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Chapter 5

Haruhi cursed her luck today. It just wasn't her day at all. Last thing she needed was a missing body of someone rich…'What would be even worse' she thought jokingly 'Is if he goes to Ouran too.'

At that predicament she could've screamed in anguish realizing that wasn't funny at all, but Haruhi knew a body doesn't just disappear like that.

Stepping into the living room she noticed the bodyguard was standing next to the couch in which her father sprawled out was on. He spoke out random things as he slept, and it seemed the bodyguard was enjoying it much to Haruhi disturbed realization.

"Uhm yeah, I will check on your boss in the restroom. He might, er, be looking for something that only the house er owner knows…" She didn't know whether he heard her or not, being too attach to her father's mumbling, but she rushed quickly down the small apartment hall.

Going by sound rather than peeking into all 4 rooms, she heard a cabinet close, coming from where else but the restroom. Fear came but left as a sense of foreboding told her not to go to the restroom or else, but she knew she had to explain to "Kyouya" her actions. Why was she worrying? He would understand, in fact anyone normal would take it as a joke and accept the apology.

Laughing away her anxiety, Haruhi knocked on the door to their only restroom, only to be beaten by the occupant, the raven hair boy with a now white bandage over his forehead. Apparently he found where the medicine was. His face stilled shocked for a second, before he smiled lightly. The brunette let out a breath she didn't know she held.

"Ah, Mrs. Fujioki, we meet again." Again what does he mean? Oh before I hit him.

"I hope your father is alright. He was very drunk when I picked him off the ground; he even threw up on my leather seats in the limousine which are quite expensive, made from a western country." Was he trying to be nice or is he toying with her? Either way she didn't feel any better.

"That blow you gave…all though it did a little number on my forehead, I fortunately found your medicine cabinet when I got out of my unconsciousness. Commoners are luckily to find things so easy." Another commoner joke, why wasn't she surprised?

His smile grew wider. Haruhi learned in a minute that when this boy smiled it wasn't a good thing, now that it grew, she prepared for the worse.

"Although it did a little number on my forehead it really was unfortunate what happened to my glasses. My personally made glasses that I got as a birthday gift from a family member. You probably don't know this but the rim of the glasses…the metal was made of genuine silver, which don't scratch, sadly, they bent off the glass to where they don't fit on my head anymore. They were personalized from one of the most famous fashion industries. The glass, of course, was made from glass. Nothing fancy…but unfortunately they cracked upon impact with the ground. Also on the silver, my name was embroidered by emeralds."

Haruhi face was shaped into confusion of the revelation brought before her. Okay his glasses broke but he is smiling about it, which is kind of scary. His eyes had been closed as he spoke, but when she saw his grey eyes open, she knew he wasn't normal. He was a demon.

"I've done research on you and guess what; we go to the same school. I'm sure you can't pay me back due to your conditions, but I'm sure you can pay off a bit of the debt with some labor." Haruhi felt her spirit leaving at discomforting fact that he went to her school. Feeling a bit of bile coming from the back of her throat, a question that was at the top of her head began to spill out.

"How much were the glasses?" she whispered. Kyouya gave her a hard look, not the least threatening but very intimidating.

"Let's see…a mere 8,000,000 yen." A mere 8 million yen…a mere 8 million yen…

Haruhi, promptly fainted which was close to dying.


"H-Ho-How do you feigns know my daughter!" Tamaki pointed an accusing finger at the twins who in turn where neutrally shocked.

"I didn't know Haruhi was popular." Hikaru said aloud matching his thoughts. He knew she was interesting but…popular doesn't seem to exactly fit her.

Kaoru backed him up. "She isn't, apparently she met with different Host club members at different times of the day. Funny how she moves around." He gave a grin to Hikaru who grinned backed.

"Don't talk about Haru chan that way!" Honey, the oldest there, scolded them. His cheeks were in blowfish mode, as he glared at the twins along with Tamaki.

"Ah." Mori agreed.

"W-well, even if we all have something to talk about in common, we'll discuss it tomorrow, for we still need to wrap it up and go home. I got a new limo driver who can sing Japan's anthem backwards!!" Tamaki gushed excitedly. Receiving blank looks from his fellow club members, he brushed it off with a blush. "S-so, Kyouya you can tell us our over all report."

At the sound of Kyouya's name, the club finally realized he wasn't in the room, minus Mori who saw him leave. All thoughts of where he can be, suspiciously narrowed down to one thing.

"Oh God it's like a curse!" Or a blessing.


"Mrs. Fujioka….Mrs. Fujioka…please don't faint on me now when you can't afford medical attention." Haruhi squint her eyes, only to see blurriness all around her. Confusion hit her, but that is when she noticed her glasses were not on her face.

"Ah…Kyouya." Haruhi strained her eyes to see the head above her. She was on the ground and she vaguely remembered why she passed out in the first place.

"Haruhi, I didn't know we were on first name bases now. I wasn't aware we were even close." Kyouya said mildly surprised that she even knew his name, but he had a suspicion his bodyguards told her.

"Well, I'm sorry, sir. You see, sir, I have no clue what exactly is your last name. Doubt I will bother to remember it. "She mumbled the last part to herself as she tried hoisting her self off the ground.

It's strange how Kyouya met this girl through the weirdest circumstances. He was just going to do a check in on the area to find her pinpoint location towards she live.

Just a random curiosity in which if he ever needed a case to blackmail…

"Well, I'll let you do your own research as to what my last name is. We wouldn't want anything unfortunate to be known about your lack of etiquette for a young lady." Kyouya eyed her plain outfit of a large t shirt and some boyish shorts, quite odd for sleep apparel but who was he to judge when it came to lower class?

Haruhi bent down to pick up her glasses and after putting them on, she realized he was eyeing her and gave a cough under her breath.

"I don't want to be the one to call you a hypocrite sir but proper etiquette for higher class shows that young men such as yourself shouldn't eye a woman anywhere other her face, right?" Kyouya looked up with a flash of surprise. If he had been anyone else he probably would've blushed, but the fact the raven hair boy wasn't just ANY body he gave a stare of challenge.

"Hmm. Unfortunately I must go Mrs. Fujioka the evening was very pleasant. I hope we can meet and chat about your little situation at school tomorrow. You can find me at the third music room. Don't make me do something unnecessary such as hunting you down.

Well, good night then." Kyouya walked down the hall and walked out the door with a very embarrassed bodyguard at his wake. Haruhi, frozen over the ordeal, made her feet move to where the door was to lock it. Gazing at her sleeping father she murmured silently," What did I get myself into mom?"

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