Chapter 18: The So-Called Vacation

The warm breeze played against her skin softly, mussing her long aqua curls away from her face. The soft scent of the ocean wafted in her nose and she could only smile in content, happy that her problems seemed an ocean away. Technically they were, but she didn't think of it now. She was glad everything went right…that her parents accepted her decision and she and the most important person to her were allowed this bit of calm. Glancing to her right, she smiled at the cute picture that was Haruka.

They were both lying on separate beach chairs, the ocean waters tossing back and forth in front of them and a lone big umbrella guarding them from the hot sun. If only Japan's weather was this nice this time of year she wouldn't have left the country… but the torrential downpours she's been experiencing was enough to last her the year.

Unlike her, Haruka was sound asleep. Michiru loved the unguarded look in her face—she's doesn't see it often. It might've come from her constant training ever since she was a child or just from her personality, but Haruka had the most constantly vigilant face she's ever witnessed. Her eyes were always looking around for anything remotely close to suspicious, her body tense and poised, ready for whatever action she needed to take. The smaller girl loved that protective side of Haruka too, noting with a smile how she towered over the pizza boy some nights back at the hotel, but the calm serenity on her face right now was a sight not a lot has seen.

Her eyebrows hitched at the thought of another woman possibly seeing this side of Haruka before.

I need to talk to her about that…

Her insecurities flared even more as two women in very exposing bikinis walked by them, closer to where Haruka lay, and gave a flirtatious laugh at the sight of the blonde. Unlike her who was wearing a two piece bikini like every other girl in the beach, Haruka would not under any circumstances wear anything exposing. Instead, she was wearing bleached board shorts with her customary white polo shirt.

Michiru stared daggers at the retreating girls and looked back at a still sleeping Haruka. She reached out and brushed her cheeks affectionately, making the blonde's eyes open slowly.

"Hmm?" she asked rather cutely and Michiru just had to reach her body out and kiss her.

Haruka gave a small amused smile. "What was that for?"

"Just trying to reassert my possession."

The blonde's eyes widened a little as Michiru's eyes flickered to the two passerbies earlier. "Hmm… if you're allowed to do that, then I can go overprotective mode on any guy that looks at you then right?"

Michiru giggled and brushed the blonde's silky strands back. "But that requires pummeling Ruka. I don't do anything physical—

"Else there'd be tons of girls on the ground by now huh?" the other quipped back with a smirk.

"What can I say? You're rather handsome… Do you realize that half of the class basically turned into puddle the first day you arrived in Mugen?"

"Did you turn into puddle?"

The violinist laughed. "No, I was too mad about the situation."

Haruka smiled at her, a small gleam in her green eyes. "Let's not get started about the living arrangements…which I have to ask… who's place when we get back…yours or mine?"

Michiru gave a seductive smile and stood up from her beach chair only to straddle a surprised blonde. She tucked a loose strand of aqua curls behind her ear and inwardly smirked at the blush creeping quickly from Haruka's neck to her face. "Ara, I wonder if that really matters in the end…"

Haruka coughed and before she could say anything about the matter, Michiru dipped towards her and initiated a deep kiss. She moaned inadvertently, hugging the smaller woman closer to her.

Thirty feet away sported in heavy scuba gear, Kenro, Akira, and Yuriko looked with smirking, horrified, or embarrassed expressions.

"See Yuriko?? What did I tell you??" Kenro exclaimed, inwardly rooting his surrogate daughter to keep going all the while clicking the capture button on his camera phone. "Oh, and great idea for these new cameras that look like phones, but actually take very detailed photographs, Akira. It'll be a big hit when it comes out on our spyware line."

"What we're doing is very wrong," Akira stated, looking around at anyone, but the two distracted teens. "This is expected! They're kissing, so what? We kissed…we made out!"

"Yeah, but look at the way—

"Kenro! Let's go back to the hotel room before we get caught. Do you realize how mad they'll get when they see us here?? When Kenro, not if. I think you really do want Haruka-chan to emancipate you!"

His best friend looked back at him, a sad puppy dog face etched all over his features.

Akira sighed loudly and smiled at the two teens oblivious to everyone else. "Le—let's go grab a bite to eat… I'm hungry. As…as you can tell Yuriko… Haruka-chan is…not like a dog in heat as Kenro so graphically put it. If anything…our daughter—

"Alright! Alright!" Yuriko cried. She wondered briefly if other parents were this concerned for their kids when she knew it was perfectly normal. "I'm hungry too… We've been here for three days and this is the most that I've seen them do." She slapped Kenro after saying this receiving a yelp from her older friend. "You baited me and you know it!"

