Unholy Crusade

Act 1: Reign of Fear

Chapter 12: The Great Gospel, Part 5

Last chapter:

"SELENA!" Piccolo screamed, jumping from the hut and lunging towards Cell. "GET AWAY FROM HER!"

Cell growled at the Namek, and quickly jumped aside. Piccolo landed next to Selena, and knelt by her as she coughed blood out of her throat. He quickly reached into his senzu pouch and pushed a bean down her bloody gullet. Cell watched from a safe distance away as Piccolo cleaned the blood off Selena's mouth with his cape, and she breathed in and out slowly. Her wound healed over, and damage to her brain was instantly repaired. She reached a hand out and grabbed the collar of Piccolo's cape. She was shivering.

"My…dream…" she choked. "He saw…my…" Then, she relaxed, falling into a deep sleep. Piccolo picked her up, and the guardians rushed to him.

"She's dead!" Preacher shouted in fear.

"She's alive!" Piccolo assured. "I got to her just in time."

Cell relaxed slightly, then quickly ran out of the city, leaving behind his failure.

"Thank God she's not dead…"


"Thank you." Mimic nodded to the Namek. Piccolo nodded back at her, then looked at the city gates. Cell was long gone, but Piccolo glared at the city entrance with a very rare face…

…it was his "he'll-be-back" face…


Mimic lay Selena in her bed in her hut. The master looked down at her student solemnly.

My dear Shikimi…what is happening to you?

She brushed some stray hairs out of the sleeping girl's face.

You have changed so much…

So much anger and sadness has grown in you…

Why do you feel the need to eradicate this monster by yourself?

Preacher stood in the doorway of the hut.

"Mimic-san? Is she…"

Mimic turned and smiled at her student.

"She's fine. She'll wake up in the morning with no injury. Go on back to the temple."

Preacher sighed.

"Tonight gave everyone a scare, and the streets will have to be repaved. Thankfully, there was no damage to the temple or any homes."

Mimic nodded. She looked back down at Selena, and took the girl's hair out of her bun, letting the chocolate brown hair fall around the girl's face.

"Go to the hut where her friends are staying. Let them know Cell is gone and that Selena is fine."

Preacher bowed.


He left hastily.

Mimic sat down on the bed, looking down at Selena.

Poor girl…

Poor, poor girl…


Selena's eyes fluttered open to the sound of birds outside. She moaned and turned her head to a window. Morning sunlight was flooding in through the glass. She felt total memory loss for a moment, then the events of last night came back to her. She sat up sharply, putting a hand to her head.

She didn't feel a wound…

She put a hand to her stomach…

There was no longer a fearsome pain…

She blinked a couple of times.

What in hell?! I remember hurting like crazy just before I blacked out…

She looked around to see that she was in her old hut. It had been her home for about two years, and no one else lived there. She smiled at some happy memories.

This was the only place I ever called home…

…next to living with Papa…

She yawned and stretched her arms up.

"Well, I guess I should go get myself breakfast…"

She changed out of her fancy yukata and changed into her fighting gi. She tied her hair up back into a high ponytail with two bangs framing the sides of her face, and walked out into the street.

There were some gracious cries from the civilians.

"Selena-san, you are alive!" one praised.

"Thank the Gods!" a female called at seeing Selena. "She is safe!"

"We are proud of your efforts." Another one beamed in pride.

"Thank you for saving the city, Selena-san!" a child shouted to her.

Selena just smiled sadly.

Aw man… I feel really bad now…

It's not like I won that fight…

I lost miserably…

She found her way to the eatery and sat by the service counter. She was immediately noticed by one of the cooking girls.

"Miss Selena, good morning! Are you feeling well?"

"Never been better." Selena moaned. "Give me something to eat. Anything. I don't care what it is."

The cook frowned in concern.

"You sound sad."

"Don't ask." Selena shook her head. "I guess I'll have some oatmeal."

"I'll have it ready in no time." The cook chirped. Selena watched the cook make the breakfast food from scratch, and sighed to her thoughts.

I don't get it. How could Cell have gotten in?

Being too strong for the holocram is no excuse to me…

And what did he want in the Temple of the Great Gospel?

There was nothing in there except for Preacher and that inlaid fountain…


Could Cell have tried to summon the Gospel and use the power for himself?

Oh, c'mon, Selena! You know it's impossible!

He doesn't know the incantation! And besides, he's…

"Here you are." The cook presented Selena with a hot bowl of creamy oats.

"Wow. That was fast." Selena marveled, taking a spoon from inside the counter.

"Would you like anything to drink with it?"

"How about some milk?"

"I'll be right back." The cook nodded, walking further into the eatery. Selena began scooping up her oats and pooling them quickly into her mouth.

Cell with the power of the Gospel…


But then again…Climbing the steps of the temple was impossible too…

What if he succeeds?

I don't think he can, because he's not…

The cook came back with a cold glass of milk.

"Here's your milk."

"Thank you."

"Most certainly."

Selena finished off her breakfast in no time, and wiped her mouth clean with her white sleeve.

"Thank you again."

"Oh, most certainly, Miss Selena."

Selena left her dirty dishes on the counter and walked away back to her hut.

Man, I have to stop feeling so depressed…

I've done nothing to feel this way…

I guess…

I should be happy…

None of the people got hurt or killed, and the damage is minimal…

So why do I feel so down?

She got back into her hut and flopped back down on the bed.


I will make you pay one of these days…


Krillin and Sakura found Selena in her hut, trying leather straps together. Sakura leaped into Selena's arms.

"Selena-san! You're alright!"

Selena paused her work for a minute to hug the little girl back.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I didn't get hurt, but I lost."

