Sly Cooper and The BLIMP

Sly and his pals were watching TV.

"NoOOO!" Mury said as he fell off the couch.

"Hey look on TV...they are going to have a museum that is full of treasures from people with marvelous wealth and stuff." Bently said.

"Cool let's rob it." Sly said.

"We need a blimp sly. Cause the museum is tall and we need high access." Bently said.

"You are correct." murry said. The blimp was easy to locate.murry just had to blow it up.

"You will be very good at blowing, right Murry?" sly said.

"FUCK YOU!!!" murry said as he blow.

Once he blew it and got inside it. They flew to the museum.

"It's Carmelita!" Mury said groanfully.

"You are correct. We must go in through the fucking roof." Bently said. The Blimp had spikes on the bottom. It landed on a bunch of guards.

"FUCKING!!! INSANE??" Mury said.

"WtF." Bently said.

"We can go inside, Mury you stay here cause you are retarded." Sly said as he got out of the blimp.

"You mean I'm guarding the blimp?" Mury asked.

"No, he means you're a retard." Bently said.

THey stole everything."WEHA!" Carmelita said as they got away.

"FUCK...! YOU!!!! guYS!!!" Mury said as he grabbed Sly Benyl and threw them inside.

"WtF." Bently said.

"THe blimp has made him evil!