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Note: I know that there are different opinions on vampires and how to kill them in Supernatural and in Angel. I have kindly ignored what Daddy Winchester said about what would and what would not kill a vampire. I hope that is okay.

Dean pulled over the Impala and stared at his little brother who was fumbling with a map. They had been driving for hours, Dean persisting that this was definitely the right way to Los Angeles, but having to agree with Sam that they were quite lost. As Dean cleared his throat, Sam looked up and scowled at him. Dean quickly forgot what he was about to say and instead turned on the radio, which was immediately turned off by Sam.

"Know where we are yet?" Dean asked after a couple of minutes silence.

"I would have known if you had turned off where I told you to turn off an hour ago." Sam answered his brother heatedly. "However, because I am a lot better at reading maps than you – don't argue, Dean – I have found out where we are and where we need to go."

"Sweet. Where to?" Dean said as he turned on the engine.

"We will have to turn around and take the road that led off to the left ten minutes ago. Then go along that for a couple of miles and then there should be a sign leading us to LA." Sam folded the map neatly as he finished and put it on the back seat of the Impala.

Dean turned the Impala around and drove back down the road they had just come. Half an hour later Dean found it safe to put on some music and this time Sam did not interfere. Even though he found Sam thoroughly annoying on some occasions, he could not imagine how he would feel if anything ever happened to him. His mind showed him memories he had tried to forget and he pushed them away and drove on.

"Vampires then." Sam said cautiously, breaking the long silence.

"Yeah; it's incredible how they always seem to be there." Dean answered his brother quickly, content with being forgiven for his poor map reading. He was usually alright, but his mind seemed to wonder off lately. Sam had said that it was most likely the result of the beer drinking from the night before.

"It will probably only be dusk when we get there, so do you want to get right to it?" Sam enquired.

"If we can find the son of a bitch, then count me in."

"It shouldn't be that hard. I suspect we should just try and retrace its steps. Maybe we will get lucky."

"Or eaten." Dean joked. There was a hint of a smile on Sam's face. They both knew that they had dealt with many vampires in their time; this wouldn't be any different.

Cordelia Chase marched towards the coffee machine, and almost bumped into the Irish half human-half demon, Doyle. He always had the tendency to walk into the people, fall over, and forget what to say or say the completely wrong things. This mostly happened whenever Cordelia was in the room.

"Good afternoon, Cordelia." Doyle said quickly as he jumped backwards. "Nice shoes."

"Thanks." Cordelia answered and flashed a smile. "Is he up yet?"

"I think he is getting there. Rough night I think." Doyle handed a coffee to Cordelia and took his own over to the worn sofa by the window where the afternoon sunshine was streaming in. "I don't know why so many vampires have suddenly come to LA."

"Big nightlife city. I guess they like that. All you can eat buffet." Cordelia said, sitting down next to Doyle.

"Well, can't they just go and eat somewhere else." Doyle exclaimed.

"Doyle! Are we supposed to be fighting the forces of evil, or are we supposed to be sending them onto the next town and let them deal with it." Cordelia said angrily as she jumped from the sofa. "We could never make a living if no one was brutally murdered in LA."

"You are right, you are right. I just got a bit carried away, that's all. Would be nice though if we weren't the once who always had to do the staking and beheading." Doyle said defensively, though his voice tailed off at the end as the tall, black-haired vampire entered the room. He quickly jumped out again.

"Could you shut the blinds…please?" He added when neither Cordelia nor Doyle reacted.

"Sure." They both said, and quickly got up from the sofa and shut the blinds. They were both so embarrassed that they had forgotten that the sun was streaming into the room, that they did not even say anything to Angel as he walked in.

He looked tired. Even for someone un-dead, he looked paler than usual and he had dark shadows under his eyes. He too was puzzled by the many vampires who had suddenly arrived in Los Angeles. He had been out all night for a week trying to locate their nest, but they seemed to cover their tracks well…too well. He was starting to worry what it all meant. He could not understand why he could not find them. Doyle seemed to have regular visions and it seemed to be hard on him too. He tried not to show it, but when he had had two visions on one day, it was hard not to feel slightly weakened.

"How did it go last night?" Cordelia asked cautiously, knowing not to upset Angel when he was trying to work the coffee machine.

"Didn't find any of them." It was clear from the tone that he used that he did not want to talk about it. He gave up on the coffee machine and instead opened the small fridge and took out a small bag of pig's blood. He poured it into the mug and was about to walk into his office when he heard a groan of pain from behind.

