The Mini Hogwarts

Chap 3—Welcome to Hogwarts

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Lily Evans was angry. No, she was frustrated, to be more precise. Who were those Marauders, to tease other people like that, thinking they were oh-so-cool and superior? Snorted.

She sat in the third year Amelia Bones's bookie for the rest of the train ride, grumbling and not talking to anyone. "At least I've got a seat," she reminded herself.

Halfway through the ride (which Lily didn't notice, actually. It was darn boring, she thought. Nothing but gray, dull clouds and foggy atmosphere.), Amelia told all the 'new girls' to change into their proper wizard clothes.

"This is funny," commented Lily, rather shyly since she had never seen other people wearing the 'robes' before.

Talk about getting used to a whole new world! The robes and…yes, her wand…Lily's wand was 11 inches, made from Willow wood and made a 'swish-swash' sound when waved. It was 'perfect for casting spells,' as Mr. Olivander put it...

Flash Back

Olivander had welcomed her kindly into his shop, though she was still intimidated by his silvery eyes, which looked like you could drown into.

She was asked to hold and swish a number of wands, which she did obediently while feeling weirdly confused. Was I breaking everything? What would Mr. Olivander say about this? Mum and Dad? Oh, what a headache!

"Ah, that's fine, my girl," Olivander's cool voice calmed her down, him handing her another wand. "Now try this. Remember, the wizards don't choose the wands, but the wands themselves choose the wizards."

The minute her hand touched that wand, it felt as if some…power…in her was released. A gush of wind blew, and even Petunia as well as her parents felt it.

"Perfect," said Olivander, packaging her wand and smiled.

So that was it? The feeling…such wonderful one…was how the wands chose their masters?

End Flashback

"Hogwarts, girls," Amelia's voice snapped Lily out of her thoughts, "Come on now," she led them one by one off the train, seeing as it was her last year here already.

"Wow," all of them marveled at the stone castle in front of them…and the views…were indescribably beautiful. I must be dreaming, thought Lily. Surely there was no such place in the world?

But her thoughts were confirmed by a much disturbing noise.

"Prongs, Moony, Wormy, get you backsides off the train and come down here!" yelled Sirius, now dressed in his robes. "We've arrived, dudes."

Lily turned back for a moment at the sound, but then stopped, walking ahead. "Humph," she mumbled.

As each marauder stumbled out of the train, Sirius bowed at everyone.

"Your highness," he said, smirking.

"Shut it, Pads," muttered Remus, who woke up first.

"Gladly so, Professor Moony!" Luckily for him, 'Moony' ignored it.

James was next. He came running down hesitantly, looking side to side in nervousness, "Hey, Paddy, am I late?"

"You surely are," his best friend couldn't keep from giggling.

"What," said James, turning around to see that everybody else was just strolling to the boats casually. "Oh very funny, Siri,"

"Just a joke, mate!" said Sirius with a chuckle as his friend increased his walking speed to catch up with Remus.

Peter, as always, was last. He almost crashed into the door Sirius was closing in on his face. "Paaa-foot!" he moaned.

Sirius coolly opened the door for him and said, "Nothing's wrong, isn't it?" his face was completely innocent, as though this was practiced numerous times. "Go on, Wormy. We're leaving. Tell you what, race me there!" at the word 'me' the trickster was already on the run, Peter having to scurry after in a huff.

"Not fair," Wormtail muttered under his breath at the sight of his close friends walking in a group close to Lily Evans…which was technically 10 feet away.

When they had reached a small section of the castle, obviously prepared for housing this 'mini school', someone was standing there in front of the door.

"First years!" called a large, rounded woman with puffy cheeks. "Form a line, now, will you? Good!" she clasped her hands together.

"This fat witch's not our headmistress, right?" asked Sirius, tapping his foot impatiently, but only got a shrug in reply from Remus.

"If she is.." James rolled his eyes.

"What will you do about it, huh, Prongs?" Lily whispered in an annoyed voice. "So rude."

"Ouch, that's not very nice, my Lily," James teased back.

"Like I would have to be nice to you guys…and, sorry, but I'm not your 'Lily,'" she retorted, still not facing them.

"Ooh…" chorused James and Sirius, causing glares from Peter and Remus.

"I'm Professor Meades," said the fat lady, shushing them up. "You'll meet Headmistress Adriana in a few seconds," she paused for breath and continued, as the door behind her opened by itself. "Follow me,"

The children walked into what was the largest hall they had ever seen in their lives.

"Wicked," whispered Sirius to James.

"Nothin' new," the calm Remus said. "It's even smaller than the real one,"

"I guess—" Peter's speech was cut off by the Headmistress's clanking at her glass, as every other student seated themselves on the long benches…

"Welcome to Hogwarts," Adriana stood up. "This will be your home, and I'm sure you all will be quite rather comfortable here…"

"…blah, blah, blah," Sirius again, whispering into James's ears, the marauders laughing while Lily Evans was dutifully paying attention, and, to James's dismay, she was sitting beside none other than Severus Snape. Across that table sat a blonde, unfriendly looking boy whom they heard Snape call "Malfoy."