"Well, at least you're safe." Krillin suggested.

"Yeah." Selena nodded, going back to tying the leather cords together. Sakura watched her from the young woman's lap.

"What are you doing?"

"Oh, this?" Selena held up the straps. They were tied into an X tightly with a small hole in the middle of the cross. "They're going to be gloves." She slipped the straps over her hand so that the X was across her palm. The straps tied around her pointer and ring fingers and around her wrist comfortably. "Preacher taught me how to make these a long time ago, but I told him I was more comfortable with my staff."

"Huh?" Krillin scratched his bald head. "What are you talking about?"

Selena slipped off the leather straps, and kept adjusting them to fit her hand more comfortably.

"My ki staff has what's called a ki crystal powering it. It will only work for the one who created the ki crystal, and my staff was made with my crystal. Ki crystals can be made into any shape and form, from the big one on my staff…" She held up her leather straps again for Krillin to see the small hole. "…To the small ones that will be strewn into my new gloves. What I was able to do with my staff, I can do with these gloves. I'll be able to fire ki blasts from my hands just like you guys."

"Hey, cool!" Krillin exclaimed. "Good idea." Then he laughed. "So, you're starting off with training wheels, eh? Neat."

"Training wheels?!" Selena growled.

Krillin laughed more nervously.

"Hey, don't take it the wrong way. I'm not making fun of you."

Selena smiled.

"I know. That was kind of an…interesting way of putting them."

"Yeah. So, when will you be done with them?"

"I'm just about done with this one, and I'll make the other one in a bit." Selena reported, slipping the leather straps over her hand again and flexing her fingers. "The ki crystals won't take long since they'll be small, about the size of a watch face." She closed her hand into a fist, and winced. "Ow…too tight…" She took the binds off and pulled on them slightly. "Anyway, I'll be ready for when Cell comes back."

Sakura gasped.

"He's coming back?"

"But he can't even get in!" Krillin exclaimed. "Bad guys can't walk on Sacred Ground!"

"That's what we all said and had proven before…" Selena bit her lip. "But I saw him… We all saw him… He even climbed the temple steps, something we knew he couldn't do… I did lose to him, but he left before Piccolo could get a piece of him. He's going to come back tonight."

"What makes you so sure?" Krillin asked, walking up to the bed.

Selena looked at him through half-closed lids.

"Do Nameks lie?"

Krillin thought about that.

"I haven't really met one who did. Why?"

"Because Piccolo said Cell was coming back tonight. And he better not be lying."


Cell had spent a lot of time sleeping.

Since leaving the Sacred City, he felt incredibly tired and sore. He absorbed two nearby villages of Irishmen to help replenish some strength, but it wasn't helping. He had stolen a couple of pillows and a blanket and made himself comfortable in the basement of a cottage. The holocram must have sapped a lot of his energy, making him unable to walk too far and even keep his eyes open.

He got about seven hours of sleep before waking up a bit more refreshed. The floor of the basement wasn't very comfortable, but the pillows did help a bit, cushioning his head and the base of his tail. He stood up, stretched, cracking his toes and fingers.

"Much better." He said to himself. "But not good enough…" He lowered his head in thought. "Last night wasn't a total loss. I still haven't obtained the power of the Gospel. I don't necessarily want it for myself, but I need to be sure Selena or one of the guardians can't use it against me. If I summon the Gospel for myself, I will have the ultimate power and they won't…" He smirked to himself. "…And I'd like to see the Namek try to fight me again!"

He chuckled.

"Well, I better gather more energy for tonight. I'll be needing every ounce of it."

He made his way out of the basement and into the empty village. Stabbed clothing littered the area, obviously done by Cell's tail. He looked past the damage he had done to the sky, sensing a familiar ki.

"Damn, the Namek is hunting me down again. He'll be giving up by tonight, I can promise him that!" He quickly ran back into the cottage and to the basement to hide.


Preacher watched Selena and Zeo spar by the Sacred Spring. He noticed that her fighting skills did improve with her travels through the years, and he noticed a strange variety of moves with her style. It was as though she had combined many different styles of fighting into one and customized the routines to her liking.

However, some of her moves looked very strange and even sent a chill up Preacher's spine…

Whenever she jabbed with a stabbing hand at Zeo…

…it reminded Preacher of a fighting move the creature Cell used last night.

How long has she been hunting that monster?

Long enough to copy his moves?

He moved away from the balcony and knelt by the bubbling fountain. He dipped his fingertips slightly in the water.

Is it true what Piccolo told us? Cell will be back tonight?

Can this city stand another scare like that?

I couldn't…

Not if he could reach the very top of the temple…


The sun was setting by the time Selena had finished sparring with Zeo, and she went to work on her ki crystals. Mimic helped her solidify two small concentrations of ki into tiny orbs. Then, they both took sharp knives, and cut the solid ki into circular gems. Selena then wove leather around the jewels and wove them into her gloves. The whole task took two hours to finally complete.

Selena's ki gloves were finished, and they were snugly fit on her hands. She fired several test blasts into the air, and even tried a Tamashii no Ya by cupping her hands to make a two-handed ki blast. The tests were a success.

"Finally, my own pair…" Selena marveled at her new weapons.

"Are you sure you need them?" Mimic asked her. "You were very certain that all you needed was your staff."

"I need to learn how to fire ki blasts through my hands, and not through a stick." Selena insisted. "I can't depend on my staff anymore, I need to use my bare hands."

"Selena-chan…" Mimic sighed. "Why are you so determined to kill that monster? What did he do to you?"

