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Kakashi's Boys

Part 2

Mokushi tilted his furry head to the sky and fat drops of rain splattered onto his sunglasses. He shook his head to scatter them and continued trotting back towards the rest of their sleeping team to report to his summoner.

Of course, he was sure that if it hadn't started raining, Kakashi would've been able to smell the spiking hormones from his vantage point near where they'd made camp. Mokushi wasn't in too much of a hurry to report all the details to the masked-nin anyway. It wasn't like the two ninja he'd left behind in the clearing would be going anywhere soon.

The rain came down steadily, with no reservations as to whom or what it drenched and with an attitude that implied it would continue to come down for as long as it damn well pleased.

Naruto tried to gather his thoughts but they were flittering away like dragonflies. Instead, he found his mind stuck on a loop, repeating that it was Sasuke pressed against his back, it was Sasuke whose chin was resting on his shoulder. Whatever brainpower Naruto could have hoped to muster to clarify why this was happening was being drowned out by physical sensations and the sound of water, which came from every direction: the low-throated gurgle of streams coursing down tree trunks, the childish splats of the drops on upturned leaves, the dull hush of the grass drinking it all in.

It was so loud. But the growing impossibility of speech was making other intimacies easier.

Naruto recognized that his hand was still entrenched in Sasuke's tangled, now-wet hair. He closed his grip slightly and used it to keep Sasuke in place as he twisted in the other teen's arms and promptly slammed their mouths back together.

Sasuke responded, kissing back in a possessive, long, and slow manner, as if Naruto had forgotten who he was dealing with.

Some urging from Naruto buckled Sasuke's knees and brought them to the dampening ground. Sasuke felt the wet green grass grazing the back of his head and neck and then Naruto's weight settling on top of him for the second time that night.

Their kissing was open-mouthed, wet and slick, with an undercurrent of intent that made Sasuke's breath catch in his throat. He moaned into the blonde's mouth and grabbed the back of Naruto's neck, any pretenses or emotional walls forgotten for the moment.

They grabbed hungrily at each other and after a long time, finally came up for air. Through eyes that remained at half-mast when they weren't blinking out rain, Sasuke took in the sight of his well-kissed rival. He was breathing harshly through somewhat swollen lips and his blue eyes were a little glazed over. Sasuke felt hands go to work on the knot of purple rope that had slipped from his back to his side while he was on the grass.

As it fell loose, rough caresses began to trail across the bared skin of Sasuke's waist. Sasuke instinctively ground up into Naruto's ministrations, hot tension spearing and coiling in his abdomen. Needily, he gripped the blonde's right wrist and pulled it down to where he needed it most. When a hand cupped his clothed member, Sasuke hissed and pressed his hips up into it harder.

Much to Sasuke's surprise and irritation, Naruto twisted his hand and knocked away the grip on his wrist. The delicious pressure vanished and his eyes opened angrily. But then he felt a thumb hook into the waist of his pants, and suddenly he was free and engulfed in a hot mouth. A shocked and stuttered gasp was wrenched from his throat.

The contrast of the cool grass, the rain drenching them both and the wet, hot cavern that felt like it was swallowing him whole was spiking Sasuke's arousal until he was completely burning up. His left knee bent involuntarily and one of his hands desperately tried to find purchase in the grass shoots near his head.

Naruto leaned forward and put more weight into the forearm he had laid across Sasuke's bare, rock-hard lower abdomen. Strands of soaked golden hair clung to his forehead, the usually prominent spikes drooping as rivulets of rain trailed over the back of his neck. Naruto's eyes were closed as his mouth and tongue languidly melted Sasuke's brain. The dark-haired teen, on the other hand, couldn't take his eyes off the blonde.

Sasuke's face flushed a hot and bothered red and he pressed the back of his hand against his mouth for a few seconds. Subsequently, both his hands laced into Naruto's hair and began alternately sweeping the spikes off his forehead and pulling at them in a restrained manner that got considerably less restrained the closer Naruto brought him to the edge.

When Sasuke came, Naruto was almost surprised to hear a mangled version of his own name hoarsely cried into the wet, dark night sky.

Breathing hard, Sasuke lay light-headed and prone on the grass for a few minutes and simply let the cool rain wash over his fiery skin. His hands slid out of Naruto's hair as the blonde shifted, and Sasuke heard him spit off to the side.

With his arms crossed and his little orange book tapping against his side, Kakashi listened to Mokushi's overly-detailed report with the disaffected attitude of a man well used to such scandalous tales.

"Huh," was all the masked jounin said at the conclusion of the missive.

"Hey now, did you anticipate this?" The nindog rasped, slightly miffed that he hadn't managed to shock his summoner.

"No. It's just...remarkably unsurprising is all."


There was a pause and they both travelled into their own thoughts for a few minutes.