"Ew," shuddered Sirius. "You'd think she could find a better…seating place. Like with us."

James shrugged. "She'll learn soon enough. Ouch! Remey, what's with this?" he cried out as Remus smacked him on the arm lightly.

"She's about to say something," Remus said calmly. "So listen up."

Indeed, a tall, thin, bearded young man with glasses strolled in, to the clapping of every student. "..please welcome, Professor Dumbledore, a representative from the big Hogwarts," said Adriana, standing up for him.

"Thank you," said Dumbledore, his voice calm and pleasant to the ears. "I guess Headmistress Adriana's already said that, but I'm going to say it once more: Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here, familiarizing yourselves with the wizarding world, learning some pre-Quidditch stuff, and wizard history (James and Sirius groaned together, Lily's eyes widened with interest.) Y'all have a huge future ahead of you, and I hope to see everyone at Hogwarts soon!"

"Let the meal begin!" yelled Adriana, and all kinds of delicious food appeared on the long tables, as the students dug in eagerly, hungrily.

"Mhm," Sirius mumbled with a mouth full of roast turkey, Peter shielding his face in disgust. "I'm very sure I'd like it here. Look at all the food!"

"We agree Pads, now can you eat—" Remus warned.

"—properly?" finished James, mocking Remus, who shook his head wearily and continued his meal.

On the other side of the room, Lily was too surprised to eat. She just sat there, mouth gaping—never had she seen a large amount of food such as this before!

"What's the matter, Lils?" asked Snape, stopping his conversation on dragons with Malfoy.

"Oh nothing, Severus," she said simply, picking up her fork and spoon to eat. "And you are?"

The boy with straight blonde haired stared at her. "Who? I'm Lucius Malfoy, third year student. Hopefully I'll be in Slytherin next year at the 'real' Hogwarts," he announced proudly.

"Huh?" Lily was puzzled.

"It's like this," explained a girl sitting near her. "In Hogwarts, there are four houses, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin, and each person is selected into his or her house by the sorting hat. I'm Molly Prewett, by the way," and so, Lily Evans made her first friend, another redhead, that day.

"Nobody from a good family ever goes to Slytherin," whispered Molly. "That house's named for the wicked Salazar Slytherin himself! My family all went to Gryffindor, you see." Lily nodded in understanding.

"I see," she said.

"Lily," nudged Snape. "Hope you'll be in Slytherin, too. Like me," he smiled, to Lily's surprise.

"I don't really know, Severus. That's three years from now," she said.

"Yeah, Snivelly," echoed Molly. "We still have plenty of time to decide!"

"Who asked you, Mollywobbles?" replied Snape, reddening Molly's face.

"Don't worry, my parents called me 'Lilyflower,' too," added Lily, comforting her new friend. "But just don't call me that." They smiled at each other knowingly.

Snape and Malfoy went back to being engrossed in their talk.

"Strange girl, that one," said Malfoy.

"A muggle, Lucius! But a good witch at that, I know," confirmed Snape.

"Because you like her?" that question hit Snape like a block of bricks.

"N—n—no, why would I like…her?" he stammered, pink dots appearing on his pale, white face, Malfoy laughing.

An hour, dishes of desserts and gallons of pumpkin juice later, it was time to go.

"Students, quiet down," Adriana said at last. "Third years, please lead the others to their dormitories, thank you." Everyone rose to their feet.

"Wormy, meal's over, man!" Sirius said as he pulled Peter up, the rest of the Marauders waiting.

"I'm so full, Moony," muttered James, absentmindedly touching his stomach, Remus chuckling.

"Well, I tried to stop you.." Remus began.

"If you want to lecture about that, shut it," James groaned. "It wasn't my idea. Sirius totally thought up that pumpkin juice drinking contest!"

"And you agreed to it," Remus's answer was followed by a 'humph' from James and giggle from Peter.

On their way, someone crashed into them, a pale-faced boy with oily, crooked nose…

"Uh-oh!" exclaimed James. "Lookie who it is, boys! Snivelly!"

The crooked nosed boy glanced up at them, turned, and started to walk away.

"Where are you going, Smelly Snape?" asked Sirius, as he tripped the poor boy. "Ha ha!"

"Race you there!" With that said, the four marauders ran off, leaving Snape on the floor.

Lily came just in time to help him up.

"Sev!" she cried. "Who did this to you?"

"The Marauders, no doubt," Molly said. "Murderous, the lot of them! Selfish, arrogant, only think about themselves…"

"I think I get the point, Molly," Lily stopped her friend before saying anymore, as Snape got to his feet.

"I'm fine now," he thanked Lily and warned. "You know what? For the first time," he turned to Molly. "You're right. Never mess with those boys, Lily. They're just pathetic."

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