Selena glared at Mimic. Didn't she see?! Selena knew the answer, but she couldn't put it into words. It was a good question, though. Why? Why should she kill Cell? Why can't she let this matter drop? What did he do to her to fuel her dedication to his death?

Selena seemed to feel that Mimic was an idiot not to see the answers.

"Everything." Selena answered. "He did everything to deserve to die. He killed people…"

"…and he hurt your pride?" Mimic raised an eyebrow.

Selena growled at her.

"Look, I'm not going to sit around and let him do this to others! You know little Sakura-chan?! Her family is dead because of that monster! Unlike me, she had no family to go to afterward, so I took it upon myself to help her. Evil people like Cell deserve death!"

"Can't you realize that you are fighting a losing battle?"


Selena gnashed her teeth at her mentor. She began yelling suddenly.

"I don't need to have great superpowers or be the strongest man in the world to beat him! All I need is this!" She pointed to her forehead, indicating her brain. "I can outsmart him and I can out-do him! I can do it, I am not fighting a losing battle, and I am going to kill him! Just you wait and see!"

Mimic smiled.

"You haven't changed since you were fourteen. I'm rather disappointed."

Selena took a large calming breath through her nose.

"So, why are you smiling?"

"Because I missed you so much and I'm glad you're back."

Selena stared down at her shoes.

"Sorry, Mimic-san. I raised my voice to you, and I didn't mean it. I just felt so angry when you said…"

"Never mind it." Mimic assured. "You're easy to insult." She put a hand on her student's shoulder. "I am just so disappointed how you thirst for battle just like your enemy. Watch yourself, Selena, or you could sink down to his level. I don't think that's something you want."

Selena shook her head.

"No, that's not what I want. But I will do what I have to. Mimic-san, would you let a creature like Cell kill innocent people every day?"

"No." Mimic shook her head. "However, I wouldn't obsess myself with thoughts of revenge over it. And I wouldn't kick myself over every defeat."

Mimic kissed Selena's forehead. Selena moaned and moved away.

"God, you're just like a mother…"

Mimic chuckled.

"I might as well be, you know. Your grandparents could never replace Zanen and Motoko…"

Selena sighed, then headed for the temple.

"I'm going to go wait for him. It'll be dark soon."

"I wish you luck, Selena." Mimic nodded. "This time, don't let the anger and hatred go to your head."

As Selena headed down the main street to the Great Gospel temple, Piccolo and Tien landed back in the city. They were unsuccessful finding Cell before the monster could reach the Sacred City.

All everyone could do now was wait for nightfall.


Selena stared up at the top of the Great Gospel temple, and lowered herself down to a crouch. Suddenly, she leaped high into the air, flipped foreword to steer herself, and landed on her feet on the dome roof of the temple. She sat down cross-legged, and stared at the city entrance as the sun completely disappeared behind the hills. The sky behind her was a navy blue, but the sky ahead of her was still a deep red.


Preacher climbed up a pillar of the temple, and pulled himself up to the roof. He saw Selena and smiled.

"Thank goodness." He sighed with a chuckle. "I thought he came early."

"Who's 'he?' " Selena asked as Preacher walked up to her.

"You know." He suggested, standing behind her. "So, you're waiting for him…like a wife waiting for her soldier husband to come home from war."

Selena turned to him and glared.

"Bad metaphor." She snarled. Preacher half-smirked.

"It's the best one I can think of."


Selena turned away from him, and looked back to the city entrance.

"You know, Selena-san…" Preacher sighed, putting his hands behind his back, "I had a talk with your friend, Krillin…and we both agree on one thing."

"What would that be?"

"That you are completely obsessed with Cell."

Selena uncrossed her legs, and stomped her feet down hard. Then, she pulled herself up to a stand and angrily stared at Preacher.

"Take that back."

"Why? I didn't insult you."

"You just did. Now, take it back."

"Selena, tell me why you want to learn how to fly?"

"So that I can be a better fighter."

"Strange. Krillin told me your answer was to keep Cell from getting any unfair advantages."

Selena narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

"What are you getting at, Preach?"

Preacher scratched at itch behind his ear as he answered.

"It's unhealthy to keep the ones you hate with a passion on your mind. You can get sick by your own hatred, and even die of it. You can't let your hate get the best of you…especially when you have no personal reason to hate him."

"No personal reason?!" Selena roared. "Did you see what he did to me last night?!"

"One hit below the belt is not a reason to want to kill someone."

"Yes, it is! What if I kicked you in the sweets, what would you do?!"

"I would get even, but I wouldn't want to kill you."

Selena crossed her arms and turned her back to Preacher.

"I noticed your gloves." He pointed out. "You decided to make them, finally. I remember you clearly saying you would be fine without them."

"I was back then." Selena admitted. "But I need them now."

"You're just giving Cell another advantage."


"You have no idea how to use your gloves because you never made them before."

"They're just like a ki staff, aren't they?"

"No, not at all."

She turned to him over her shoulder.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, you'll see."

Selena shrugged.


"Well, stay up here if you want." Preacher invited, walking away. "I'm going to go back inside and protect the temple. I'll be waiting should Cell make it to the top."

"He won't." Selena muttered as Preacher climbed back down the pillar. "He'll have to go through me first."

She sat back down cross-legged, and pounded a fist into her hand.

The leather straps of her glove stretched across her skin tightly.


When the sky was completely dark, and littered with winking stars, did everyone in the Sacred City feel his presence again.

Mimic-san was standing in the main plaza, just a mile away from the temple. Her staff was in her hands. Another two miles away was the city entrance, and she could feel the monster's presence again. Her hands tightened around the wooden staff.

Just as predicted by Piccolo-san, Cell has returned.


