Note: In one of my typical writing fits, I created a music playlist that encompasses the relationship between Abel and Johanna. (The entire playlist can be found in the A Slight Glitch community on Live Journal, along with all of the songs.)

Then, in another one of my typical writing fits, I suddenly had the idea on how I could use this for another bout of writing, and out of it came the idea of using the title of each song in a haiku that explained some facet of their relationship.

And out of that came...

The Songs of Their Hearts

I wish I understood
Though no one knows who I am
You know me so well

Passion is a risk
We take with each breath we draw
Danger approaches

Walking in the air
Savoring moonlit darkness
Dark angels in flight

The sands are falling
How much longer til they stop
And our hearts turn cold?

Now that I know you
Don't you dare leave me behind
Here all by myself

Unspoken prayers
For one who'd love me for me
But are you the one?

Tears fall in silence
But the pain in me subsides
I feel your embrace

Changing one another
In an unusual way
Loving each moment

Two fallen angels
With halos tarnished by guilt
Seeking redemption

Agony within
Cuts like fine Damascus steel
Mourning together

Cry little sister
For what we've done, and yet crave
Weep my tears of blood

Sorrowful angel
Holding her close as she sings
Death becoming life

Their hearts hide secrets
And to come in from the night
Means no more hiding

They gaze at the stars
Watching the night fade away
Into tomorrow

Denying passion
Is it lust, is it karma
Slaves to their desire

Strong, yet so fragile
How easily the heart breaks
The rain hides their tears

Both living in fear
Will tomorrow be the day
that they lose control?

If I ever speak
Words of everlasting love
Please don't answer me

Staying only friends
Safer, even as they long
To let it be love

The power within
It's the fear, tearing them apart,
That they are monsters

Heavenly Father
Deliver me from evil
Save me from myself

Mouth warm against mine
Breathe into me, taste my soul
Kiss my life away

Wishing I loved you
But my heart belongs to me
Even as it breaks

Never say goodbye
I will hear you forever
Through the mists of time

Never give up hope
We may yet be together...
If you still believe