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Chapter 1: Shut Up

'Rings are all the rage these days.' Rachel, or Numbuh 362, thought glumly to herself.

Rings were legendary in the KND. Especially among the operatives that were close to becoming teenagers as they start to develop crushes for one another.

They were spreading quickly among KND operatives who wanted to pair up with the person they like-liked. And this irked the Supreme Leader to no end.

She walked towards the Bridge to see many female operatives giggling in packs as the boys whispered fervently to each other, as if deciding if it's against their manhood to buy rings for the girls they were crushing on.

Rachel carefully stared at a couple of the female operatives' fingers. The majority had a ring on their right index finger. Not so bad, that meant friendship between two friends with matching rings. Some had rings on their middle fingers, which meant single, but looking. She snorted at the blatantness of it all.

The very rare, however, and these girls were swarmed all around them like bees all gawking at the lucky girl, had a ring on her ring finger. The most special one: taken, a couple. Scoffing, she only took the pleasure of this walk when the girls looked disappointed as they could not see any rings on her. She was wearing gloves like any normal agent. She had developed an inkling to make a rule stating that everyone must wear gloves on Moonbase. Oh, how she loved her supreme position...

Ignoring the other girls because of her lack of a ring, she stomped over the Observation Deck to do her job quietly when she saw her best friend, Fanny, or Numbuh 86, talking (okay, screaming), to a boy operative on transmission.

"What the blazes are ye saying, ye stoopid boy!" Fanny bellowed at the surprisingly not cowering boy. "Ye better tell me why ye don't have a report ta give before I come down there and kick your can!"

"I told you already!" The operative retaliated. "It was Numbuh 293's job to report, but she hasn't done anything about it. She and the other members of my Sector are too busy chatting over which ring they should give to who."

This made Rachel's blood boil. They're ignoring protocol for a stupid hobby?!

She none too gently pushed a surprised Fanny aside and yelled angrily. "You know that you guys just had an important confrontation with Father, right?! This report is important so we can figure out why he went out of his way to cause damage to your Sector instead of his usual attempt against Sector V!"

The boy began to cower at the Supreme Leader's authority driven voice and she felt a bit sorry for taking it out on him as he wasn't the one to issue the report anyways. She took a deep breath and sighed. "Listen, Numbuh 301, this is vital to Moonbase. Father's up to something and Sector V needs to know enough information to strategize. There must be something he wants where you guys are stationed and you need to look into this some more. If the female members of your Sector refuse to comply in one hour with a reasonable report, we'll have to temporarily suspend your team and replace you with a new one. Understood?"

At the mention of becoming suspended, Numbuh 301 saluted her with a tough fashion, as if the nice guy act was now officially dropped. "Don't worry, Commander! I'll get those stoopid girls in line! And I'll give you a full report from Numbuh 293 in less than thirty minutes! Count on it! Sector NY out!"

Numbuh 362 looked smug as Numbuh 301 transmissioned off. She wasn't no Supreme Leader for nothing!

"Well, ye seem a little firey at this whole ring business, Lass," Fanny rubbed her bottom gingerly after the fall.

Rachel just looked away snubbly. "I just think it's getting in the way of KND business, that's all. I mean, what's so special about stupid rings anyways?"

"Aye, Rachel. But rings have been around in every KND era in like eleventy-billion years. It's like, tradition, or something like that." Fanny replied thoughtfully.

The blond raised an eyebrow. "What's going on, Fanny? You'd never defend something like this! You hate boys anyways!"

"Hey! I'm just repeating what Numbuh 1 said to me, aye? E' read it from the KND Book during a Homework Drill!" Fanny retorted, her cheeks red.

Rachel instantly deflated at the mention of Nigel. The one boy who knew the real her.

"Um...how is Numbuh 1 these days, Fanny?" Rachel hasn't seen Nigel in months and ever since Father has been doing these weird hundred mile trips around North America for some strange reason, she was worried that Sector V might be somewhere in Father's plot. Even more so Nigel, ever since he told her about Father being his uncle. Something was up.

Fanny tilted her head to the side. "Aye. Um, a little moody lately, I guess..."

"Huh? Let me guess: Father, right?" Rachel smirked. Nigel will always be Nigel. The KND-aholic. He could have taken her place as Supreme Leader if he wanted it.

"Actually, I think it has something to do with his girlfriend..." Fanny answered thoughtfully. "Love-trouble, I guess."

'Love-trouble?' Rachel's smirk turned into a huge grin. She was pleased by this new information for some strange reason. "Do tell."

Fanny shrugged. "That's all I know, Lass. Maybe you can yell at him for not worrying more about Father...?" She added the last part eagerly.

Rachel shook her head at Fanny's usual suggestion in good nature and brought up a profile from her transmitter screen for her next conference.

"Aye, Lass. If ye want to talk ta Numbuh 1, ye should right now. I---mean, ye know, about Father."

