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The Dementor's Kiss

The first kiss didn't leave me wanting more,

In truth it felt like arriving into the arms of misery,

I don't want to go open any door,

There is no mystery no, that will intrigue me,

For my soul is eternally yours, for forever, and for now,

I'm here where you took my self away,

I do not feel anything light, don't ask me how,

I was destroyed that day,

You stole the life from me,

Now black, and gray, are the only colors I see,

Another day…torture again,

Rising, breathing, sleeping, living, it's all a haze of pain,

Everywhere I turn I glimpse your dark, cloaked frame,

I can't remember living before this, seems like it's always been the same,

Don't kiss me another time; I've nothing left to give,

Then again do what you will, for I don't even live,

I've never had a dream,

Things are never what they seem,

Keep away!

I swear that in this cell I will always stay,

I don't want a thing, I've came apart,

Or was I ever whole?

I don't have a beat, to tell me there is a heart,

What pray tell, is a soul?

Misery, tormented fear,

Run away, the demented are near,

I cry all the time, but I don't know why,

It's always been like this! Do I live, or do I die?

Am I breathing? Or did I pass long ago?

So many questions, but the answers I refuse to know,

Why should it matter?

I like the quiet in my head! Silence voices, I can't stand the chatter,

What am I here for?

What happens to those, who have been kissed by a dementor?