He gave a smirk and got up, looking at the two teens who were still very much busy. After pocketing the camera, he gave a small sigh and nodded. "Okay, fine. Let's go eat…"


For some odd reason, she felt very uneasy. The feeling started the day after they arrived in the sandy beaches of Hawaii and hadn't ceased since then. She knew someone was following them, but unlike Yuka Toro who was very much very distinguishable and obvious, this one was a little sneakier, not to mention that everyone was basically a tourist so she couldn't point out anyone beyond suspicious.

Of course, she did not tell this to Michiru. She didn't want her to get flustered or worry anymore than she already has.


She pushed herself out of her thoughts and glanced at the beautiful girl in front of her, her alabaster skin shining softly by the dim restaurant lights. She smiled at her and gave a questioning look.

"You seem out of it. Is there something the matter?" Haruka shook her head until Michiru continued, "You feel someone is following us too, ne?"

She looked at the smaller girl in surprise who just smiled back at her serenely.

"You seem to underestimate me. You do realize that beyond Yuka-san, I have detected all of the bodyguards Otou-san had sent to look after me right?" Haruka gave an impressed look and bowed her head shortly, causing the other girl to laugh lightly. "So what do you propose we do about it, commander?"

"Hmm…" Haruka murmured and looked at the bright moon reflected on the beach's waters. "The only real problem is trying to figure out who it is out of all these people who's following us."

Michiru looked around the restaurant at happy faces of tourists, dancing hula girls and boys, and serving waiters as their own arrived to serve their dinner. Haruka sighed loudly, annoyed that this just had to happen during their vacation… the very first one no less. The smaller girl across from her gave a comforting smile as she they started their luau style dinner.

"Good place. Nice change of scene," she stated as she looked around at the happy atmosphere.

Michiru nodded, glad that she was the one who came up with the idea.

For the majority of the time they've been in their vacation, they had been staying in the main island of Hawaii in the beaches near the hotel they were currently staying in. This provoked Michiru to call for a change of scene, albeit a small one. They were now currently staying in one of the richer resorts that gave them their own villas, moving earlier in the afternoon after a quick lunch so they could survey the area before sunset.

Another reason why she did this was because of their earlier conversation. Like Haruka she's been feeling distinctly followed for the past days and that watched feeling had left as soon as they arrived on the small island. Whoever it was that was following them, she only felt annoyance from it, not dread and that led her to believe that it might be her father's doing… although why he would do it when Haruka was with her was beyond her.

As soon as she was able to put food in her mouth a rush of voices streamed into her ears that did not make her at the least bit happy.

"See? This is what we should've done in the first place…have our own vacation! Not following the kids around like some mistrusting parents… Yuriko I still can't believe you let yourself be baited by Kenro like that!"

"Well Kenro always did have a way with words… I remember him on the debate team in high school. No one wanted to speak against him."

"I think it's more because everyone was scared of me than my debate skills."

"Well I'm glad we got out of their way nonetheless. Imagine the looks on their faces if we suddenly just meet up because we were using the same hotel as they were. Now if we can only get back before they do."

"This place is pretty nice… Makes me not wanna leave."

The two teens stared at each other flabbergasted. Michiru shook her head in disbelief and Haruka did the same, only in exasperation.

"They didn't…" the blonde stated with incredulity.

Michiru sighed, rolling her eyes in the process. "They did…"

Haruka looked behind her girlfriend to a table a few feet away and saw the sight she was dreading. Her surrogate father, Akira, and Yuriko were seated in one of the tables, ordering their dinner. The only reason the three hadn't spotted the two of them yet was because of their strategic location where the lights were very dim to provide a more romantic and private atmosphere. The blonde was about to go up to give them a piece of her mind when the smaller girl reached her hands out to touch hers. She looked at her questioningly, wondering why Michiru hadn't gone up and began yelling at her parents yet when a sadistic and very sexy smile on her face made her stop thinking altogether. Haruka smirked at her and sat back down before her knees gave up on her.

"What's on your mind?"

"Well they're obviously here because they think we'll be up to something unbecoming of two teenagers left alone when we could've done that already, so… why don't we give them a show?"

Haruka's eyes widened at the playful smile on Michiru's face.

"Okay, what do I do?"