Selena had been sitting atop the temple roof for about two hours, and was about to nod off to sleep when she felt her hand sting and pinch under her bandages.

She stood up in alarm, and looked down at the city entrance. In the darkness, she couldn't see him very well, however she could feel him clearly.

He's here…

And he feels even more powerful than last night…

Then, she saw a flicker of light by the entrance, and it intensified into a yellow glow. She saw his black outline in the light, and felt his power drastically increase.

Her bones shook, and she began to breathe hard.

Oh no…

He's a lot stronger than before…

Then, she saw him slowly walk into the city, but not as slowly as last night. He had grown somewhat accustomed to the holocram of the streets. Selena unsheathed her staff, and leaped from the temple roof to the steps. She quickly raced down them.

Preacher watched her from the temple entrance.

Please be careful, Shikimi-chan…


Selena raced down the main street, soon meeting up with Zeo and Ace. They were carrying their staffs too.

"Where's your friends?!" Zeo asked Selena quickly.

"I took them to Mimic-san's hut, on the other side of town. They'll be safer there."

"We evacuated everyone else to that area too." Zeo nodded. "We don't want Cell to find any open opportunities to gather more energy."

"What about Piccolo and Tien?" Selena asked.

"Who? The green dude and the three eyed dude?" Ace asked, looking up at the sky. "They'll be back-up. Mimic-san told them not to interfere until it looked like we were in trouble."

"Okay." Selena nodded. "Looking good."

They met up with Mimic in the plaza.

"We're ready." Zeo nodded to her.

"Let's go meet him, then." Mimic nodded, walking foreword. Her three students walked behind her. It didn't take them long to finally come within Cell's sights. They held their ground in the street as the android walked towards them. He scowled at them as Selena walked foreword.


"I've been meaning to ask you something." She said to him, leaning against her staff. "Why are you walking on the holocram when you can just attack us from the air? Wouldn't that be easier for you?"

"Don't give him ideas, dude!" Ace panicked.

Cell smiled simply.

"I have thought of that." He answered. "And yes, it would be easy to attack that way. Much too easy. I want to prove to you and your pathetic band that no where is safe from me in any shape or form. I want to prove that not even your holocram can keep me out of a sanctuary."

"You're just being a fool." Zeo spoke out. "You probably felt very tired after last night. You used up a lot of energy walking around here. You'll just use up more of it now."

"Please, head our advice." Mimic spoke up as well. "Turn and leave. You have nothing here to value."

"Oh, I do." Cell grinned. "And I'm not leaving without it."

"He's not going to be talked out of this one…" Selena told her friends and master. "We'll have to kick him out."

"Yes." Mimic agreed. All four of them lined up, completely blocking the street. Cell shook his head in annoyance.


"Did you not learn from last time?!" He growled. "Just get out of my way!"

"Only if you get out of town!" Selena yelled back, holding her staff over her shoulder like a rifle. The others followed her lead.

"Fools! All of you!" Cell shouted angrily at them. "Move!"

"Ready…" Selena commanded.

They powered ki into the jewels of their staffs…


Cell made a run for them, making Selena panic.


All four of them shot ki blasts at Cell, and they exploded on him, kicking up a thick cloud of smoke. Cell came out of it running, and without a scratch on him.


"Whoa, dude!" Ace yelled in fear. "Run for it!" He and Zeo jumped away behind an empty hut while Selena took their place right in Cell's path. Mimic saw that Cell was not going to stop, and if Selena didn't move she would be run over! Mimic tackled Selena to the side.

"Move out of his way!" she commanded as she and Selena bumped against the wall of a hut. Cell zoomed past them, heading for the temple. Selena pushed Mimic off her and took off after Cell.

"Now lookit what you did!" she shouted. "Gift wrap the temple for him, why don't you!" She sheathed her staff back behind her, and powered up blasts through her ki gloves. The jewels woven into her gloves began to glow and form balls of ki.

Mimic sighed, staying where she was.

"Poor girl. Poor, poor girl…"



Selena fired a two handed blast at Cell's back, and they impacted! The android lost his balance and fell on his face to the street. Selena stopped running to cool off her hands, waving them in the air frantically.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow…hot, hot, hot, hot…Jesus Christ, it burns!"

Cell quickly got up and faced Selena.

"Don't waste my time, girl." He snarled. "I didn't come here for you."

"I know you didn't." Selena nodded, putting her smoking hands behind her back in embarrassment. "But I won't let you get what you came for…whatever it is."

"Hmph." Cell snorted. "You're not much of a defense, and neither are your friends. All they do is jump away from a challenge if it's too much for them."

"You aren't too much for me."

"I would like to disprove you, but I'm in a hurry. So, just stay out of my way."

"I know you're itching for a battle, Cell." Selena lowered herself into a battle position. "Don't you have time for one?"

Cell looked at her for a minute before smirking.

"You would make a good Saiyajin, Selena." He concluded, spreading his feet and crossing his arms into a defensive position. Selena jumped for him, with a ready fist. Cell ducked his head from it easily as Selena balled her other hand into a fist and threw it at him. He ducked that one too. He stood and moved backward slowly as Selena moved foreword with peppering punches. She was unable to hit him moving that fast, so she tried for a few kicks. He just swiveled out of her way. She was growing angrier with each miss.

"Hold still!" she shouted at him, throwing a harder punch. He caught it with his hand, then kicked her in the stomach and flung her over his shoulder and onto the street. She landed on her back hard, feeling her tailbone crack.

"Selena!" Zeo cried, charging for Cell. "I'm coming!"

"You again…" Cell growled at the guardian.