Doyle was bent double over the sofa, his hands shaking as he held onto the table in front of him. His faced was screwed up in pain and concentration. Angel and Cordelia rushed to his side and as quickly as the vision had started it passed. It had not been as long as others he had had, but Doyle was shaking worse than he normally did.

"A-A-Angel." Doyle said, his voice shaking.

"Who was it this time?" Angel asked, eager to at last bring an end to the killings.

"You." Doyle said, his eyes fixed on Angel's face.

"What do you mean? Doyle! What do you mean?" Angel shook Doyle as though wanting to rattle the truth out of him. Doyle was shaking less, and shook his head as though to try and shake away the pain.

"Two young men in an old warehouse –" Doyle started.

"Did I kill them?" Angel asked, already starting to worry.

"No…they kill you."

Sam and Dean walked briskly towards an old warehouse. They had arrived in Los Angeles about an hour previous and had decided to search out this old, derelict warehouse. They had both laden their pockets and belts with stakes, guns and holy water. They did not want to take any chances. Dean was hoping to get it out of the way quickly. He was starting to worry every time they were hunting. I had sworn to protect Sammy, and was not counting on letting that promise down.

They reached the warehouse and silently, Dean used his lock-pick to open the door. It creaked slightly as they entered, and once inside, all the lights from the streets seemed to have been an enemy instead of a friend. Coming from the brightly lit streets, the warehouse was dark and damp and a foul smell hung in the air. Dean took out his gun, and a glance sideways told him that Sam had done the same. They etched forwards quietly, hardly daring to breathe.

"Dean." Sam whispered and motioned to Dean to follow him.

They walked on through the warehouse, their eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness. Dean suddenly realised, that if this place was full of vampires they already had the advantage of sight. He pushed the worrying thought out his mind and followed his brother.

As they walked on, Dean noticed exactly how poor condition the warehouse was in. In many places the walls seemed ready to fall down over them. In some places on the floor, pieces of metal and broken glass lay scattered. Dean gulped as a saw a broken drill pointing towards the ceiling, some ten meters away.

Then they heard it; low muffled footsteps, barely audible. They stood dead still trying to locate the owner. Dean's eyes searching the darkness, seeing nothing. He glanced at Sam and saw that he too was looking, his mouth slightly open. Dean raised his gun a little higher. He knew it wouldn't kill a vampire, but it would still hurt like hell and slow the beast down.

"What do you want?" The voice echoing off the walls of the warehouse made the brothers jump. They both searched the darkness harder than ever. They heard the footsteps again, though still unable to locate them.

"Show yourself bitch!" Dean shouted as Sam raised his gun too.

As an answer they were both thrown off the feet, and Dean felt a jab of pain in his left shoulder as he crashed into the stone wall. He ignored the pain and quickly got to his feet, searching for Sam.

"No…no." Dean whispered as he ran across the floor and threw himself down next to him, all thoughts of vampires forgotten. The drill Dean had noticed earlier was pierced through Sam's shoulder, just beneath the collar bone. "Sammy?" Dean whispered as he felt for a pulse. He felt a faint pumping and although relieved that he was not dead, Dean could not help but notice the amount of blood that Sam had lost and was still losing.

Dean heard footsteps approach behind him. His whole body was filled with anger, and with shaking hands he withdrew a stake from his coat pocket. He tried to focus his eyes even though they were glistening with tears. He stood up and turned around. He faced a man, slightly taller than himself. His hair was as black as the long coat he wore. His face, however, showed pointed teeth, and a wrinkled frown.

Dean let out a shout of grief and launched towards the vampire, who was ready for him. With superhuman speed he had disarmed Dean and hit him hard across the face, sending him toppling to the stone floor again. He jumped up and threw himself at the vampire, punching him hard in the stomach. The vampire let out a groan and just as it was straightening up, Dean thumped it hard on its jaw. The vampire almost lost balance, but quickly recovered, unlike Dean.

He suddenly noticed the burning pain in his shoulder and he started to feel dizzy. He glared back at the vampire. It was roughly ten meters from him; closer to Sam than he. It turned its head and looked at Sam, as he let out a quiet groan. The vampire turned around and started walking towards Sam.

"Don't you touch him!" Dean bellowed and raced after the vampire.

Again the vampire was ready for him. He received a hard blow to the head and was sent head first onto the cold stone floor. He tried to remain conscious, but the last thing he saw before everything turned black was the vampire standing over Sam's lifeless body.

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