What I've Done
Chapter 1
- By Your Side -
By: Melis

"Ichigo..." spoke Rukia, standing in the window, her hair blowing lightly in
the wind.

"R-Rukia..." spoke the orange haired boy, his eyes wide with shock and

The women he had worked so hard to save, the one who had chosen to stay in
the Soul Society was before him now.

Was it? Was she really here? After so long? It seemed like forever that he
had seen her, her blue eyes, her violet hair, her smile, and yet it all
seemed so real, so common, as if she was never gone.

Could it be real now though? Or was this yet another side effect of his
sudden depression? There was a good chance that the person before him now
was nothing more then a delusion, that if he were to run and embrace as he
wanted to now, he would only fall to his bloody doom.

"Ichigo...?" she called, her voice familiar, echoing in his ears.

He stood then, staring at her. Wordlessly he began to walk, closing the
distance between them, his face determined, strong, all his emotions and
feelings coming to. No longer was he the moping boy from the last few
months. She was here, he was whole again. Complete.

He was before her now, his arms out to her, Rukia stepping down into his
open arms, hugging him tightly, Ichigo doing the same, the two lost in their

"Rukia!" he shouted, his face buried deeply into her shoulder taking in the
delicious scent of her hair.

"Ichigo!" she cried, closing her eyes tight, tears streaming down her
Finally, they were reunited, finally they were able to see one another
again. And this time they refused to let go.

They embrace for what seemed like forever, Ichigo drawing back, though kept
his arms around the petite beauty before him, gazing into her teary eyes.
Gently he caressed her cheek, Rukia blushing, closing her eyes, resting her
hand on his, looking to him again.

"Rukia..." he spoke, his heart racing.

She looked up at him longingly.

"I've been waiting for you..." he began, staring deeply into her eyes.

"Now you're here. And I swear..." he said leaning to her.

"I will never let you go again..." he spoke, Rukia blushing brightly,
closing her eyes as Ichigo's lips pressed gently to hers.

The kiss quickly became passionate, Ichigo encircling her waist, pulling her
up off the ground holding her to him, Rukia weaving her arms around his
neck, kissing him back, the two stopping only to the sound of cheering from
the window below.

"Yeah! Ichigo you STUD!" called Keigo, Mizuru at his side waving.

"Way to go Ichigo." spoke Chad.

"Oh Ichigo..." called Orihime, smiling as she wiped a tear from her eye.

Uryu just smiled shaking his head, the rest of the class continuing to cheer
and clap as the two stood, blushing and holding one another in the window.

Rukia was about to shout to them, but Ichigo wouldn't have it, turning her
head back to him. She blushed smiling closing her eyes as he kissed her
again and again.


That was then, this was now.

Rukia had returned to him and Ichigo wasted no time, quickly asking her to
be his girlfriend and more when they were the right age. Rukia agreed, happy
to finally be with the man she loved so much. Things were good on their end,
but not so good in the Soul Society.
Aizen was loose for the most part and had the Stone. As if that weren't bad
enough Hollows had increased ten fold and many of the Soul Reapers were still
recovering from a large Hollow attack. Yuroichi was back in business now,
Urahara always at her side, the two trying desperately to find Aizen and his
whereabouts and Gin's too, sadly turning up nothing.

On a good note, Byakuya, Rukia's beautiful brother, had made amends with his
sister and Bya seemed pleased that Rukia was being taken care of looked
after by Ichigo.

"You'd best take care of her." warned Byakuya.

"Because if anything happens to her, you'll answer to me." stated the young
man to the substitute Soul Reaper, who nodded with a look of both
determination and some fear. Rukia just giggled, Ichigo smiling, glad to see
her brother was acting like, well, a brother!

On that note, Ichigo, though being a substitute Soul Reaper, was actually
assigned to squad 13, regardless to the fact that he was capable of a much
higher seat.

"It's fine with me." had replied Ukitake, happy to have a new member, one
that he would soon reward with the title assistant captain.

"Besides, he's only a substitute Soul Reaper at the moment, but a good person
to have on our side in this fight. Also he wants to be close to Rukia."
added the Captain, getting a strong glare from Renji.

"It's fine with me, so long as they not mix up their duty and their feelings
for one another." stated Yamamoto with a nod.

And that was the way things were...


"I'm home." called Ichigo, stepping into the house.