Zeo swung his staff at Cell menacingly, but Cell easily blocked with his forearms. Zeo jumped up, cleared Cell's head, and landed directly behind him. Cell stabbed his tail into Zeo's foot, making the boy lose balance and fall over. Cell's tail yanked out of Zeo's foot, and whipped him in the air. He landed right next to Selena.

Ace was up next. He fired a blast from his staff, but Cell easily slapped it aside and the ki attack arched into the sky and landed outside the city. Ace ran for Cell, firing smaller, machine gun paced blasts. Cell held his hands foreword, creating a small ki shield, and the blasts were absorbed into the shield. When Ace finally got towards whacking distance, he brought his staff down on Cell. Cell leaned his head to the side, letting Zeo hit him on his neck, and the staff shattered. Ace backed away a couple of steps as Cell brought his head back up and crossed his arms.

"Well?" Cell asked, sounding very bored.

Ace balled a fist, and slammed it into Cell's face. Cell blinked a few times.

"I'm still waiting…" the android sighed.

"Aw, c'mon…" Ace muttered in helplessness. Then, he pounded hard and fast on Cell's body, doing a full circle around the android. With still no reaction from Cell whatsoever, Ace went to the last resort, and kicked Cell as hard as he could in the groin.

Still no response. Cell didn't even feel it.

"Noooo…" Ace moaned, like he was about to cry.

Cell grabbed him by the hair, and tossed him over his shoulder and into the street. He landed right next to Selena, making the three of them piled in a neat little row.

"Hi…" Selena moaned.

"Dude, what is he made of…?" Ace groaned, grabbing his head.

"He's not impossible…" Zeo sighed, still in too much pain to get up. "He's got to have a weak point somewhere…"

Cell turned and continued on his way towards the temple. Since the three guardians were still in his path, he walked on top of them. He stepped as hard as he could on their stomachs one by one with a very evil smile on his face. The three youths cried out in pain, then shouted their vulgar vocabulary in their native tongues at him when he took his foot off. When his feet touched street again, he continued on his way.


"That bastard!" Selena screamed, rolling to her stomach and pushing herself up on her arms. "He literally walked all over me!"

"Way harsh, dude!" Ace moaned, sitting up and clutching his stomach.

"How many people a day does he eat?!" Zeo coughed, not bothering to get up. "He must weigh a ton. Carumba!"

"He's not getting away with this, dammit!" Selena shouted, clutching her fists and standing fully up. "He's gonna get it!"

"Wait." Mimic called, hurrying to them. She helped Zeo stand up, and slung an arm over his shoulder. "Let us try to see what he really wants. If he's after what I think he's after, then fighting him is pointless."

Selena watched Cell continue on down the street with no further inconveniences.

It can't be the Gospel…

There's no way he can…

He can't use it for himself…

He's not…


He finally arrived at the temple steps. He could sense Preacher at the top, at his destination. Cell ignored Preacher for the moment, not sensing any danger, and powered up as high as he could stress his ki.

The ground wasn't as painful as it was last time…

But it still hurts somewhat to walk on it…

The steps won't hurt as much either, but…

I'll still go slow…

I have no resistance on the way up anyway…

He set his foot on the first step…


He growled as pain pulsed through his foot and leg, but he sucked it in and put his other foot on the second step.


He clenched his teeth as he continued further up the stairs.


He was climbing up the steps, fighting the painful look on his face to make it more brick and emotionless. He kept his eyes on the temple, reminding himself that each step brought him closer and closer to his goal.



"There he goes again…" Tien growled, watching Cell from the roof of a building. Piccolo stood beside him. "Man, I can't believe we have to sit back and watch this monster do this! What is it he wants?!"

"We'll find out." Piccolo assured. "Nothing is out of hand yet, so just sit tight."

Tien turned to Piccolo.

"How could you be calm at a time like this?" he asked. "What if Cell…"

For the first time in a long while, Piccolo smiled in amusement.

"Cell's efforts to reach his goal are in vain. Be on alert when he finds this out."


Cell finally set his foot on the top step, and entered the temple. He knew what the inside looked like after his day of scouting the city, so he was not impressed. All that awaited him was the circular room with the inlaid fountain of sacred water. Preacher stood in the very back of the room, just behind the fountain.

"I guess you are proud of yourself now." Preacher assumed.

Cell chuckled at him.

"Rather." He admitted.

Preacher waved his staff around the room for emphasis.

"There is nothing here for you. Your efforts were fruitless. Leave now, and never trouble us again."

"Not yet." Cell shook his head. "I have not gotten what I came for."

Preacher blinked several times in confusion.

"What can you possibly take here?"

"You humans." Cell grinned. "You always think when a thief wants something, he must take something with a form of matter. Just because I want something doesn't mean I can't hold it in my hand."

He walked toward the fountain, and Preacher got the message.

"You know about the Great Gospel…How?"

"I heard stories around the surrounding villages. It's the talk of the county. Everyone was so certain that it would protect them from me."

Cell stepped into the fountain, standing in the very middle.

"You do not know the incantation." Preacher reasoned. "To summon the Gospel, you must know the incan…"

"I do know it." Cell nodded. "I contain the DNA and knowledge of Piccolo, who is a part of Kami, who knows the Gospel chants by heart."

"You lie." Preacher shook his head. "You are trying to either scare me or trick me into telling you what you want."

"I don't need information from you," Cell assured, "when I already have it myself."

Cell stretched his arms stretched up to the ceiling, and he raised his head up with it. He began chanting in Latin, the words needed to summon the Gospel. Preacher pressed his back to a pillar in horror.

"You can't!" Preacher shouted at him. "You can't! You can't be doing this! This is impossible!"

Cell ignored him, noticing that a faint glow, like moonlight, was filtering from the ceiling and from the fountain around him.


