House: Bentley by DD Agent

Hi, this is my second fanfic for House, and I just want to say a big thank you to all those who reviewed 'Review'. You guys made my day, and this first chapter is dedicated to you.

Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to me, but to the wonder that is Fox.

Pairings: Huddy (Is there any other?) and WilsonOC as well as a healthy does of Chameron.

Spoilers: Series 2 and most of Series 3.

Plot: On a normal day at Princeton Plainsboro, New Jersey bar owner David beats House with a baseball bat. When David is apprehended, his motives are revealed, and House has some revelations of his own, involving a physiotherapist named Gwen, a nasty cop called Tritter and his feelings about a certain hospital administrator.

Chapter One

House was in his office, letting the sounds of The Who wash over him. In his hand was the latest case file, the latest patient.

The latest cured patient.

Once again, things were quiet in the diagnostics department. This meant that House could better use his time to annoy Cuddy and Wilson. Manipulating their relationship last week had been fun, and sending the flowers had been genius. Pity that Wilson had figured it out; otherwise it would have been the highlight of his day to see him squirm. And the inevitable slap that Wilson would have earned from Cuddy if he really had gone in and kissed her.

"Are you okay House?" asked an annoying voice from the doors that separated his office from the department. He couldn't understand why half of his office walls were made from glass. Obviously Cuddy didn't trust him. Making his way back to reality, he noticed that Allison Cameron (or Chase's booty partner as House had started calling her) was standing looking concerned.

"I'm fine. Now go play fetch the sex toy with Chase and leave me to listen to my music," House grumbled, enjoying the look of distaste on her face. God that was refreshing. Better than the simpering stare she usually gave him.

After he had successfully relaxed, House decided to go for a walk down to the cafeteria. After buying a portion of fries, he sat himself down and munched his way through. A teenage girl was watching him, dressed in the usual hospital patient garb. House didn't know what it was, but every time he went into the caf for fries he ended up with some little kid watching him. It was unnerving.

She rolled herself over in her wheelchair and promptly stole a fry from his plate.

"That was my French fry," House muttered, grabbing the vinegar bottle and spraying them with vinegar and salt to boot. In his head he hoped that would stop the little brat from stealing his food.

"Like salt and vinegar on my chips. Thanks," the girl stated, her British accent chilling House's spine a little. He only knew one British person, and they hadn't seen each other in a long time. Looking the small girl in the face, he saw what he thought was a family resemblance. Tired of having to protect his snack from a thirteen year old, House gathered up his plate and walked. At the door, he turned round to see the child move over to her own seat and nibble the fry's she had stolen. That couldn't be the same sister, but House still found himself notably worried.

Wilson was in the main entrance trying to avoid Cuddy's eye when he saw the man walk in. The guy wore dusty jeans, a checked shirt, and natty sneakers. By his side was a baseball bat, polished to a t. Unlike the rest of him. A member of security walked over to the man and they muttered some hushed words. Curiosity got the better of him, and Wilson walked over to listen in on their conversation.

"I'm here for a game with my friend. He should be here any moment, I promise. If they're not down in twenty minutes I'll leave. Okay big guy?" explained the man, patting his hand on the security guards shoulder. He gave a grin to Wilson, hoisting the bat onto his shoulder. His accent was a mix of American and British, as if he was trying to cover his roots.

"Hey Wilson! Have you seen Cuddy today?" cried a voice from the lifts. House hobbled over to see his friend, his questions growing louder as he tried to make Cuddy come out as well. Wilson glared at his best friends attempt to drag out the hospital administrator when he knew full well that Wilson was avoiding her.

Neither of them saw the bat come down on to House's legs as he passed by the mysterious man. The wooden piece whacked his good leg, and then came down again and again on his bad leg. Wilson tried to move the man away, but the man caught the oncologist with the bat right on his nose, breaking it and spraying blood everywhere.

"This is for my sister you son of a bitch," announced the man, and the bat swung down onto House's head. Then everything went black.

"Where was security when this happened huh? This is the second time that Dr. House has been assaulted!"

"I know that Dr. Cameron, as do security. This hospital isn't perfect, and neither are you. So get off your moral high horse and try and do something productive. Like treating the man that collapsed in the lobby."

"The same man that nearly beat House to death with a baseball bat?"

"Yes. Now go!"

House could hear an incredible amount of sighing and the sound of footsteps. Slowly, he opened his eyes and found himself face to face with a blurry but none the less teary Cuddy.

"You're awake," Cuddy said, wiping away the gathering of tears that had been growing in the corner of her eyes. She didn't like the sight of the bruised and battered House, and it had brought her to tears.

