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Summary: Haruhi Fujioka starts school in a girl uniform. What does that change? Everything. Her hair is still short, and untidy, she still wears those big-rimmed glasses. But now she is meeting Host Club members everywhere, until she finally actually goes to the dreaded Third Music Room, will she become a host? Will more than one guy fall for her before or after they her real looks? Will she fall for one or more guy(s)?

Pairing: For now Haruhixeveryone until I get suggestions on pairings.

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Chapter 1


"Ooh, isn't this great Haruhi?" a man dressed up as a woman gushed, glanced at his daughter through a mirror compact. "I'm so happy you are wearing the girl school uniform rather that hideous vest thing you had on earlier, you almost broke your father's heart. If I never stayed during weekdays, I might have never afforded to pay for it. We do have to cut back on some stuff now."

A girl with short brown hair, not combed, turned her view from the window to the person driving the car; her large cinnamon doe eyes covered by thick-rimmed glasses gave him a brief glance.

"You do know I could've just worn the other clothes for free since they are of the school requirements. Their school uniform price is that of how much my whole room and yours cost." She calmly stated.

A stab went through her father.

"The dress is not even worth it considering I might have to wash it everyday, where as I have enough clothes at home to regularly wash. I do suppose it is a necessity for school, but they should know my condition so that it isn't really a problem."

Another stab

"So cold, Haru-chan…"

Through her fathers sulking, she looked out the window to see a very large school structure loom over the car. Never had she seen such a fancy looking building that was beautiful at the same time. Her eyes were automatically drawn to the clock tower, which seem to stand out the most on the campus. She was so lost in the scenery she never noticed the car halted, until her father spoke.

"Well, so long my precious daughter, I have to swing this car off to Yunchi-kuns' so I can pick him up for work. Please make some new friends, and please inform me if there's a school event coming up, I have to know as your father and all. Oh I'm so scared, my little girl gong to a prestigious rich school all by her lonely self, do you need me to escort you in….Haruhi?" the energetic man looked behind him confusedly before he finally realized, his daughter left a long time ago. He smiled thoughtfully, looking out of the window to the hovering clouds in the sky. "Oh Kotoko….just like you isn't she…."


Haruhi stared at her classroom with no regret, even as curious eyes looked at her. Of course she was only here by scholarship so she ignored the looks of pity sent toward her.

"Class I would like to introduce you to a very talented young lady that made it to Class A all by her intelligence, and hardworking status." The teacher stated eyeing the classes' reaction. "Of course she did it with out tutors, unlike some of the students in here who thinks money can buy them everything, including an education."

"So your basically stating-"one voice said aloud.

"-that she is-"another followed after.

"A poor studious bookworm" the voices said to together. Haruhi pushed her glasses up from the bridge of her nose and looked around the class room for the source of the voices. Sure enough, her eyes landed on an identical pair of twins. The only other time Haruhi saw twin's was when she was at her father's bar and two guys were dressing up as sisters for a little performance they were going to give. The twins she saw both had flaming red hair parted different ways, golden eyes that stared at her with light boredom, and hard faces that casually had one eyebrow lifted.

"Hikaru…Kaoru…." the teacher trailed off knowing his job was at state due to the twins who were friends with the principal's son.

The teacher blushed and coughed, obviously embarrassed, that he embarrassed the new kid on her first day. Haruhi expression remained blank but her cheeks faintly pink as she looked back and forth between the twins before turning back to the rest of the class who looked torn between laughing and looking surprised that the twins actually spoke about the new girl. Deciding not to say anything back, she kindly asked the teacher where her seat was. He pointed towards the twins and then to the seat between them. She could've sworn she heard someone said "Lucky." But she knew for certain when she sat down between the twins; she heard two voices at the same time whisper "No Fun."


"Who knew that such a large school could have so many study areas?" The brunette proclaimed sarcastically as she neared the final library she hoped wasn't too crowded so she could study during her study hall period. The previous two libraries were wonderful; the only problems were the students, the noise, and the twins. The twins, had almost every class with her, so they had to have every seat near her. She didn't know whether it was the halls or the third library that made them lose her, but she knew the redhead's devils loved taunting her about her status and her looks, so they used every advantage to get close enough and tell her.