Selena turned her head to the temple, feeling a strange energy wash over her like a warm breeze. Ace, Zeo, and Mimic felt it as well.

"Dude, what was that?" Ace wondered.

"It feels like a sacred aura." Zeo bit his lip. "It could be Preacher."

"No." Mimic shook her head. "I haven't felt this since Kami used it to seal away a horrible demon named Cinna."

"Is it the Gospel?" Selena asked her master. "Who is summoning it?"

"I'm not sure." Mimic shook her head. "But Preacher would not use it now, not when everything is still under control…"

Selena began to feel panic. The only other person who would even summon it now without thinking would be…


She broke into a run for the temple.


Zeo and Ace ran after her.

"Selena! Wait!"

Mimic shook her head.

"Everything is under control now, but soon…"

She ran after her students.


"There he goes…" Piccolo muttered, watching Cell summon the Gospel.

"Can't we stop him?!" Tien started to panic. "I can destroy the temple…"

"There's a guardian in there." Piccolo shook his head. "You would kill him. Besides, without this temple, there would be no other opportunity to summon the Gospel should we need it the most."

"Great…" Tien gritted his teeth. "I don't want that monster getting a hold of this power."

"Just wait a little longer." Piccolo assured. "Remember what I said earlier."


A column of light shone on Cell from the ceiling and the fountain. It was so bright, he could no longer be seen. Preacher shielded his eyes and gritted his teeth.

"Please, stop now!" he begged. He could hear Cell still chanting for the Gospel to come.

It can't end this way… Preacher thought to himself in his fear. With this kind of power, he would be unstoppable. He could even achieve the perfection Piccolo told me about…I can't let him, but I can't attack him now…

What do I do?!

Suddenly, the light burst and disappeared. Cell was flung onto his back, breathing in and out hard. He was grabbing his chest, and snarling as though he was having a heart attack. He starting curling into a ball, spasming hard, trying to stop his convolutions. Preacher watched him curiously, slowly losing his fear. He couldn't explain what was happening.

Then, Selena appeared, after running up the flights of steps to reach the temple. She saw Cell on the ground, and she laughed at him.

"Mimic-san was right. I shouldn't have been worried."

"Selena-san?" Preacher asked. "What happened?"

"Preach, you guard the Gospel, and you don't even know the requirements of summoning it?"

"Requirements?" Preacher blinked, then he got the idea and nodded in understanding. "Ah, I see…"

Selena helped Cell stand on his feet, and he leaned against a pillar.

"I…I failed…" he muttered. "I heard a voice…saying that…I didn't have the privilege…"

"Bingo." Selena nodded.

"But…" Cell glared, opening his eyes and staring right at Selena. "I knew what to do…I knew the chants…I knew the consequences of wielding such a power…Why can't I have the right to use it?"

"You would have gotten it," Selena shrugged, "except you're not the right kind of person to use the Gospel."


"You aren't a guardian." Preacher explained. "You may have the genes and knowledge of one, but those don't count. You have to be initiated, otherwise you don't have the privileges as one."

"No…" Cell whimpered, falling to his knees. "I worked so hard…"

"…for nothing." Selena shook her head in pity. "Too bad, so sad. And now, I'm going to kick your ass out of this town, and once you're out I'm gonna kill you so that I don't get in trouble."

She picked him up by the headcrest and pulled him to his feet. He lashed out at her, swiping his claws over her face and scratching them hard. She fell over, and he kicked her to the other side of the room, where she smashed into a pillar. She shook as she tried to stand up.

"Selena-san!" Preacher yelled in alarm.

Cell powered up as high as he could, causing the temple to shake.

"Fine!" he yelled. "Just fine! If I can't have the Gospel for myself, then no one can! I'll just use a Kamehameha and destroy the temple! Nothing will put a stop to my plans!"

"NO!" Preacher shouted. "DON'T!"

"Damn you…" Selena growled, standing up. The claw marks on her face were bleeding, but she paid no mind. She jumped foreword, and tackled Cell to the ground. He quickly got up and punched her in the stomach several times. Then, he jabbed his elbow hard into her back, causing her to fall over. She raised her arm, and punched the back of his knee, causing him to lose balance and fall over. Just as she tried to get up, Cell grabbed her ankle as he stood, and flung her up to the ceiling. She hit the top of the temple hard with her back and fell face down to the marble floor. She didn't move.

"Selena-san!" Preacher yelled, going to her side. He turned her to her side, and found that she was breathing. He stood back up with his staff in his hands. "KUSOTARE!" He rushed foreword, swinging his staff several times at Cell, but the android dodged easily. Then, Preacher slid a small level along the bottom of his staff, and a sharp blade shot from the blunt end of the wood pole. Preacher brought the blade up swiftly, slashing Cell's throat. The monster growled, but was not effected. The cut wasn't very deep. Preacher thrusted the blade foreword at Cell, but the android dodged easily. Cell looked to the stairs and retreated to them. Preacher followed.

Selena groaned, and rolled herself back over and dropped into the fountain. She slid in until she was on her hands and knees. She took several drinks from the water, and then said softly:

"Powers that be, please listen. I was forbidden to use the Gospel, but its power is needed now. Please…grant me a small amount of the Gospel's energy. Heal my wounds, allow me to stand, and give me the strength to fight this evil."

There was a pause.

"Please, God…please?"