"I'm in the kitchen." called Rukia. Ichigo smiled at the thought of Rukia in
a cute little apron that complimented her many cute dresses. He bounded into
the kitchen eager to see her.

She turned to see him, wearing a cute little blue dress with one of Yuzu's
many white frilly aprons. He blinked, blushing some.

"What's wrong?" she asked, looking at him worriedly.

"Nothing. You just look cute." he said stepping to her.
She rolled her eyes, turning her attention back to the cutting board.

"Ru-ki-a." sang Ichigo, his arms encircling her waist now, kissing her neck

"Ichigo!" she shouted, blushing brightly, dropping the knife she had on the
cutting board.

"Don't sneak up on me like that when I have a knife!" she warned, trying to
be fierce, finding it hard with his lips tracing her delicate neck.

"You should of sensed my spiritual pressure." he teased, Rukia smirking

"Right." she spoke, trying to gather the vegetables into a pot.

"What are you making, he asked, his arms around her still, his chin on her
shoulder, watching as she began to move a great deal of vegetables to a large
metal pot.

"I want to make curry, but i didn't have all the ingredients, so I'm making
stew instead." she said, setting the pot down looking to him.

"What?" he asked.

"You're in my way." she stated.

"But I'm comfortable." he whined hugging her tighter from behind.

"I am too, but i need to finish cooking before your family gets home. You
know how hungry they get." she said, Ichigo sighing and stepping back
watching her.

She knelt then, about to pick up a heavy bag of rice, but Ichigo was already
there, taking care of it.

"Ichigo." she said, watching as he measured out the rice placing it in a pot
getting it ready to boil.

"I'm a pretty good cook too." she said smiling at her with a wink. She
rolled her eyes shaking her head smiling.

"Yeah yeah." she said, Ichigo following her now, helping her set the table.

Soon the rest of the family was home, and they all enjoyed a great meal.
"That was great Rukia!" said Yuzu, smiling at her from across the table.

"Oh, thank you. I'm so glad you all enjoyed it." she said smiling.

"Ahaha, my boy sure can pick 'em out! Not only are you extremely beautiful,
but you can cook too. Just keep in mind,. if my son doesn't take care of
you...I can." said Isshin, winking at her playfully form the head of the
table causing the poor violet hair soul reaper to blush like mad.

"SHUT UP!" said Karin and Ichigo in unison, hitting their father on either
side of his face, continuing to eat as he lay on the floor in a heap.

Karin and Yuzu helped Rukia clean up, while Ichigo went to take a bath. He
wanted to help her, but his father said it would be best if he let her be
with the girls for now. Ichigo signed then, resigning to the bathroom.

He stayed in there for a while, just thinking about everything and anything.
About Rukia...

They had been together now for almost 3 months, and things were going good
for the most part, except there had been a lot more Hollow activity. It
wasn't so much the Hollows that bothered Ichigo, it was the fact they always
seemed so interested in Rukia. True, she wasn't as strong as him, but still,
they always seemed to target her over any other Soul Reaper on the field.

As if worrying about Hollows wasn't bad enough, the Hollow inside Ichigo was
also becoming a problem. At times on the battlefield, Ichigo would have to
literally hold himself together to stop himself form reverting over to his
dark side. It wasn't an easy task, especially with Rukia around. He had to
protect her no matter what. He swore to himself he would always protect her
from anyone and anything, including himself.

He sigh then, looking at his fingers that began tp prune from being in the
water so long. Hew stepped out then, drying himself off, and slipping into
his pajamas which consisted of sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt. It didn't
mater though. Soon enough a Hollow would appear and he'd trade his laid back
style for a pair of Soul Reaper robes.

He headed to his room now, opening the door, then shutting it behind him,
turning to find...Rukia on the bed, siting there looking out the window,
surrounded in the moonlight.

He blushed at her sudden beauty, Rukia turning some, catching a glimpse of
him out the corner of her eye.
"Ichigo." she smiled, turning to him. She too was in her pajamas, silky blue
ones at that.

He stepped to her, sitting beside her on the bed.

"Tired?" she asked, him nodding some.

"Shall I keep you awake?" she teased, nudging him some, Ichigo smiled,
wrapping his arms around her, kissing the top of her head.

"I wouldn't mind." he laughed, Rukia blushing some.

