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Don't Let the Moment Pass You By

Her hand barely was able to hold the gun to his head as she stared at him. "Where are you going?" He slowly turned towards her. "Why are you going?" She allowed her hand to lower the gun but never broke eye contact. "You told me once to forget the past, cause it doesn't matter." Her gaze fell to his feet. Those huge shoes that she had always thought looked ridiculous were very appealing to her now. Suddenly she didn't want to look at him but she knew she must.

"But you're the one still tied to the past Spike!" She shouted at him as his expression remained the same. He turned and moved closer to her, bringing his face down to her level.

"Look at my eyes, Faye. One of them is a fake, cause I lost it in an accident." He paused for a moment as she lost herself in his eyes. Long ago she had noticed they were two different colors but decided to never ask about it. She actually liked his eyes that way. They made him different, but never had he mentioned his past and she did not want him to tell her right now.

"Since then, I've been seeing the past in one eye and the present in the other. So I thought I could only see patches of reality, never the whole picture." He stopped speaking again and suddenly the ship seemed too quiet. They both held their breath for a moment waiting to see who would talk next.

"Don't tell me things like that." She decided now would be the best time to speak her mind. There was no more holding back. "You've never told me anything about yourself. So don't tell me now." Her last sentence had come out harsher then she meant it too but she couldn't help it. He was going to be walking out of her life. She had to try to stop him.

"I felt like I was watching a dream I'd never wake up from." He took a moment again and she couldn't do anything but stare up at him, there was nothing left of her façade. In this moment she was nothing more then Faye Valentine and she was unable to hide her fear.

"Hmm..." he smiled, an empty smile, vacant with no meaning behind it. "Before I knew it the dream was all over." He stood straight again and began to move past her. She turned away. Now was the time to say it, she had nothing left to lose.

"My memory finally came back but nothing good came of it. There was no place for me to return to." She trembled slightly but controlled herself by clenching her hand. "This was the only place I could go. And now you're leaving just like that." She couldn't turn to face him. Her heart was ripping out and she was fighting the tears. "Why do you have to go? Where are you going? What are you going to do?" She turned back towards him and started to shout again. "Just throw your life away like it was nothing!"

His gaze never shifted. He just kept looking ahead. "I'm not going there to die." He looked upwards. "I am going to find out if I'm really alive. I have to do it, Faye." He took a step forward, and another, with each step her tears came closer.

She pointed the gun towards his back. She wanted to stop him but she could not pull the trigger and so she turned it towards the ceiling and shot once. A tear fell down her cheek, he didn't even pause. She shot again, still no reaction and another tear. Three more shots but he just kept walking and she couldn't hold them back anymore. A flood of tears started to creep up on her and she did her best to fall back against the wall. She couldn't hold herself up anymore, not physically and not emotionally. She was unable to say it, the one thing she had wanted to say and now he was gone. The gun slipped from her hand and hit the floor. Her body was close behind as she lost herself to her grief.

Faye Valentine shot up from her bed. She was covered in a cold sweat and her cheeks were wet with tears. She reached her hand up to touch her face and started to break down again. "Four days, Spike, it's been four days." In those four days she had cried more then she ever had in her entire life, the ISSP was still finishing their clean up of the Syndicate building and there was still no word about any survivors, especially ones with green poofy hair.

"Four nights, four times I have had that dream. I couldn't say it. I just wanted to tell you the truth." She fell back to her bed. "Why I fought with you all the time, why I would always punch you lightly when you were being a lunkhead. I only just realized it when I was sitting there in the ruins of my home." She stared at the ceiling.

"Faye!" Jet shouted from outside her door. She hadn't seen him since he had carried her to her bed after the final conversation with Spike. He had gone to search for Spike himself. "Faye! Get out here! I found him!"

She didn't even reply. She ran straight to her door and opened it. In front of her was a very weary looking Jet but she knew that she didn't look much better. Both were fatigued but she didn't care about that. "Where is he?"

"I brought him back very carefully. The hospital helped me transfer him here." He watched as she ran past him towards the one place she knew he'd be. "He is in rough shape, Faye." He followed after her.

"But he is alive!" She started to allow herself a small bit of hope until her eyes looked down at the yellow sofa. Spike lay there covered in bandages, like so many other times she had found him but this time he had IV hook-ups and a heart monitor attached to his finger.

"He has yet to awaken." Jet placed his hand on her shoulder. "But I convinced the hospital it would be better for him to be here with us."

"Thank you, Jet." She grasped his hand and turned to bring him into an embrace. He was shocked to say the least, Faye Valentine had never shown him any affection but he knew how tough this had been for her. He had listened to their final conversation and had carried her to her bed when she collapsed after it. He had his heart broken when he heard her weeping and that was when he decided to search for Spike himself.

"You should go say something to him. Maybe you can bring him back, you have before." Jet pushed her away from him and towards Spike. He turned around and left the room, knowing that they needed their space.

She knelt down on the cold metal floor next to the yellow couch and looked up at Spike. He was alive, she was overjoyed about that but his face was different then the other times she had seen it. He looked almost serene as he was lying there, never before had she seen his face like that. Almost as if he was at peace with dying.

"I am not going to let you die, lunkhead!" She placed her hand on top of his. It was one of the few places that had no bandages. "You have survived much worse then this. Damn it all! Spike, you have been thrown out of a cathedral window, after being shot up, you have been thrown from a moving mono-rail and almost drowned, and you have even been shot to pieces at least twice since I have known you. Surely this should be easy for you to bounce back from, right?" She added the final question almost as if she was asking herself, trying to reassure her mind that he was still with her.

"I am sorry for all the times I was a bitch; I know now what is really important to me. I was searching for my home and for my family and yet it was here all along…but it won't be a family without you, Spike." She squeezed his hand lightly and decided now was the time.

"I never got to tell you this before you left." She leaned in towards his ear. "I love you, Spike Spiegal." She felt a weight lift off her shoulder as soon as she said it, at last he knew even if he was unconscious. She looked back towards his face and saw that instead of the serene expression it was almost as if he was smirking but there was still no change on the heart monitor so she figured it was all just her imagination.

She remained there on the floor and did the only thing that had ever calmed her. She started to hum, the same tune she had the last time he had been like this. The same tune that she was always humming around the Bebop, Spike always said it annoyed him but she had never cared, it made emotions return to her that were normally foreign to her. And so she sat there next to him humming the song that Julia used to sing, losing herself to the tune.

"You know…" A low whisper escaped his lips. "You still sing off key." Her head shot up to look at him. She stared into his eyes. Her heart had longed to see his hazel and brown eyes and to have them gazing into hers. "But…" he spoke again. "It isn't too bad."

"You stupid lunkhead!" She lunged forward and cradled his head carefully in her arms. He simply smirked as she started to cry once again. This time they were tears of happiness, her heart was bursting with emotion and she didn't care. 'He is back,' she ran her hands through his hair, 'and this is turning out better then the last time he said that.' She rested her head against the side of the old yellow couch and felt bliss sitting there. His eyes closed as she continued to hold him and they both fell asleep.

The next morning Jet walked into the main room and looked at his partners. A smile spread across his lips as he lifted his metal arm to his bald head. "Finally," was all he said as he turned around and walked back out of the room leaving his partners as they were not wanted to disturb their moment.

Find Your Peace, Space Cowboy

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