"Nothing," the violinist replied simply. "All you have to do is be the cute girlfriend that you already are."

Haruka smiled at her, happy beyond everything that she chose her for that title. "Okay, I'm game."

Michiru giggled in amusement and instructed, "Their arrival here seems, to me, like an accident so we'll have to make sure that they realize we're here as well. In the middle of dinner I'll go to… the restroom or something and walk near enough so at least one of them spots me. I'll act like I'm talking to someone in your phone and as I near their table, I'll say something…unbecoming… which will trigger them to follow us all the way to our villa after dinner. At that point in time, we should be able to do something so outrageous that it'll force them to come out of their hiding spots."

"And what outrageous thing can we pull out without them knowing that we acknowledge them here?"

"Make out…heavily."

Haruka blushed at the statement as Michiru just looked at her amused. Just the thought of feeling her soft skin against her palm—

"Haruka, wait 'til after dinner," the violinist laughed lightly, noting the glazed look on her lover's face.

The blonde looked back at her in surprise, her face growing hotter by the second. "Can't help it if you're beautiful…" she muttered under breath and looked away, shy at her words.

Michiru's only reply was another soft laugh, reaching out to brush her face affectionately. For the past couple of days, both of them have given themselves enough self-restraint. Both have been sharing one hotel, one room, and one bed, but neither wanted to go any further than just casual kisses and soft touches. It was still too soon and although both highly believed that they would not be with anyone else but one another, both were also willing to wait for the right moment because of that.

"Love you Ruka," the violinist said with a smile.

The taller girl smiled widely and leaned over the table, kissing those soft, inviting lips once again.

Dinner was a casual affair in which both, too amused at what they were planning on doing kept mostly to themselves. Nearing the end of it, Michiru reached out to get Haruka's phone, at which point, the latter took out the sim card in case someone called in the middle of Michiru's acting job and blew their plan and afterwards handed it to her.

"I'll be back. Get ready to leave," the smaller girl instructed, a sly smile upon her face. "We can play this game too, ne Haruka?"

Haruka only smirked back. "Of course. We aren't their kids for nothing." Michiru laughed, the sweet sound reaching the blonde's ears.

Michiru picked up the phone to her ear and gave Haruka devious smirk. "Hello? Hokuto-chan, hi!"

Haruka almost laughed. The violinist proceeded to stand up from her table and start walking to the general direction of her parents and godparent's table, looking straight ahead and seemingly absorbed in a nonexistent conversation.

"Yes, actually we're doing fine. The weather's very nice. I wish Japan was like this more often than blazing hot or stormy cold." She was about six feet away from her parent's table when Yuriko of all people noticed her existence and shook Kenro and Akira who were both beside her.

They looked at her momentarily and then to a walking Michiru, their eyes widening at the mere coincidence that of all places, they were in the place that they decided to go to, to let the kids finally have their promised vacation. Kenro looked from across the room to see her surrogate daughter looking at Michiru and then turning her attention to the beautiful moonlit ocean outside.

"Actually Haruka and I changed hotels…we were getting the distinct feeling that someone was following us. I have a feeling my father sent some of his men to look after us in case something happens but…" A sigh came out of his daughter's lips as Akira's eyes widened. He knew the kids would find out… but it was obvious they didn't know they were here…else both teens would have gone up by now and gave him a piece of their mind. "Anyway… the villa's very romantic. I'm thinking of… I feel like it's too early still, but I do love her Hokuto-chan… Yeah…I really feel like… I'm ready. I know she is too and with our parents gone and no one to stop us, you know. Why not?"

All three parents' eyes and mouths widened simultaneously at the violinist's bold statement, not believing what she was actually saying.

She laughed melodiously, looking at her cell phone in amusement. "Protection? Well I don't think that's really necessary. We're both… women…not to mention virgins."


Akira literally shoved his palm on his wife's mouth as Michiru finally passed by them, still laughing lightly and still very much seemingly ignorant to their existence. When she was finally out of earshot, Yuriko looked at her husband in utter dismay.

"Akira, you know it's too early!"

Akira shook his head. "We…shouldn't have known that. This…Th—this is all wrong! Just…just let the kids be! If they're going to have…sex—

"What kind of a father are you??" his wife exclaimed. "I do not know a single parent who would just let their daughter go and have sex when they know it's going to happen!"

Akira opened his mouth only to close it again, completely confused as to what to say. "She won't get pregnant!"