Then, Selena began to glow white…


"Let's go!" Piccolo shouted, zooming down to Cell. Tien closely followed. Cell was fighting Preacher fiercely while the boy fought back. Piccolo and Tien landed behind Cell and attacked him together. Cell sensed the back attack, and jumped into the air. Tien was rammed into Preacher, but Piccolo flew up after Cell. The heated rivals exchanged hard blows to each other, neither being on the defensive. The fight was going nowhere until Cell flipped over Piccolo's head and fired a blast on Preacher and Tien. It exploded on them, kicking up dust everywhere. After the dust cleared, Preacher and Tien were seen slumped on each other. Preacher was unconscious and bleeding from under his hair, but Tien was groaning himself awake.

Piccolo tackled Cell to the ground, and slammed him into the pavement. Cell kicked Piccolo off him and tried to make a break for the temple.

"So much for your ultimate weapon!" Cell shouted powering up a blast. "Ka…Me…"

"No!" Piccolo shouted, running for Cell. But the Namek stopped short after seeing something emerge from the temple.


Cell stopped too. Something with a very bright sacred aura exited the temple and started walking down the steps. Cell powered down and lowered his hands. His eyes were wide in fear as he watched the creature walk down the steps towards him.

It was Selena, with a very small amount of the Sacred Aura flowing through her veins and fueling her ki.

Her hair had turned a very pale white, like Mimic's, and her eyes were a deep violet. She was glaring at Cell viciously, balling her hands into fists, and walking slowly down the steps.

Cell backed away a step, his fear had turned into a hatred. He narrowed his eyes at Selena and bore his fangs, hissing at her loudly like a frightened snake. She continued down to him, not changing her face or gaze.

"The Gospel…" Piccolo gasped, backing away as well. "It doesn't quite feel like it, but it is…"

"…" Cell watched Selena descend towards him until she was just three steps away from the street.

Then, she suddenly flung herself at him and punched him in the face. The power of her aura immediately flung him away down the street. Cell flipped himself over and landed on his hands and knees, skidding to a stop. He pushed himself up to a stand and charged for Selena with his tail poised. Selena charged foreword as well, with a fist ready to strike. When she was in striking distance, she jumped into a lunge and flung her fist foreword. Cell jumped to the side, dodging the blow, and slapping her back hard with his tail. However, contact with the sacred aura flung him up into the air. Selena straightened her aching back, and jumped up after him.

Everyone watched on in amazement as Cell regained himself and rocketed up into the sky with Selena following close behind. Piccolo and Tien stayed on the ground, not wanting to accidentally hurt Selena. Mimic calmly watched on as Ace and Zeo rushed to the scene to make sure Preacher was alright. Meanwhile, up in the air, Selena fired small ki blasts from her hands at Cell, but he maneuvered himself gracefully out of the path of each one, then fired a bigger one at Selena. It hit her stomach and started pushing her to the ground. She quickly rolled out from under the ki blast, and it destroyed an empty hut. Selena growled as she rubbed her stomach.

"Wow…this sacred power is pretty good. If only I summoned it all, he would be finished off by now…"

While she was talking to herself, Cell fired another blast at her, and it hit her in the back. It exploded into a cloud of smoke, and Selena fell from it and landed on the pavement. She quickly got up as Cell zoomed down for the ground. She got up to her feet, and backed away as Cell landed right where she was a split second ago. She fired another blast at him, but he caught it in one hand and flung it up to the sky. Cell powered up his aura fuller, then lunged for Selena. Selena planted her feet fully on the ground, and readied herself for Cell's attacks.

Using his own technique against him, Selena pivoted herself by the hip from Cell's fists and jabs. Not touching him once, she dodged everything he threw at her, then she tackled him over. The force of sacred power touching Cell flung him once again across the street. Using the liftoff speed against her, Cell grabbed Selena's waist and flung her ahead of him. While still in mid air, Cell flipped himself over until his feet were facing Selena and he kicked her stomach. He was once again propelled from her, but he was prepared for it. He fired a ki blast at her, and it hit her while she was still recovering from the kick.

Cell landed on his feet with a smug smile, and he waited for the dust to clear.

I have found an advantage to the sacred aura…

I am once again unbeatable…


Out of power and sacred strength, Selena pushed herself up to her feet with her hands.

No…I'm using the Great Gospel…just a tiny bit, but it should be enough…

I still can't beat him!


Is there no power that can stop him?!

In her anger, she flung herself at him with a scream. She was no longer giving off her sacred power, so Cell grabbed her by the hair and flung her over his shoulder. She was twisted around in the air, and she landed by the first step of the temple. Her head came to rest on it, and she breathed in and out hard.

Cell was still smiling to himself.

"Well, I guess I am done here." He concluded. "If that was indeed the power of the Great Gospel, then I have nothing to fear after all."

"That's not it!"

Cell turned to his left to see Tien helping Preacher stand up. Preacher glared at Cell.

"I forbid Selena to ever use it, so she only summoned a fraction of it."

Cell's smile disappeared.

"Well then, be thankful that she didn't listen to you." He began walking down the street. "I'm leaving, and I have no intention of coming back this time."


Cell stopped walking and turned around to see Selena straining to stand up. Her whole body was shaking at the attempt. Cell shook his head, making a "tsk, tsk, tsk" sound from his beak.

"You no longer have the strength to fight me, Selena." Cell reasoned. "You used up what Gospel you summoned, and you are quite injured. There is nothing worth my attention as long as you are weakened."

"You shut up!" Selena snapped. "I'm still standing! I can still fight!"

"You lost. I won. There's no point."

"You haven't won!" Selena screamed, pointing her finger at him. "You haven't won a damn thing! C'mon, let's go!"

Cell shook his head.

"Why can't you just give up, Selena, my dear?"

Selena lunged for him with a fist.

"STOP CALLING ME…" She flung her fist. "…DEAR!"