'Probably trying to get a reaction out of me or something, to all their comments' Haruhi lightly sighed.

"Awwww Fujioka, are you sighing—"Inwardly seething, the girl pushed her glass up the bridge of her nose for the umpteenth time today, choosing to once again to ignore the voices which seem to follow her all day.

"—because of us, perhaps" a voice continued the first.

"Don't be that way, we just want to plaaay." The two redheads harmonized. Faking exasperated sighs the twins took their seats next to the girl trying to study, Hikaru on her left, Kaoru on her right. Continuing to ignore the boys, she began studying a book on History for the up-coming exam the day after tomorrow. Haruhi didn't flinch when one of the twins began playing with her short brown locks, nor did she flinch when she felt a twin on her right stare at her large, but essential glasses.

"Eh Kaoru, what's with this un-kept, messy hair, she will never have someone marry her away to a rich family with this sort of problem."

"That's not as bad these glasses, I mean, where did she get these, from her grandpa? No fashion sense whatsoever!" They began laughing, and Haruhi, who had given up, couldn't concentrate or ignore the ones pestering her. Shutting her book, she got up out of her chair, and backed up so she had both fellows in her eyesight, keeping her blank face up.

"Alright" she started, her lawyer instincts kicking in. "It seems as if there is nothing to stop you from bothering me, but what can I do to make you stop?"

Golden eyes stared at her in amazement, usually when they taunted girls, they would get all emotional on them, in which they would stop bothering them only for their cruel enjoyment. Now, here was a girl, a commoner at that who barely said more than 2 words to them. They only other time where they taunted some one for their own self enjoyment who didn't really show his emotions, was now a close but not so close to them friend. Kaoru turned his head to his brother in return did the same thing. A devious smiled reflected upon their faces with an idea sketched up in their head.

"To make us stop messing with you-"

"-you have to play the game no one yet beat-"

"-the 'Which one is Hikaru?' game" they exclaimed in harmony, stricking a pose, the Hitachiin's both took out a hat from nowhere placing it on their heads. ' Probably so that I can't guess from their parted bangs' the brunette analyzed, as she gazed closely at the devils. She really wasn't in the mood for a game, that was abosolutly pointless, but she did want them to leave her alone so she can continue studying. "Not only will we leave you alone for the rest of the week if you win, we will give you a special prize."

Haruhi gazed warily at the duo, observing. "But what if I lose, what do you get?"

The twins smirk, ever the deviant, grew at the question.

" You will become our little bookworm toy, in which every time there is a pop quiz this month, we can copy off of you for answers, afterall, you sit right in-between us." Haruhi bit her lip, scholarship students cheating or even allowing to be cheated off of was risky and unheard of, but being ever so confindent in the game, Haruhi decided to give it a shot taking the risk.

"Fine" she nodded. The redheaded devils gave each other high fives thinking they got her where they wanted.

"Alright-" They shifted back in forth behind and in front of each other in same rhthym and beat syncronized like. Haruhi turned startled once she heard a squeal of excitment.She then noticed a crowd of girls, who collected there for a while as she didn't notice. None of them where in her class and that just made Haruhi confused. 'Weird...they must know these two from their insults and very loud behavior.' She turned back to the show the devil were putting on and notice they stopped switching. Before they could even announce "who's Hikaru?" Haruhi un ashamedly went in front of one of the twins face.

" You're Kaoru, which means you Hikaru." She clearly stated out.

"Bzzzzzt. Wron--"

"No, I'm right. You two have been stalking me all day, I happen to know Hikaru is more determined than Kaoru and Kaoru is usually the first to react. It's really not hard to tell you two a part, seeing you both act somewhat different yet are the same." Haruhi nodded. "I believe you will be leaving me alone now?"

To say Hikaru and Kaoru were frozen stiff with shock is an understatement, as they were literally motionless at the outburst of the girl infront of them. The crowd of students behind her were amazed realizing she was right, and kept congratulating her, in which Haruhi replied, ' It's not that serious.'

Oh how wrong those word were. Kaoru, like she claimed, the first to break his gaze in disbelief from the girl, pulled out a paper from his pocket. Stepping forward he held the paper out toward Haruhi, in front of the crowd.

"We won't bother you, and here is your prize."



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