Rachel's face turned bright red like a tomato. "Uh...right." She switched off the transmitter so she can contact Sector V's treehouse.

The screen turned snowy and then visual came up.

"Sector V, this is Supreme Leader Numbuh 362." Rachel said professionally over the monitor.

She was surprised when the screen snowed as if something slammed onto Sector V's monitor. Visual returned and she saw Numbuh 2 run across the screen and took cover behind the couch, objects being thrown all over the place.

"Numbuh 2?! What's going on? Are you guys under attack?!" Rachel ordered in worry. "Where's the rest of your Sector? Where's Numbuh 1---?"

"AHHHH!!!" She could hear Numbuh 4 scream from somewhere. "Run for your lives! Get the G.L.U.M.B.!"

(Computer: Kids Next Door- G.L.U.M.B. 'Gum Loaded Universal Multi Bomb')

Numbuh 3 finally made it to visual and answered Rachel in a chipper fashion. "Hi, Numbuh 362! How are you today? Oooh! Did you hear about the Rainbow Monkey 'Hearts in Love' doll?! When it comes out, Numbuh 5 promised that she'd wait eleventy billion hours with me until the toy store releases it! Are you going to come too?"

Despite secretly agreeing that she too was anticipating the latest Rainbow Monkey, she ignored the last statement. "Numbuh 3, what's going on? Who are you guys fighting?!" Rachel asked in full alert. "Do you need back up from Moonbase?"

Before she had the chance to answer, Rachel could hear Numbuh 5 off-screen. "Numbuh 5 is telling you to calm down! Numbuh 5 don't want to clean up this mess you're making! Numbuh 1 ain't here! Check somewhere else!"

Becoming irritated because no one had answered any one of her questions and that Numbuh 3 left the monitor to keep Wally from unleashing the G.L.U.M.B., she took matters into her own hands.

"Overriding KND 2x4 visual technology at location Sector V! Supreme Leader authorization password: downwithbroccoli." A small screen appeared on the side of her monitor, codes moving at a gagillion rate. "Activate S.N.E.A.K. Mode!"

(Computer: Kids Next Door- S.N.E.A.K. 'Screen Now Enables Acting Kinetics')

She had enabled the monitor to move on her command, so she could look around the surroundings of the Sector V Treehouse.

Discovering the source of the problem, Rachel watched in perplex as Numbuh 1's girlfriend, Lizzie, was behind the attack on her Sector.

The rather pudgy red head blindly threw a soccer ball at the Commander's direction and she had to cleverly swerve the monitor out of the way.

"Where is Nigie?! I know you guys are hiding him!" Lizzie angrily yelled at the ever calm Numbuh 5.

Rachel wondered where Numbuh 1 was, also. Why was he hiding from his own girlfriend?

"I go out of my way to buy these to signify our everlasting love and he runs off!" Lizzie sobbed. "Where are you, Nigie?!!!"

The blond commander closed her eyes at the annoyance of her voice. She's been told that Nigel's girlfriend was a 'little' obsessed with her boyfriend, but now she understood why the members of Sector V would talk about her in a bitter fashion...well, all except Numbuh 3 and obviously Numbuh 1. Obsession was an understatement. She was INSANE.

"You there!" Rachel jumped when the pigtailed terror pointed in accusation at her. "Do you know where my Nigie is?!"

The Commander frowned at her tone. "No I don't. I want to know where he is too." Even if she did know, she'd never tell her.

"Then who are you?!" Sector V groaned in embarrassment.

"I'm Numbuh 362. The Supreme Leader of the KND! And who the heck do you think you are, messing with my kids?" This was annoying her to no end. What did Numbuh 1 ever see in her?

This seemed to blow Lizzie's top as she angrily was face to face with the monitor, causing Rachel to instinctively pull her head back despite the fact she's not back on Earth and on screen.

"Now see here, Miss. 'I'm so important that I step on everyone'!" Rachel growled at the insult. "I don't bother you when you're looking for your boyfriend, so go and bark orders at someone else!"

Rachel slammed her fists on the table as the monitor was disconnected and the 'End Transmission' sequence blinked at her as if taunting her.

"Of all the---!" She stomped over to where Numbuh 86 was busy yelling at the boys on deck and grabbed her by the scruff of her neck. "Numbuh 86, start the tracking device on Numbuh 1. He'd better explain his location and why he lets his out-of-control girlfriend run amok on my Sector!"

Even though she believed without a doubt that Nigel Uno was very responsible for his Sector, this was ridiculous.

"A-aye, sir!" Fanny saluted nervously. "But, Numbuh 60 just relayed to me that Numbuh 1 has arrived on Moonbase, sir!"

"Is that so?" Rachel unceremoniously dropped Numbuh 86 and exited the deck, leaving a very stunned Ex-Decommissioner behind.

Transmission Interrupted