"What is it about these people? They attack me and then fall down sick. Maybe God spites them down for their injustice to humanity," House joked, noting that his vision had improved slightly but not all-together back to normal. Cuddy scowled at the reference to God and busied herself with House's chart.

Cameron, Foreman, Chase, and Wilson entered the room, seeing for the second time in not very long House in a hospital apron with an IV connected. Cameron took the chair closest to House's bed, while the three men stood around near the foot. House rolled his eyes as much as he could, drawing a small smile from Cuddy. She stood up and turned to Wilson. Sitting up as much as he could, House could see that there was a large bandage covering the oncologist's nose.

"The name of the man who attacked you was David Bentley, 43, and the owner of a bar here in New Jersey. He has terminal lung cancer," Wilson explained, drawing a soulful and sincere look of upset from Cameron, causing House to roll his eyes again. His vision was returning somewhat to normal now.

"Then why didn't he attack you? You're an oncologist; I've never treated him. Have I?" House turned to Cameron who promptly shook her head. It was Chase's turn to roll his eyes then. He wasn't fond of his ex 'partner' making goo goo eyes at their boss mere weeks after they had 'broken up' and he had been bit by a tiny tyke hyped up on testosterone.

"As for you, you have severe bruising all over your legs and a nasty concussion. We've put you on a morphine drip to help with the pain, and yes we have disabled the ability for you to up your medication yourself. A couple of weeks rest and a few trips to physiotherapy and you should be back to your old cranky, manipulative bastard self again," Foreman said to House, earning him a growling stare at the mention of his morphine dose.

"I don't care about me, what about the guy?" House asked. Curiosity was his second addictive substance, and he wanted to know why the guy decided to play piñata with him.

"Not much more to say really. Well, nothing that would explain why he decided to hit you. His father is a millionaire, he owns a pharmaceuticals company. His mother died of ovarian cancer twelve years ago. As I said, Mr. Bentley owns a bar. He had lung cancer about seven years ago but he was treated. It returned in the last six months and there is nothing we can do for him except make him comfortable," Wilson sighed, sitting down on one of the remaining seats. He took each terminal case hard.

"What about a sister? He mentioned something about a sister when he was playing Whack a House," the diagnostician asked, sitting up even more and accidentally brushing Cuddy's hand. She leapt back in alarm as much as she could, and tried to ignore the smirk that appeared on House's face at her reaction to his touch.

"He has three sisters and one brother. His file says that his elder brother Robert is a lawyer in Britain, his elder sister Caitlin is a gynaecologist at this hospital, and his younger sister Mary is a patient here," Chase read off of the file paper and looked to the House.

House looked down at his lap as he realised why David Bentley had hit him with a bat. He also realised that the small girl he had seen in the caf earlier was related to his old friend. It was only then that he remembered a promise he had made a long time ago to an attractive physiotherapist. One that he had made in the midst of a police investigation and the break up of several friendships.

"You said three sisters?"

"He has another sister Gwen. Gwen Bentley, certified physiotherapist and oncologist. Used to work here until she left two months ago," Chase added on. The group watched House's changed reaction to the news, and all noted that his mood had changed.

"Get out."


"Get out! All of you GET OUT!" House screamed with all the voice he could muster. Chase eagerly departed, and Foreman followed albeit a bit slower. Wilson reluctantly left his friends bedside, and Cameron looked like she was about to stay until Wilson's hand rested on her shoulder, pulling her out. All of them left, except for Cuddy.

"Leave Cuddy," House muttered.



Cuddy watched House as he seemed to turn in upon himself, looking so sorry and tired that Cuddy's heart nearly broke.

"Who was she?"



House seemed startled by her question, but he answered it without any fuss. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time, ever since Dr. Gwen Bentley had left Princeton Plainsboro Training Hospital in a haze of mystery. "Gwen Bentley was a smart woman, who used all her money to pay for her sisters medical bills. She was a physiotherapist with a degree in oncology. She was a friend, a trainer and what's more she was exactly like me: a vicodin addicted cripple who had been screwed over time and time again,"

"Tell me what happened," Cuddy stated, it was not a request. She rested her hand atop House's, and he began to tell his tale.

Outside, the ducklings tried to listen in on the secret conversation between their bosses. Wilson had since moved on, instead going to see David Bentley. In the room, he was greeted by two teary eyed women: Caitlin and Mary. Looking at the heart monitor by David's bed, he saw that he had flat lined.

Wilson was about to move Mary out of the room, but stopped dead in his tracks by the sound of his name from behind.

"Hi Jimmy."