, and her thick straight hair whipped about her thin frame like a frenzy of silky black feathers.

"Mars!" A flame erupted from her hand and she flung her long slender bare leg behind her, her tall red heels making a click as she touched the ground with both force and grace. She was standing sideways while facing the beast, her arms going down carrying the flame to form a bow of fire, her hands in a motion as if to string an arrow when one suddenly roared to life in a crackle of red embers.

"Flame Sniper!" She released the burning arrow and it struck through the beast, imbedding the flames into her opponent.

The beast roared as it's fur caught fire around the arrow and it bled crouching to one of it's knee. Using it's long arm like front legs it hurtled itself at the senshi, sword like claws outstretched.

Just before the beast could ram them with it's speed, Sailor Saturn flung herself in front of her princess and friends, twirling her long glaive like scythe and perfectly executing a move that brought the spinning staff above her head, screaming out "Silence Wall!"

Deep violet translucent energy was thrown up from the staff in a wall of protection, making the beast slam right into a wall it couldn't destroy after hitting it.

It slumped to the ground, bleeding and burnt. It growled and it's deep demon like yellow and black eyes glowed.

"Uranus!" Her tall lithe frame slung her fist into the air, her deep royal blue almost navy teal eyes narrowed and her short sandy blond tresses whipped against her forehead as she slung that fist down, and against the ground. "World Shaking!"

The ground cracked and broke under her powerful fist, and a wave of earth rushed up and waved out from her like the ground was shaking, the impact creating a glowing golden orb like a planet and flinging it rapidly, so fast they could barely see, at the beast and completely incinerating it, turning it to dust on impact.

Dark appeared suddenly, floating above them, sneering almost like a feral animal, his handsome demon face twisted and frightening. "Sailor Senshi, I know you have her. You have the Silver Queen, hand her over. Now or die where you stand."

"I am the Silver Queen." Sailor Moon glared up at him defiantly. "I am to become Neo Queen Serenity, I am Neo Queen Serenity!" A flash of light blinded the entire area, white and pure… burning so bright, day was viewed in the middle of the night.

Before them stood Neo Queen Serenity. Her hair flying around her frame, like fresh fallen snow her hair was pure white, and glistening almost as if it were glowing. Her petite, curvy frame was covered by a floor length white gown, clinging seductively yet flowing innocently around her legs. Teasing yet modest ample cleavage was extenuated by a golden bodice wrapped tightly to her chest with her bare shoulders, and white wings reaching far behind her, of the purest white feathers. The angel wings larger and more spectacular than the small feathered wings of Eternal Sailor Moon's lower back. These were at her shoulders. Like a heavenly ruler, unlike her senshi form that was reminiscent of an archangel soldier.

Her deep crystal like eyes contrasted beautifully in her face, the color matching the scenery of the night sky, a dark blue-black velvet blanket, down to the glistening stars, shining as if her eyes were exotic crystals, as she glared up at her black opposite in the sky.

Above her head, was a crown of gold and red jewels.

The senshi behind her all fell to one knee, as did Tuxedo Kamen, now Prince Endymion as they stared with unshakable loyalty at their messiah.

Relena stared at the impressive scene before her and wondered for a slight second, if she was dreaming after reading a fairytale of a kingdom and it's godly beings. They were all so beautiful and powerful and wonderful. Her eyes glistened with tears… it wasn't a dream, and lying there with Hiiro kneeling beside her, she cried silently as she realized she could not protect this planet, but knew without a doubt, they could. She glared at the ground as she lay her head down, it wasn't fair. She gave everything to this planet, the colonies. Why couldn't she protect them, why couldn't she bring peace?

Her silent mourning was cut off suddenly by Dark's cruel laughter.

Neo Queen Serenity's glare did not falter.

"You are not the Silver Queen." Dark sneered. He suddenly smirked. "However, you are her vessel."

The senshi shared looks of shock and worry. Sailor Pluto stood up and moved in front of her Queen.

"What do you mean by that? Who then, is the Silver Queen?"

Dark laughed. "I have a proposition for you then. We will leave Earth, for now. If you agree to meet us at the years end at the Sagittarius Zero Star. From where we came."

"Why?" Sailor Pluto glared.

He smirked. "I see now, that when we broke through the dimension we somehow distorted time and space. The future we intended to come to, has been wiped out." He giggled almost insanely. "No matter. She is a being that will always come to be. We will tell you everything. Meet us there senshi and bring your white queen because she is needed to summon the Silver Queen." His obsidian eyes closed almost gleefully and he smiled at them in a sickeningly sweet way. "Or we will destroy everything."

He vanished.

"This must be the apocalypse. I just know it has to be." Duo groaned. "Of course I had to bail out when Sister Helen and Father Maxwell were talking about that."

Eternal Sailor Moon turned to leave when Relena stood and ran towards her only to be blocked by Uranus and Neptune.

Relena looked at Usagi's, no, Sailor Moon's back and smiled through her tears. There was no hiding it. Her frame was dirty and her pale brown hair was in disarray down her back, her soft cornflower blue eyes blurred from her streaming tears. "Wait, please."

Long pale gold hair swished around white boots as Sailor Moon turned around and smiled sadly. "I'm sorry but I can't." Her eyes looked compassionately into Relena's. "I love this planet too, and all of it's people. I want to protect everyone, so that they can all, you can all, live in peace. That's all I ever wanted." She frowned and looked away, her deep blue orbs were dark and stormy as she concentrated her focus on the ground, lost in thought. She turned to leave again but was stopped by the sound of a small click.

Hiiro had taken the safety off of his gun and pointed it between her eyes.