"At least the rain's stopping."

"Don't give me that speech, Naruto," Sasuke demanded, his voice quieter than it was supposed to be.

He had his hands behind his back as he retied the purple rope around his waist. Naruto was barely a yard away, also adjusting his clothing while straggling raindrops managed to drop coldly onto any skin still exposed. Sasuke's eyes were on the ground but he could feel Naruto watching him.


"No, Naruto. I don't need to hear about why revenge shouldn't be worth it when it--"


His hands dropped, finished with their task. A heartbeat later, a pair of arms was wrapped around his shoulders and still-wet blond hair was tickling his cheek.

"I want you to kill him too," Naruto mumbled into the soft skin of Sasuke's neck.

He felt Sasuke go rigid at this disclosure but his grasp didn't falter. When the dark-haired teen didn't respond, Naruto went on.

"Our plans just have one difference: I don't want you to die while doing so."

Sasuke's muscles relaxed and he snorted derisively.

" think this is a suicide mission?"

"It isn't?" Naruto stuttered, surprised. He pulled back so he could meet Sasuke's gaze, his arms coming to rest at his side.

"Do you remember what I said my goals were when Kakashi asked us on our first day as Team 7?"

"To kill Itachi," Naruto answered.


A few seconds of Naruto's blank stare prompted Sasuke to continue.

"To rebuild my clan," he stated irritably.

Naruto frowned.

"I don't plan on dying," Sasuke sounded out in an obviously mocking tone.

"Rebuild does that work with you and me doing...stuff?"

"Eloquent as always," Sasuke said as he walked a few steps away to swoop down and retrieve the katana in its sheath that he had discarded before he'd allowed Naruto to plough into him.

Naruto blushed angrily at the insult. Before he could call Sasuke out on not answering his question (however poorly articulated it was), the dark-haired teen's speed caught him unawares again.

Sasuke's mouth was warm against his and a direct contrast to their damp, chilled bodies. Naruto's eyes stayed open and he had a perfect view of Sasuke's closed eyelids, but his gaze still couldn't track the Uchiha when he subsequently vanished from sight, leaving Naruto's lips the only part of him in any way warm.

"Are you sure we shouldn't go look for him?" Sakura asked, punctuating the question with a wide yawn instead of a question mark.

"Eh, hey now, no need. I know exactly where he is," Mokushi stuttered, looking to Kakashi to distract the girl.

"Good thing Kiba's asleep or he'd know exactly where they are too," Kakashi said with a slight smirk.

Sakura frowned and made up her mind. "Kakashi-sensei, I'm going to do a brief search of the perimeter for Naruto."

There was a pause as Kakashi studied her, debating something silently but giving no indication as to what. "If you think it necessary, Sakura."

She frowned again but nodded determinedly before turning and striding towards the nearby gaggle of trees. Kakashi knew something she didn't and it was bothering her immensely (especially since that dog seemed to know too). But if Kakashi didn't think keeping her ignorant would threaten her life, then she had to trust him.

Behind her, she heard Mokushi grumble: "Now that the rain's stopped, I can almost smell them from here. Hey now, I'll accompany Sakura."

The medic nin tried to sort out if the nindog was implying bloodshed and heard the dull staccato of paws in the grass behind her.

However, after wandering around in the dark with the silent canine for ten minutes or so, Sakura didn't find any bloodshed or her blond team mate, but a rather irate looking kunoichi fuming on a rock formation with her arms crossed. She flicked her messy red hair out of her face irritably and Sakura noted warily that she didn't have a forehead protector.

"I can sense you, stupid. There's no point in just standing there," she snapped angrily, glaring at the pink-haired girl.

Sakura opted for the civil approach. She came out with an apologetic smile on her face and a hand up in the air.

"Sorry. You looked angry; I was debating whether you'd prefer I just leave."

"No, it's fine," Karin said in snippy voice that implied she really had no interest in anything the pink-haired girl did right now.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Sakura asked in a genuinely friendly tone as she cautiously sat near Karin on the boulder, which hadn't completely dried from the rain.

The redhead sighed and Sakura continued. "Can I guess? Is it a guy?"

"Of course it is," Karin huffed. "This really hot, dangerous, powerful, dark, mysterious guy that I gave a blowjob to while he was sedated once."


"Sorry. I just found out he is very much into this other hot mysterious guy. It's kind of rubbing me the wrong way."

"That...that's okay. The really hot, dangerous, powerful, dark, mysterious guy I had a crush on knocked me unconscious and left me on a bench once."


"Not like that!"

It would take Naruto another four minutes or so to yank himself out of his thoughts and trudge through the sopping foliage back to their camp. Not too far away, Sasuke looked up into the frothy rain clouds, his expression unchanging.

The End

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