Cell caught it just before she could punch his face. She tried to pull her hand out of his grasp, but she was too weak and he held on too tightly. Suddenly, he shook her wrist hard once, flattening her fist out to a hand, and he gently kissed the back of her hand. Selena stood there a moment, stunned. She breathed in more slowly.

What's happening?

What is he doing?

Time seemed to stand still for that moment, as Selena stood scared at the monster that was kissing her hand.

She regained herself with a hard glare. She moved her hand while he still held her wrist, and slapped his cheek hard with the back of her hand! His face was hit to the side, but he otherwise didn't move. He opened one eye at her and smiled sadly.

"Pity." He sighed, letting go of her wrist and turning the way his face was going. He then walked for the city entrance to leave.

Piccolo was about to lunge after him, but Mimic held her staff in front of him.

"Let him go." She ordered. "The holocram tires out his energy. He won't get far, and the journey to where he's going will wear him out. He'll more than likely be sleeping or already dead once you find him."

Piccolo nodded at her wisdom and let the android walk free.

Selena finally fell over on her face. Ace, Zeo and Mimic rushed to her side. Mimic cradled the girl in her arms while Ace and Zeo watched Cell walked out of the city and into the open fields to God knows where.

"Looks like it's over…" Zeo sighed in relief.

Selena glared after her eternal enemy.

"No way…" she insisted. "It's just beginning."

End of Act 1

**End of Episode Bonus!**

((For those who missed the beginning and ending themes of Act 1, here they are. Ayumi Hamasaki sang both.))

Opening Theme: "Trauma"

kyou no ureshikatta kao kyou no kanashikatta kao
kinou yowakatta jibun to ashita kitto tsuyoi jibun to
anata nara dare ni misete ru watashi nara dare ni misereba ii

jikan nante mono ha totemo toki toshite zankoku de
demo sono zankokusa yue ni ima ga tsukurarete

hito wo motome yamanai no ha isshun no kaihou ga
yagate otozureru kyoufu ni katte iru kara

ashimoto de yurete iru hana ni sae ki tsukanai mama de
toori sugite kita watashi ha kagami ni mukaenaku natte iru

kyou no ureshikatta kao kyou no kanashikatta kao
kinou iyasareta kizu to kyou fukaku hiraita kizu wo
anata nara dare ni misete ru watashi nara dare ni misereba ii

ataerareta jibun dake no shouki to kyouki ga atte
sono dochira mo hitei sezu ni sonzai suru nara

muda na mono afurete shimatta mono yaku datanai mono mo
mayowazu ni erabu yo sou watashi ga watashi de aru tame ni ne

shiawase no kijun ha itsu mo jibun no monosashi de kimete kita kara

kyou no ureshikatta kao kyou no kanashikatta kao
kinou iyasareta kizu ga kyou hiraki dashita to shite mo
anata nara dare ni misereru watashi nara ano hito ni misetai


Today's happy face, today's sad face.
Yesterday's weak self, tomorrow's strong self.
If it's you, who are you showing it to? If it's me, who should I show it to?

Time is sometimes a cruel thing,
but the present is made by that cruelty.

Unceasingly searching for someone, an instant of release
soon triumphs over the visiting fear.

As I don't even notice the flowers shaking before my feet,
I can't even look at myself in the mirror.

Today's happy face, today's sad face.
Yesterdays healed wounds and today's deeply opened wounds.
If it's you, who are you showing it to? If it's me, who should I show it to?

The sanity and insanity that I was given and are mine only,
Both exist together without negating the other.

Futile things, spilled things, and useless things...
I'll choose with confidence, so I am of myself.

Because I have always defined happiness with my own standards.

Today's happy face, today's sad face.
Even if yesterday's healed wounds have opened today,
If it's you, who can you show it to? If it's me, I want to show it to that person.

Ending Theme: "Poker Face"

itsu datte naku kurai kantan da kedo waratte itai
anata no ai ga hoshii yo

honto no jibun no sugata ga sukoshi zutsu boyake dashite ru
oshi yoseru hitonami no naka kotae dasenai mama sagashite ita
uso ya iiwake jouzu ni naru hodo munashisa ni kowaku naru yo

itsu datte naku kurai kantan da kedo waratte itai
tsuyogatte tara yasashisa sae wasurechau kara sunao ni naritai
anata no ai ga hoshii yo

hito ha minna itsu datte hitori bocchi na iki mono
da kara sou dare ka ga hitsuyou sasaeraretakute sasaete itakute
tashika na mono ha nani mo nai keredo shinjite ru kokoro ga aru

taisetsu na mono hitotsu mitsukeraretara mamori toosou
takasugiru kabe butsukattara kizu wo ottara mata tateba ii
hoka ni ha nani mo nozomanai kara tatta hitotsu sore dake de ii
anata no ai ga hoshii yo


It's always so simple I could cry, but I want to smile.
I want your love.

My true form begins to dim little by little.
From inside the surging crowd I push aside, as long as I can't get answers I've been searching.
The better I become at telling lies and excuses, the more I feel afraid in the emptiness.

It's always so simple I could cry, but I want to smile.
If I become stronger I'll forget even your kindness, so I want to stay weak.
I want your love.

People are always solitary beings.
So I need someone. I want to be supported and I want to be supporting.
Nothing is certain, but in my heart I still believe.

If an important thing is found let's protect it to the end.
If I hit a wall that's too high and get hurt, I should stand up again.
I don't wish for anything else, just that one is enough.
I want your love.

((Thank you everyone for reading Act 1. I'm taking a break on the series for now to prepare for Act 2. I promise that Act 2 will be better than this, but it will be much more mature and will definitely not be for the faint of heart. Thanks again for reading! ~Masquerade))