Mars brought a flame up and pointed it at Hiiro when Wufei, Trowa, Quatre and Duo turned their own guns at the senshi of fire.

"If you must shoot…" Sailor Mars spoke impassively, "Then do so. Guns can not kill us as we are." She smirked. "However even if you manage to hurt us, there are ten of us, and five of you."

"Seven." Millardo said bowing mockingly, as he aimed his gun at Prince Endymion.

Noin smiled almost friendly at Sailor Pluto, who smiled mockingly back.

Hiiro smirked. His chocolate colored hair shadowed his Prussian blue eyes, making them almost darker in the dim lighting of midnight. "Your coming with us."

Eternal Sailor Moon looked at him calmly. "Why should I?"

"You want Crystal Tokyo to be real."

She faltered for a second. Unsure… would it really be a bad thing? She'd have to fight anyway, why not enjoy eons of peace while she can make it happen? "Yes."

He put his gun down, but everyone remained as they were in arms up, prepared for a fight. Hiiro locked the safety and placed the gun in the back of his denim jeans, under his black shirt. He smirked again. "I could never let anyone rule over me or my home, that I don't trust." His eyes never looked away from hers, and it unnerved her like usual but now she was getting annoyed with it. She glared back defiantly into his eyes with a blue fire. "The Earth and the colonies are my home. If you expect to rule Earth without a war, I need to be there."

Her glare disappeared and she eyed him wearily instead. "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that my men and me are to accompany you to this Sagittarius Zero Star, we need to ensure the safety of Earth and Humanity, to see if I can trust you, if you want to rule. After all, you're not exactly human and what right do you have to rule?" He frowned at her. "Otherwise you're merely a conqueror, a dictator wearing a pretty little smile."

Venus scowled and Mars almost hissed at him.

Mercury frowned. "You're right. You're only human, there is no way you can handle deep space."

Duo smirked at her, "Babe, we practically own deep space."

Jupiter laughed. "Yeah, talking to a bunch of aliens, you own deep space buddy."

He sweat dropped but glared at the tall Amazon beauty.

Trowa's deep green eyes looked at every women and girl before him. "If you want our trust, you have no choice. There will be war… and people will die."

Sailor Moon frowned. "You're all forgetting that there already is one true ruler of Earth. Someone who has always silently watched and protected this planet and it's people long before I fell in love with this blue star." Eternal Sailor Moon murmured softly as she took Endymion's hand. "It is written in the heavens, this planet's destined ruler. It was never mine to rule in the first place, my palace is on the moon. Our love is what brings me to the throne."

She smiled at him and then Relena, Noin and the men around her. "He IS human, and when he ascends his thrown, everyone, everywhere will know irrevocably, that this is the true ruler and no one can dispute that fact, even if they want too."

Wufei scowled into Mamoru's ocean blue eyes. Like the waters of Earth from space. "How can he be human? He has powers! If he is this prince Endymion from thousands of years ago, how is he here? … If he is human?"

Sailor Moon smiled. "He is special. He is the chosen soul to protect this star, BY this star. A gift from the gods." She looked at her senshi before turning to stare at them again. "Look around you. Each of us are from our namesake. Mars is from Mars, Saturn from Saturn, me from the moon. We were all chosen to be Sailor Senshi, by our stars. And there are Sailor Stars everywhere in the universe." She smiled up at Endymion. "Just as this planet is very special. So is he. To protect it."

Quatre was undecided, he didn't know what to do or think… but Hiiro was right. "Either way, he's still not like us. Why should we let him rule? Please, just let us come with you."

Sailor Moon frowned but nodded. "It won't be easy. Even if I'm not human, my only goal has always been to protect this precious star and it's people… If people truly do not want me on the throne, then so be it. I'll step down… so you may come with us to Sagittarius Zero Star and decide then."

Silence was the only thing heard after the senshi dropped their stances and weapons. Their faces were a mess of shock and disbelief.

"However," she smiled. "If you can find a way in a years time to come with us, we will let you but you must find your own way to survive in deep space. Oh and one more thing. Withdraw the warrant out for our arrests. We have never done anything but protect everyone, and it's prejudice to assume we have because we're different. I want a retract from the words we are a threat, and I want it done nationally, internationally" She grinned, "and an apology." The tension amongst her senshi were replaced by smiles and sweat drops.

"That's a lot of demands, since we have one and you have so many can I tweak ours a bit?" Duo replied humorously, smirking with his deep indigo eyes looking devious.

"No." Sailor Mars scowled. "Take it or leave it. We don't have to do anything with a lecher like you."

Duo face faulted. He scowled standing, "While that may be true! That's not what I meant." He grinned, "But if you wanna offer, I don't mind…"

Sailor Moon smiled, ignoring the comment. "What is it, we need to know what it is to agree upon it."

"We have technology to stay in space, to breath and live and grow food to survive and to travel long distances quickly and even weapons." Duo proclaimed suddenly serious. "But we need more, and since I just told you all this, that means we can go with you. Obviously."

Mercury frowned, knowing where this was headed and not liking it one bit but a calming look from Sailor Moon made her bite her tongue.

"Help us, we know you have better technology. We have a year, since we're going to work together anyway, let's make it easier." Duo grinned sheepishly. "Besides, we want to fight for Earth too, it's our home and we have a right."

"Alright." Sailor Moon smiled. "But we'll have to do it quickly. Sailor Mars, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter and I are going to Kinmoku."

"Kinmoku?" Wufei asked curiously.

"A distant planet with allies." She smiled. "We have a lot of planning to do."

End Chapter

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