Don't Let the Moment Pass You By

Chapter 3

Don't Wander Off

Spike was abruptly awoken when a tear fell onto his left cheek. He opened his eyes and stared up at Faye. She was crying, Faye Valentine, the pillar of strength, was crying. He could not imagine why she would be breaking down but then he started to think back farther then his final fight with his past. He had left her all alone in the hallway, she had been trying to tell him something but he had walked away thinking he would never see her again.

"Spike," she murmured in her sleep as the tears started to fall faster. He lifted his right arm and touched her cheek lightly. She was startled from her sleep and in her panic almost slapped him.

"Faye," he spoke her name and was shocked by how weak his voice sounded. She settled down and stared at him. Her emerald eyes were piercing him through his heart, they same way as when he left her.

"Hey, you're finally awake." A smile spread across her crimson lips. She moved her hand away from his head and he instantly felt a desire for her to return it to the same place.

"I could say the same thing." He smirked, despite the dull aching he felt all over his body; he was beginning to feel better. The wonders of modern medicine were amazing and he knew that he would be up within the next few days.

"Glad to see you two are awake." Jet stood in one of the doorways watching them. They had been so caught up in each other they had not noticed Jet walking into the room.

"Yeah…" Faye blushed as she fully realized for the first time that Spike Spiegal's head was resting in her lap. She lifted his head up and slowly moved her body out from under him. He wished she hadn't for his headache started to return.

"Hope you two don't mind but Mars is behind us. We are headed to Earth." Jet walked into the room and sat down in his favorite chair.

"Earth?" Spike wished to be able to sit up and look at his old friend.

"We got a distress signal from Ed. I don't know what it is about but she hacked the ship and we don't have much of a choice about where we go." Jet rubbed his bald head and felt the awkwardness that was radiating in the room.

"Well, I guess I will go take a shower. Christ knows I need one, even though I live with you slobs I don't need to smell like you." Faye turned around and her two male companions watched her leave the room. Jet let out a large sigh.

"Nice to have her back." He was trying to hide his immense joy at having even a resemblance of what life used to be like.

"Her back?" Spike could not help but be curious. There was no, nice to see you are alive, or you really should be more careful, just 'nice to have her back.'

"You really shook her up." Jet stood up and looked down at his injured friend. "I have never seen her like that, and I have no interest to see her like that again. So no more going out and trying to get yourself killed. Deal?"

Spike started to laugh, not like before he left. His laughter then had been empty and no more then him trying to comfort his mind at the thought of leaving his friends. By the time he stopped laughing he could see that Jet was no longer in the room. For the first time since waking he felt alone, for some odd reason he started to miss Ed and Ein even though he never paid much thought to them while they were there.

The ship started to rock as he felt an all too familiar sensation. The Bebop was landing, they had already reached Earth. He was already far away from Mars and far away from his past once again. The ship's intercom system turned on and a voice echoed through the air.

"Bebop-Bebop!" Ed's voice was filled with mixed emotions. "Ed needs your help! Ein was taken by strange men!"…

Don't Wander Off, Space Cowboy


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