Why Haruka did not hear his wife scream when everyone in the restaurant practically turned their heads to their table was beyond him. He put his index finger to his lips signaling her to be quiet as everyone else resumed their dinner.

"We need to stop them."

Akira shook his head. "They're mature—

"Sexually driven teenagers

"Who has proven to us that they can take care of themselves."

"That is not the point here Akira and you know it. It's much, much too early."

"I feel like we should let them decide that for themselves."

"Three days into their actual relationship and they're having sex?? I do not call that mature. I call it hormones at its peak…and Kenro, why are you so quiet??"

Both spouses turned to see their quiet friend who only just came out of his reverie.

"Aren't you at all worried about the outcome of this decision? And yes…I am more than aware that they can't get pregnant… but that is not the point. It's too early and they're too young to be engaging in such… x rated activities."

Kenro sighed slowly and finally opted to shrugging. "I…don't know what to do…"

Akira and Yuriko looked at him in surprise, clearly thinking that he would want to go, follow, and stop them from doing the deed… or have them keep going… either way worked in Kenro's universe.

He wiped his mouth with a napkin and placed it over his uneaten food, all appetite ebbing away. "I think… we should…"

He didn't finish his sentence when he noticed his goddaughter coming back from the restroom, walking to her table in an excited hurry. All three witnessed her literally pulling a mildly surprised Haruka from the table as the latter dropped a handful of bills for their dinner. The aqua haired girl said something which caused the other to blush a tremendous shade of scarlet and this time, both of them hurried out of the restaurant.

"Follow them," Kenro replied, no longer thinking about it.

Husband and wife only reached into their wallets/purses to take out money for the food and after dropping enough to pay for possibly the entire restaurant, all three fled out, following the teenagers quietly.


It had worked. Of course it did. Now with Haruka's hands clasped in hers, all they needed to do was put on a relatively easy show…considering that in reality, they were two very hormone driven teenagers with the only exception that they had self control…something that their parents didn't think was possible for an adolescent to have.

They were nearing the villa, happy that it was only a short walk away from the restaurant and although they didn't hear or see their parents behind them, both knew they were all there…waiting for something to happen.

As they got to the walkway going to the front door, Michiru slipped her hand in the back of Haruka's shirt, feeling her soft skin. They looked at one another seriously, but in their eyes held the twinkle of mischief that only they could see clearly in the dark moonlight.

With no words said, just a silent look of apology for the situation not being genuine, Haruka reached down and pulled the smaller woman into a rough kiss. A yearning came out from within her, but she shut it up, all the while kissing the violinist, returning the kiss in the same fervor. Soft hands rubbed the small of her back, fingernails digging from time to time causing her to wish that they had no spectators and that although it was planned, they knew soon, that they wanted this.

They broke from the kiss in deep breaths as Michiru looked up to see her pained expression.

"Just wait a little while longer, k?" she whispered and began kissing her on her neck, violinist hands tugging her shirt buttons lose while her own began untying the ribbon holding the dress together.

Just when they both thought that they would reach breaking point…



All activities stopped, but they didn't turn their heads to a little bush ten feet away from them and the front door of their villa. Instead, both teenagers looked at each other in mild amusement, smirks gracing their faces and each one without word began retying the bow to a ribbon or buttoning the shirt back together.

"Ara… it didn't take that long," Michiru quipped, still looking at her girlfriend's wide smile as her fingers got the last button in place. She smoothed over some wrinkles on Haruka's shoulder areas and hugged her close.

"We should've betted who'd last longer. Us or them…" the blonde replied with a laugh and hugged her back.

Together, they looked back behind them to three unsuspecting parents, Kenro looking highly surprised since he was the one who yelled in the night sky so loudly, while the Kaiohs from beside him only looked at one another in heavy embarrassment.

"Would you like to come in?" Michiru asked, fishing for the villa keycard in her purse that she had haphazardly thrown in "the heat of the moment." "Maybe have some tea or coffee. Espionage is a very hard job after all."

Akira coughed loudly. "I…I think we'll actually…uhh…go to our own villa now."

"It's really quite late…" Yuriko replied, nodding in agreement to her husband's idea.

"Hmm," Michiru murmured. "But aren't you a little curious as to whether or not we'll continue our activity inside? ….having finally gotten rid of all of you and all."

"We'll take your word for it," Kenro replied and began walking backwards, away from both teens.

Both gave their nicest smile to the three old friends, opened the villa door, and closed it behind them. Inside, the two teens couldn't suppress the laughter from the episode outside.