The two were silent then, Ichigo tugging Rukia into his lap, holding her
against his chest, Rukia closing her eyes, listening to his heart beat.

Beep, beep beep rang throughout the room, the two opening their eyes sighing
at the same time.

Rukia reached out to the small dresser beside the bed to grab her phone but
her arms were too short. Ichigo traced his hand along her arm, easily
grabbing the phone handing it to her with a smirk. She smirk ed too,
swatting at him some, turning so her back was to his chest, his chin resting
on her head as they looked at the message.

"Hmm..." began Rukia.

"What is it?" asked Ichigo, his face suddenly concerned. He had a bad

"It's a Hollow. At the park." she said, holding the phone up for him to see.

"Shall we?" he asked, Rukia nodding.

Rukia stood and sprang from her gigai effortlessly, Ichigo springing from
his body, the two working to place it in the bed to make it look like he was

The two then leaped from the window, running side by side, Ichigo never
letting Rukia out of his sight.

Rukia noted the look on his face, slowing some looking to him.

"Ichigo, are you okay?" she asked, Ichigo nodding, reaching for her hand as he ran on, Rukia taking it, the two running once more.

The park was empty for the most part. A hobo on a bench was sleeping, a cat
was in a tree and some mice stirred on the ground, colleting what little food
they could that was left by the birds earlier.

Rukia looked around Ichigo close to her side, his hand on Zangetsu, her hand
on her own zanpakuto. They looked ot each other and nodded, separating some,
Ichigo keeping her within eye sight, feeling the area, Rukia doing the same,
sensing no Hollow at all.

The two looked to each other once more, puzzled looks on their faces, Ichigo
frowning some throwing his arms in the air as he began to walk back to her.
Rukia smiled, walking to him, the two almost together.

Then the ground burst beneath them, Ichigo falling some, grabbing the edge
of what was left of the sidewalk. Rukia fell further down, reaching for him,
Ichigo taking her hand, holding onto her as she dangled dangerously below.

"Ichigo!" she called, looking at him worriedly, him returning the look,
quickly glancing below, Rukia doing the same. The two blinked, nothing but

"He, he hee!" cheered a voice from above.

"Not one, but 2 Soul Reapers!" it added, followed by heavy foot steps.

The two shot their heads up, Rukia unable to see the actual creature until
it came to the edge of the pit.

It was huge, and dawned a large white Hollow mask, sharps fangs and at least
8 eyes. It had the body of a spider, 8 legs encircling the pit, and it was
then the two realized its face was actually quite human, except for the
massive Hollow mask that hid it.

Rukia shuddered some. She hated spiders about as much as she hated
lightning. She gripped Ichigo's hand some, him doing the same, never taking
his eyes off the monster.

"Hmm, which one of you to eat first..." it began, circling the hole some.

"Ah, you're a pretty little thing!" it exclaimed its eyes focusing on

"Hmm, a bit small, but pretty all the same. I think I'll eat you first, then
after you hubby here sees you get eaten ill eat him too! Yes, that sounds
Devine! He he heeee!" it squealed, beginning to crawl into the large pit now, Rukia looking on panicked, wanting to grab her blade but not wanting to tug
Ichigo into the pit.

"Oh no you don't!" roared Ichigo, suddenly throwing Rukia out of the pit
and into the air.

"Ichigoooooooooooo!" screamed the petite Soul Reaper her eyes wide as she
flew high into the air. Ichigo smirked, flipping from the hole, ripping
Zangetsu from his back, and slashing out, hitting the things legs, taking
out two in the back.

"RAAAAAA!!!" screamed the Hollow, losing its balance and falling into the
pit below. Ichigo watched, leaping back a few times, holding his arms out,
Rukia landing in them.

She stayed still, eyes wide, hair a mess, looking at Ichigo with a glare. He
blinked and smiled, kissing her forehead.

"That was not nice or funny Ichigo!" she protested punching his chest

He laughed, hugging her to him.

"I caught you thought so be happy." he said, Rukia rolling her eyes.

"YOU BASTARDS!" roared from the hole, the creature busting from it once
more, spewing green goo and such from its back legs.

"Persistent isn't he?" asked Rukia, Ichigo setting her down now, watching as
she drew her blade.

"Forget eating you! I'll rip you both to SHREADS!" it screamed, racing at
them now.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Always." she added.

