Chapter 58: Organization 26 and a half

Linky stood up, and walked out of her room, killing every bag of cat litter she came across.
Her plan was going perfectly...she had talked ot the twincest bros and they were to confront Renny with their gay rhyming until she'd be so freaked out she'd be back to normal.
"As if this amulet would work on me, I was evil a long time ago, now I can resist it..." she smirked. She ,of course, hadn't told the gay frock wearers that their rhyming could save Renny. She'd go crazy and just then, Linky'd walk past her door, and Renny'd call for her, and Linky'd kill the bald gay guys and Renny'd see that Linky does care, and thus all her friends care.

"Knock-knock!" yelled Para "Can we come in, are you all right?"
"I'm gonna rape you tonight" replied Dox, gazing ar Para with a burning lust in his eyes."Oh God not you two... linky must be at hand," Ren sighed, "her attempt to bring me to the gang no less...should've guess that stupid amulet wouldn't work on her..."
The dox brothers looked at each other before continuing their rhyming.
"RIKU!! ROXAS!!" Ren called and in a second had Roxas, Riku, AND Demyx at her door.
"Why'd you come?"
"You called for them; i thought i'd join the orgy!"
"...NO. Will you two... er. three, get RID of these guys?"
"but... they're our coworkers."
"Then get them OUT of here. before i go back to the writing staff."
the rhymers poofed outta there in 2.5sec.
"who sent them anyway?"
"... i don't know," she lied.

Meanwhile in a quiet cave

"Well sigh, i see how much i am appreciated" sighs Leo to himself "I try to help, i bombard with ideas, i try to make people happy and what happens? sigh Maybe i should just disappear?" "Nope" "...Okay, now i am sure there is no-one else in this cave except me" "There isnt" "Then who are you?" "You" "...Oh yeah!" "Glad to see you mind is as quick as ever" "Gee, now i realise why i ignore this voice" "Look you know that emotions were being vented, dont go all emo" "Alright!" "Good, now catch up with the others" "Fine!" After getting up and streching out a few kinks, Leo heads off to see what has happened

Meanwhile, somewhere miles behind the gang

Jigglypuff was still out wandering, and sighed. "I can't believe I'm even THINKING this, but I want my trainer now...I have nothing to silently insult...and that kacheek...I have nothing to insult outloud!" "So you're alone."
"HO SNAP!!" Jigglypuff, who was floating, suddenly fell to the ground. "Owww."
"Well then, dear Jigglypuff...I can accompany you."
Jigglypuff looked up to see a cloaked figure, and stared.
"I don't go with cloaked people..."
"But you seem rather...lonely."
"YOU FREAKIN' UNDERSTAND ME, TOO? Sheesh, I thought that Kacheek was the only one."
"Alright, now who the heck are you?"
" I unno...I was randomly written in..."
"BTW, your trainer does miss you too."

"Of course she does. I'm JIGGLYPUFF for crying out loud."
"So are you going back?"
"Then I kidnap you."

meanwhile at the castle

"Damn! She saw through my vaguely explained plan!" yelled out Linky in frustration "Now how am I gonna get her back to us?!"
She stormed out of her room and killed some bags of cat litter. Then it came to her. A giant meatball was soaring through the skies and landed on her head.
"Yum!" cried Linky, amazed at this wonderful yet bizzare event. "But I have no time for eating." she said, cleaning the gravy from her forehead. "I must find Leo."
She spread her wings and flew out of the castle, and following her Leo-senses she went out to look for the kitchen of the castle

"So ... do you have a 4?" Demyx asked.
"Go Fish."
"...Darn it!"
"Um...," Roxas murmered, "Riku, queen."
"Damn you," he gave up the card.
"I WIN AGAIN!" Roxas rejoiced.
"Congratulations, do you wanna cookie?" Ren asked.
"Yes please."
"Then make one yourself!" she snickered.
"I hate you."
"I love me too - v."