"Of all people, I didn't think Kenro Oji-san would be the one to yell something."

Haruka nodded in agreement. "I was actually thinking your mother would."

"On the contrary…she was quite speechless wasn't she?"

The blonde nodded vigorously. "She was."

Michiru grinned and leaned her head on the broad shoulders before her as Haruka hugged her, noting her tired features. "Let's go to bed and hang out with them tomorrow?"

The smaller girl nodded looking up at an understanding face. "Thank you…for not getting mad. They sort of blew our vacation…"

Haruka merely shrugged. "I had a feeling Kenro-san would do something. It's suspected…knowing his personality all these years."

Laughter rose from Michiru's lips as she maintained eye contact with the tall girl. A serious expression suddenly overtook her as she stated in a declaration, "I want to know all of you… but let's wait until we know we're truly ready for it, okay?"

Haruka dipped down and kissed her softly. "That goes without being said."

With that, Michiru led Haruka to the upstairs part of the villa to their bedroom.

"So, you think they'll be staying for as long as we are?" Haruka asked getting into the bed soon after they got out of their clothes and into nightwear.

"Probably. We haven't gone on a vacation for a while so they'll probably want to cherish this before going home," Michiru answered getting into the bed and hugging the taller girl next to her.

They laid on the bed, the waves of the beach beside them lulling them slowly to sleep. Suddenly, a ring tone blared the evening silence, making Haruka grunt and grab her phone from the table next to her side of the bed.

"Kenro-san, this better be good…" she grunted and received a kiss from an amused violinist next to her.

"Sorry to be a bother Haruka-chan, but the married couple just wanted me to let you and Michiru-chan know that they've begun planning the whole vacation to make it up to you. If you ask me I think they're just making a safety precaution in case you two really start…yeah… so if you have anything against it, don't kill the messenger. Bye! See you bright and early tomorrow!"

Haruka's mouth widened in disbelief as the phone hung itself up. Michiru looked on, a big smile on her face as she pushed Haruka back down on the bed. She sighed loudly and rested her head in her pillow.

"Love you," Michiru whispered and kissed her softly.

"Love you too," Haruka grunted and glanced at the amused look playing on her girlfriend's face. "And everything that goes with loving you."

"Including dorky parents?"

"If you can accept mine, it'd be ridiculous if I can't accept yours."

Michiru laughed and nodded. "Don't worry they won't be able to stop us forever."

"I'm gonna die a virgin!!" Haruka cried melodramatically.

"Not if I can help it," Michiru muttered playfully and got up on top of an unsuspecting blonde.

Haruka looked up at her with a smirk. "What happened to waiting?"

"We have dorky parents. We might really have to wait forever."

The blonde laughed loudly as Michiru joined her, laying on top of her as she did so.

"I love you."

"I thought we already went over this?" Michiru playfully slapped her, making her grasp her shoulder. "Okay! Okay! I love you too…"

"Don't say it in an exasperated manner!"


"That one was robotic!"

Haruka laughed and wrestled the smaller girl so that she was on top of her, silky aqua curls lying all over the pillows making her look extremely beautiful in the moonlight. "I love you too."

Michiru sighed happily and wrapped her arms around the taller girl's waist. They shared a brief kiss before the blonde turned the lights off completely.


OMAKE (Dedicated to Haruka's Knight who gave me the idea for it):

What the hell? Haruka gave the ogling man who just passed them by a mean look as Michiru gave him a bewildered one.

"How many is that now?" the violinist asked.

Haruka frowned. "I don't know…probably the fifteenth one since we came inside the museum."

They looked at each other momentarily in confusion and gave each other a once over.

"Are you sure I don't have food in my face or something?" the blonde asked and swiped her left hand over her face just in case.

"You look fine Haruka. Are you sure I don't have anything in my face?"

The taller girl reached down to her and gave her a small peck. "You look fine too," she stated and gave a boyish grin.

"The nerve!"

Their attention swiped to a passing older woman who was literally dragging her ten year old daughter, all the while keeping her hands over the small girl's eyes. She looked at them with a mix of disgust and appall before speed walking as far away in the opposite direction as possible.

"What the hell is going on?" Haruka now voiced. "Do I look girlier than usual…is that it?"

Michiru gave her a once over. She was wearing her usual attire: navy blue short sleeved polo and tan slacks.

"Well if that is the problem, they need to get over it." She gave a little smile and clasped on the blonde's hand tighter.

