Author's Notes (Important! Please read.)

A few years ago, a friend of mine and I got together and decided to have fun playing with Bionicle figures. The figures were mostly his, the stories were mostly mine (although they were largely inspired by whatever anime I was watching at the time). The stories weren't very good; it was mostly random and spur-of-the-moment, but each session was a part of a larger arc, and each arc was part of a much larger story line. After a while, it stopped being just fooling around and became The Story.

About a year ago, I moved away from my friend. I still keep in touch with him from time to time, but I told him I would write The Story on and once I retold everything, I would start up new stuff for him. But It's a year later, and I haven't done anything.

I thought about it, and recently I posted on GaiaOnline for advice. After reading some replies and thinking about it, I decided that instead of retelling the entire Story, I'll just summarize it and follow it with the new stuff. I figured that would make me happier than any alternative.

And to any readers who don't like my presentation of The Story; read something else--I am not doing this for you.

Special thanks go to four people.

Checkerbox, Rilm, and Catzandbirdz from GaiaOnline; thanks for answering my request and helping me regain my motivation.

And of course, to my Friend; this is for you! Thanks for putting up with my year-long slump. And sorry for not calling you as often as I should.

Arc 0--Prologue.

The Story is split up into 10 arcs, plus a mini-arc containing me and my friend's exploits on Windows Live Messenger.

This current version of The Story is going to be a little different than what I played out with my friend way back in the beginning. When we first started, I knew next to nothing about the original story line or the overall mythos. So I've ret conned some parts for two reasons; to correct mistakes in the mythos, and to remove plot holes in the Story.

However, I'm just talking about detail work. The Story--itself--is the same.

These summaries have just the important details. I'm not going to record every fact and event just for a prologue. I'll be saving those for the actual stories, if I write them. This prologue is just to let you understand what's happened so far.

The Story takes place right after the first movie, Mask of Light, and right after Turaga Vakama explains his tales of the Toa Metru. The Story ignores everything that happens in the official story line after that point (Voya Nui, etc.). Also, most details about the Brotherhood of Makuta and Mata Nui's origins are original.

Now, on to the summary...

Summary of Arc 1--Ekiah.

(This is the arc that started it all...)

All the Matoran have successfully returned to Metru Nui, although they can use alternate paths to return to Mata Nui Island whenever they want, without going through Mangaia.

Makuta survived the separation from Takutanuva, but he was in very bad condition. Two new characters, named Ekiah and Hordika, appeared and used his lair to get into Metru Nui. Makuta knew Ekiah and hated him, and so he used the remains of Takanuva's vehicle to recreate the six Rahkshi. However, in addition to one Kraata to give them power, Makuta took a second Kraata and permanently fused it with their armor, allowing these six Rahkshi to have true minds and think for themselves. With Turahk as their leader, but still taking orders from Makuta, the Sentient Rahkshi go to Metru Nui.

Takanuva (who was resurrected by Takutanuva's leftover power) comes to understand that a part of Makuta's power is still inside him, and a part of his power in still in Makuta. The mixture gives them both the power of "Twilight", which is the same power that was used to resurrect Jaller and Takanuva. So Takanuva learns that he and Makuta can both resurrect people. However, Twilight can only be used once per person, and it shortens the user's lifespan. Also, since Takanuva and Makuta are less powerful than Takutanuva, they need the victim's body intact in order to resurrect it.

Hordika, Ekiah's partner, was given his name by Ekiah. He used to be named Dika, an intelligent Matoran inventor from another continent who dreamed of becoming a Toa. Ekiah found him and offered to give him his wish if he worked for Ekiah for one month. Dika agreed. Ekiah somehow created a special sample of energized Protodermis, that could mutate the subject in a controlled way.

Ekiah somehow knew about the original Toa Hordika, and he turned Dika into a dark green copy of a Toa Hordika, renaming him at the same time. Ekiah said he would become a full Toa once his debt was paid. Ekiah used Hordika to build certain machines for him. Ekiah seemed to be working toward a larger goal, but Hordika didn't know what it was.

After arriving in Metru Nui, Ekiah and Hordika split up, and Hordika was attacked by the Sentient Rahkshi right after. The Toa found them and were shocked by both a living Toa Hordika and sentient Rahkshi. The Toa tried to stop the fighting, but they were all interrupted by Ekiah. Ekiah had snuck into the Coliseum, and hacked into the video screen broadcast system, using it to address everyone in the city.

Ekiah said he wanted to kill everything on the planet, but he never really explained why. Using equipment he tricked Hordika into building, he set up a special bomb in the Coliseum, designed to kill every Bio-mechanic life form in the world. The Toa, the Rahkshi, and Hordika, all raced to the Coliseum, but Ekiah and the bomb were in Turaga Dume's box, protected by a force-field.

Hordika used his knowledge to slip through the field, but Ekiah killed him, and no one else could enter. Takanuva used Twilight to resurrect Hordika from the other side of the field, and Hordika was able to destroy the bomb and shut off the force-field. But Ekiah escaped, and the Rahkshi rushed off to look for him.

Hordika was elated that Takanuva resurrected him, even though he worked for Ekiah. In gratitude, Hordika agreed to work with the Toa Nuva, although some members wondered if he could be trusted.

During his absence, Ekiah tried to control Hordika's body using the energized Protosermis inside, but the Toa are able to save Hordika. Later, Ekiah returned with two robotic henchmen, Avialinder and Yager. The two servants were quickly destroyed by the Toa, and the Rahkshi beheaded Ekiah. Under Makuta's orders, the Rahkshi took Ekiah's head and body back to Mangaia.

Original characters:


I built his figure using pieces from the original Tahu, and the Throwbots Torch and Electro (anyone remember Throwbots?). His face/visor was Torch's, and his body was Tahu modified with Electro's parts. He is sadistic and condescending, and thinks nothing about others. He was slightly based on Ikkyu from the Read Or Die OVA, but I was just being random and did practically no character building, but I would later...


A character made up by my friend, using the Matau Hordika figure he just got. "Hordika" was only supposed to be a temporary name, but neither my friend nor I got around to changing it, and the name stuck (well, WE like it). My friend made up the personality, and I came up with the background. Hordika is extremely intelligent, but also naive. He loves inventing, and his prize creation is his Radar, which he constantly modifies to do just about anything. He mostly wants to help people, but when he makes his new friend (which I'll discuss later) he often gets tempted into doing a little mischief.

Sentient Rahkshi:

Turahk is the leader of the group, cold but prideful. Vorahk is his loyal second in command. Kurahk is sadistic, and sometimes dislikes Turahk. Panrahk enjoys destroying things, but is slightly lazy. Guurahk is loyal to Turahk, but he gets nervous easily. Lerahk isn't very smart, and he just goes along for the ride (for now at least).


Based on Otto Lilienthal from the Read Or Die OVA. I built him using parts from the Throwbots Turbo and Jet. Avialinder was just a head, an engine, and wings. He's a robot rather than a true bio-mech, so he has little personality or free-will. He's extremely prideful about his flying speed and ability, and develops a rivalry with Lewa. He's soon destroyed by Lewa, with a little help from Tahu.


I don't know where the idea for this guy came from. Built using parts from the Scuba Throwbot, he's just a hovering torso and arms. He didn't really do anything except "be there" for Ekiah.