She woke maybe an hour after she had slept and gauging how deeply asleep Severus was, she thought it best to leave. She had things to do.

She slipped from his bed, covered him with a light blanket and slipped from his quarters. Winky was waiting at her door, patient as always.

Once inside she instructed Winky into helping her and in the next 2 hours, she had her project welll underway and nearing completion.

She had had her Muggle mother send her Stereo System and all her Music to her, As well as her computer. After many long moments of thought and avid brainstorming, they had decided upon a bespelled winding Generator to power the two devices. Since they needed constant power to function, it took the better part of an hour to create the small generator. And with Winky's help, they found the perfect spell.

She had arranged her Stereo and Computer on her desk...and set the music to play soothing celtic music she so adored...then she looked at Winky. "I believe you wanted a few hours of peace and quiet with your Mate...and as graditude for all the help you've given me. I would be delighted to 'babysit' for you. "

Winky's huge eyes seemed to grow even larger... she bowed and babbled happily.. "Much Thanks Mistress! Winky and Dobby are forever in Mistresses Debt!" She just laughed and settled into a rocking chair.

"Just bring the waif and her supplies for me, and Enjoy your time...okay?"

Winky beamed and dissapeared.

Roughtly 3 hours after Danny had left his bed, he woke to find her gone. For some unknown reason he was fearful for her, and threw on his shoes, still half dressed he bolted through the school, before finding himself at her doors.

He stared moodily at the mahogony wood, what had possessed him to run through the school like a lovesick fool??

Then the music from her rooms caught his attention, and he listened, soft soothing sounds from MANY instruments, he didnt knock, didnt bother, and simply opened her door, striding inside.

Danny stood before her desk, dressed in a simple green night gown that fell to her ankles, and was NOT seductive, but was fetching. She was rocking her arms gently, cradling what appeared to be a tiny bundle...she turned her eyes to him, glared at the door, then him, a brow raised, as if silently asking him...'Just who the hell do you think you are, barging into my rooms without even knocking?'

He swallowed and gave a shrug as if to say, 'I am simply who I am.' She shook her head and placed a finger to her lips gesturing silence as she carried the bundle to a small pram on her bedside table, where she gently deposited the obvious infant.

She turned to him and moved to his side...brows furrowed. "And just what gives you the right to barge into my rooms uninvited??" She hissed softly, glancing to be sure she hadnt disturbed her charge.

He glared and gripped her shoulders. "I was worried about you, youre not well enough to roam the halls" He hissed back just as feverently.

She sighed and shook her head, she was suddenly dizzy and as her knees began to buckle, she gasped softly in suprise as Severus scooped her up and into his arms, carrying her deftly to her bed, depositing her gently there...he turned and glanced at the small pram...a brow raised.

"A House Elf?" He asked softly curious then he grew appalled and quite uncomfortable when the waif awoke and began to sqwall loudly. Danny laughed softly and reached out, scooping the little baby house elf into her arms, producing a bottle seemingly from nowhere she pushed the bottle to the baby's lips and Severus sighed with relief when it ceased wailing.

"Winky and Dobby's first born, Dotty. Ive offered to sit for them this night. Since Winky has helped me with so much I thought she deserved a night alone with her man. And Dotty isnt so bad. Arent you my little Gelfling?" The baby only gurgled around the bottle and fed happily.

Severus walked around her room, pausing to inspect her 'stereo'. "Interesting way to combine the two.. " He nodded satisfied...he dared not touch them tho. Heavens only knows how badly he'd damage them. Muggle artifacts being as delicate as they are.

She smiled softly, threw a towel over her shoulder, and pressed the now fully baby to her shoulder, gently rubbing and patting her back. "Im glad you aprove." he turned to study her watching her with the infant. No it wasnt human, but it was a child none the less, and she handled it as calmly and naturally as a woman who had dozens of children.

"You seem to take to motherhood naturally." He commented dryly. She only laughed softly when the baby burped healthily, and settled her into the crook of her arm. "Babies are easy to understand. Its easy to fullfill their needs. Grown ups and Adolescents, are another matter entirely. " Soon the waif was sleeping again and she settled her back into the pram...made to rise and sighed, holding a hand out to him.

"Come sit with me, as it seems I cannot come to you." He hesitated before moving to sit beside her, she leaned lightly against his side, and yawned. "Knock next time, okay? You're always welcome, but what if Id been doing something...private? Id rather not have you walk in on me during something like that. "

He paused, pondered it, realized what she spoke, and did his best not to turn 18 shades of red as his imagination went wild...he cleared his throat and grumbled.

"I will try to remember." She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

"Good. Now, Im going to nap before the baby wakes're welcome to stay if you like. " She streched out in her bed, hand a foot from the babies's pram, and began to doze...he watched her for sometime...before moving to a chair, conjuring a book and began to read. He did rather enjoy her company..