In front of them, merely three feet away, Kenro looked over his shoulders and smirked. "Having fun kids?"

Haruka scowled at him as Michiru gave an amused smile. They didn't have a say in this museum visit. Apparently Kenro was not joking the night before in saying that Akira and Yuriko had planned their entire trip so here they were in Hawaii State Art Museum, Haruka bored to tears and Michiru somewhat curious and satiated by all the art works before them.

"DUDE! I WISH YOU WERE MY DAD!" A girl about as old as both teens yelled as she passed by Kenro less than a minute later.

The older man gave a wide smirk and gave her a high five. "If he loves you so much, he'll understand," he cryptically stated in clear English.

As the girl passed them, she gave a wide smile and stated, "I wish I were either of you…"

Haruka gave her a face etched with confusion as Michiru could only laugh nervously.

"Old man, what's going on?" the blonde asked when the stranger finally went out of earshot.

His back stayed facing them, walking only a foot or two away from the busy spouses, and gave a casual shrug.

Not a minute passed and another stranger, a man about Kenro's age this time, stared at him briefly before asking, "And you're okay with that?"

Kenro gave a boyish grin. "Would u rather have an accidental grandchild?" he retorted almost as quickly.

The man looked like he was debating with himself about this before nodding in agreement and walking away, but not before eyeing the two teens yet again.

"Oh my god…what the hell is going on?" Haruka asked in exasperation. She was about to pull her hair out of her head from the build up of frustration.

Michiru leaned into her and rubbed her cheeks affectionately. "Don't mind them…just enjoy yourself…although it's a little hard since we're in a museum of all places…"

The taller girl sighed heavily as another person came by and ogled at them yet again. "Okay, that's it. I've had enough…"

She loosened away from the warm embrace and strode quickly to her surrogate father. In no less than five seconds they were standing side by side and FINALLY, Haruka noticed why random people have been giving her random looks and words since they met up with their parents.

"You like it?" Kenro grinned widely. "I had it custom made for the occasion."

He was wearing a black shirt and in bold golden yellow words, the sentence, "My Daughter is Out of the Closet. Is Yours?" was written along the front of it.

Haruka could only look at him with wide eyes as Yuriko looked back at her. "Yes, he didn't want to leave the house not wearing it. Sorry Haruka-chan, not a lot can do much when Kenro's already made up his mind on something."

Although the blonde loved the fact that Michiru's mother had begun calling her much less formally, she growled, "You should've tied him up and kept him locked in the villa…"

Michiru finally walked beside her and gave the shirt an amused glance. "Oji-san…" she stated exasperatedly.

"What??" Kenro asked in feigned innocence. "It's not as bad as Akira's!"

The two teens looked towards the elder male Kaioh as he turned towards them. He gave them the same boyish smile Kenro had been sporting all the while pointing at his white shirt that stated in black letters, "A larger than life trip to Hawaii for five: $100,000. The small expenses to treat your best friend's kid as well as your own: Another $100,000 unless you say otherwise and it becomes much more. Knowing that neither your best friend's kid nor your kid won't accidentally give you a grandchild since they hooked up: PRICELESS."

"That really is worse than Oji-san's…" Michiru stated.

"Yeah…but there's so much written in such a small shirt that people probably can't read it properly…thank god…" Haruka quipped.

Both elder males gave a gruff laugh as they walked side by side, Yuriko trailing behind with the kids.

"Isn't there anything you can do Okaa-san?" the violinist asked and clasped Haruka's hands in hers yet again.

"Gah…well I guess this is the price you pay for having overly understanding parents…" the blonde grunted from beside her.

Yuriko laughed and gave the blonde a pat in the back. Another man was about to ogle at them when Haruka simply gave him her killer face. He stared wide eyed at her for only a second before skittering nervously away.

"Wow, that was highly effective…" Yuriko stated while looking back at the already running man. "We can definitely use you later in our shopping expedition, ne Michi-chan."

Michiru gave a wide smile as Haruka flittered nervously. "I think…I'm going to hang out with my superiors…"

And before either Kaioh could say something, she had already dashed towards the two men because really…she'd rather spend a day with the two worst dressed men in Hawaii with people ogling at her than carry shopping bags all over the island and the small chance of the mother and daughter playing dress up with her. A shiver ran up her spine.

"Finally came to the good side eh?" Kenro laughed and swung his arms over her shoulders.

Haruka nodded. "It's either you or shopping…I'll take my chances with you…"

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