A tall man with brown curls and wore a long brown coat with a very long scarf opened the door to what seemed to be a police box. He began to step out, but then looked down, his large eyes widening.

A young woman with a single long red braid lay unconscious on the ground in front of the box.

The man knelt down and felt for a pulse on the girl's delicate wrist. Finding one, he picked the girl up in his arms and carried her inside. As he stepped in, a woman with long, dark hair looked at him. "Doctor, what-"

He cut off her word by responding, "Close the door, Romana."

She looked at him haughtily, but did as he'd requested. "Doctor, who is she?"

"I don't know yet. I found her outside the TARDIS."

The Doctor took the girl into another room and laid her on a bed.

"Is she alright?" Romana asked.

"I don't know yet but there's something about her that's familiar."

"A past…friend…"

"She's more likely someone's daughter." He took a purse that had been hanging off the girl's arm. "See if you and find our who she is."

Romana took the purse, cautiously opening it and going through its contents. After a brief period she took out a small paper pouch and removed a piece of folded paper from it. "Here's a…Birth record…"

"Tell me what it says."

Romana unfolded the paper and then looked at the Doctor, who nodded.

"It says that the child's name is Cassandra Hunter, born twenty years ago."

The Doctor felt like that should mean something to him and started to think. He had known someone with the surname of Hunter…Who was is…? Finally, he thought he remembered, and remembered an event that had taken place before Romana had joined him.