And then the two were a blur, forming in X, Ichigo slashing in at the left,
Rukia cutting in at the right, the two taking out it's legs with ease,
reunited at the back, the Hollow running some before its legs collapsed
blood and such flying everywhere.

"Damn you! Damn you all!" it roared, Rukia running along the creatures back,
Ichigo running along side it.

"Do it Ichigo!" called Rukia, the creature's eyes on her once more.
"Right!" called Ichigo, a blue glow enveloping him now. Rukia leapt off the
Hollow's back, flipping and landing a good distance from them, watching as
Ichigo went to place the final blow.

The Hollow gurgled and growled then, expelling a large amount of goo from
its stomach, spraying it at Rukia.

She gasped, side stepping, her hand flying out some to keep her balanced,
the goop getting on her hand, burning her.

"Aaa!" she yelled, falling back, wiping her hand wildly on her robe.

"Rukia!" called Ichigo, looking back at her, then he was flying, colliding
with a wall, flying through it.

"Ahahha, who's gonna die now!?" roared the Hollow, using what little legs it
had left to crawl towards Rukia.

She stood, drawing her blade, ready to fight.

"Ichigo!" she called, heard him moving around in the back. She was about to
move, but stopped, saw a faint image out of the corner of her eye, saw it
land behind the spider creature.

It was silent them, time and space all seeming to stop, everything stopped,
and then the wails of the Hollow filled the area, blood and green goo
spraying into the air, the creature split in half, slowly fading away into

Rukia blinked then, remembering how to breath, sheathing her blade and
heading towards Ichigo who had his back to her.

"We did it Ichigo." she breathed, walking to him still, stopping some.

"Ichigo...?" she called, tilting her head some.

He laughed some softly, turning to her slightly.

"Rukia right?" he spoke Rukia blinking.

"What is this a joke?" she asked, annoyed.

"Of course not. I just wanted to make sure that was your name." he added,
shrugging some.

Rukia blinked about to speak, but he raised a hand to her.
"Not now. I have to go for a bit. But don't worry. I'll be back soon." he
said, his voice slightly higher, sinister.

She stepped back some, her hand on the hilt of her zanpakuto.

"Ichigo..." she called, her heart racing now.

"Soon Rukia..." he spoke again, a golden eye sliding to meet her own.

"You can count on it." he hissed with a smirk.

The two stood in silence. Rukia blinking in her stance, not moving yet.

"Rukia?" called Ichigo.

"Rukia!" he yelled, turning to her now.

"I-Ichigo...?!" she called, hopeful, lowering her stance some.

"Yeah. Are you alright, what happened?!" he asked, at her side now, looking
at her hand.

She winced, tugging it back some, Ichigo taking it gently in his.

"It doesn't look too serious..." he said, not really too sure.

"It's not..." she spoke, watching as he ripped his robe and wrapped her hand
up gently.

He looked around, at the gapping hole now and whistled some, stopping when he
heard sirens.

"Hey, we'd better get going." he urged, walking now. Rukia began to walk
too, stopping some.

"Ichigo...?" she called.

He stopped, looking back at her blinking.

"What is it?" he asked.

She went to speak, her lips parting, then closing, looking down some,
shaking her head.
"It's...nothing." she said, smiling now.

He blinked, raising an eyebrow some, sure it was something, though right now
wasn't the best time to talk.

"Alright. Lets go." he said, extending his hand to her.

She blinked, reaching for it hesitantly.

"What wrong...?" he asked, his face serous now.

"Oh, nothing sorry. I just don't like spiders." she explained, taking his

He smiled, tugging her into his arms, holding her.

"Ichigo!" she said, blushing brightly, her eyes wide.

"I don't like em either. Guess it's a good thing we squashed that one huh?"
he said, kissing the top of her head..

She blushed closing her eyes, nodding, hugging him tightly.

"I love you..." she said, Ichigo's eyes widening some, a blush spreading
across his cheeks.

He smiled then hugging her.

"I love you too." he replied, then swept her off her feet.

"Now let's get home." he said, leaping off before she could protest about
him carrying her.

Rukia sighed' knew it was a waste of breath to even try to convince him to
let her run on her own. She closed her eyes, resting her head against his
chest as he carried her.

The words echoed in her mind, a feel of unease spreading throughout her
body, even after she drifted to sleep in Ichigo's arms.


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