Okay. The Twelve Word Challenge has officially started.

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This is for G0.0dbye-days

Words: Fuji Yuuta, Fuji Shusuke, Tree, Paulownia, Egg Yolk, Queen Victoria, Pencil Sharpener, Samurai Sword, Fudge, Squeaky Toy, Collar, Magic 8 Ball

"Um, Mukahi-sempai, what are you doing?" Ohtori asked.

"I have dressed up as Queen Victoria!" Mukahi replied. He was in a VERY old-fashioned kimono. How he got it will remain a mystery to everyone.

"Gakuto, Queen Victoria wasn't from Japan," Oshitari said.

"I thought she was from Korea..." Mukahi said.

"Gakuto, people in Korea don't wear Japanese kimonos."

"Oh. Whatever. At least I'm being a RULER!"

"Why are you trying to be a ruler?" Shishido asked.

"Because I'm the ruler of the world. Duhh. So I have to be international."

"Ore-sama is the only ruler!"

"No you aren't, Atobe. You're just jealous and you want to take over my title as ruler of the world!"

"Ruler of the world sounds lame," Shishido commented.

"Fine. My title as the ruler of the world shall be known as Magic Eight Ball!"

"...And why is it that?"

"Because the Magic Eight Ball is magical. A perfect name for a ruler."


"Does anyone have a pencil sharpener?"

"Why do you need a pencil sharpener?"

"Because the ruler of the world, no, I mean the Magic Eight Ball is a person who needs the necessities of life."

"Okay. And you do realize that the Magic Eight Ball is just a ball that you shake after asking a question?"

"It shall be banished from my world."


"And I shall be the Magic Eight Ball."

"It's too long."

"Fine. I shall be Paulownia!"

"That's a species of plant."

"So? It's a cool name AND it's short."


"I have decided that Yuushi shall be my queen."


"But I shall not call him a queen! I shall call him a cactus!"


Oshitari twitched.

"No, it doesn't sound cool. I shall call him...Magnoliopsida!"

"...You researched all these words on Wikipedia, didn't you?"

"Yep. Now, Fuji Syuusuke shall be the lowest general. His class shall be called Fudge."


"His brother, Fuji Yuuta, shall be in the middle class. His class shall be called Squeaky Toy."


"Kikumaru Eiji shall be in the peasant class. His class shall be called Collar."

"Wonder why..." Shishido rolled his eyes.

All of a sudden Mukahi held up a samurai sword and pointed it at Shishido. "Silence! You shall curtsy before me!"

Shishido stared. "Why can't I just bow?"

Atobe raised his eyebrows. "Are you really giving into this?"

"Well, no."



Atobe twitched. "Ore-sama will not agree to this!"

"SILENCE!" Mukahi roared.


"Tezuka shall be in the Tree class. Because, quite frankly, a rock class is unsuitable."


"That just leaves the Egg Yolk class."


"Which will be for Jirou. Cause it just sits there."


"I'm bored now. I don't wanna be ruler anymore."

"You never WERE ruler."

"Shut up! I'm thinking."

"Ohhh. Classic."

"Quit it! My brain hurts!"


"Because you're so annoying!"

"Yeah. Remind me why you're dressed in a GIRLY kimono."

"I was being Queen Victoria."

"Oh, great, but you don't decide to find something more manly?"

"It's not like you do any better."


"Besides, I kinda think it matches with my hair."

"...It's pink."



Haha. Hope you're happy with this, G0.0dbye-days.

Enjoy my product of boredom!