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These are oneshots, not necessarily connected to each other and they can be read separately. I've went and made Shukaku and Kyuubi female for obvious reasons.

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"Shukaku/Kyuubi speaking"

'Gaara/Naruto speaking to Shukaku/Kyuubi'


Gaara was a good boy.

At five years old, Sabaku no Gaara was easily the most recognized and feared member of the Kazekage's children. A mop of messy red hair fell into his black rimmed turquoise eyes, giving him the appearance of a small baby tanuki, save for the ears and tail. He was quite small for his age, only weighing about twenty-five pounds(1). Not that it mattered to anyone, oh no, it was quite the contrary. His father, the Kazekage of Sunagakure, could care less what happened to his youngest child. It would be a blessing in disguise to him if Gaara actually did waste away into nothingness. Gaara's older brother and sister, Kankuro and Temari, were quite fearful of the youngest Sabaku child as with the rest of the village and they had a very good reason to be. At Gaara's birth, at the request of their father, the one-tailed Sabaku no Shukaku had been sealed inside of him, ultimately causing the death of their mother. It also went unsaid but surely not unnoticed that Temari and Kankuro harbored a slight loathing towards the little tanuki. For the cost of giving the jinchuuriki life, their mother's own life had been sacrificed.

Gaara knew that he was despised by his own family. He had killed his father's wife and his siblings' mother, that certainly entitled one to be loathed. He also knew he was despised by the villagers, he was the container for the Shukaku. He just didn't understand why everyone hated Shukaku.

Shukaku was the only one who had ever really cared deeply for him. She would always comfort him, saying one day she'd have her revenge on those who hurt Gaara. If Gaara ever started crying, she'd send the sand to embrace him, while whispering soothing words from within him. Whenever Gaara was lonely, which was quite often, Shukaku would play with him, via sand.

Shukaku would also protect him from the numerous assasains sent to kill him, using the sand of course. To Gaara, the sand was precious to him. It was a manifestation of Shukaku's love to him.

'He-hey, Shukaku-sama?'

"Yes, pup?"

'Um, I heard Temari and Kankuro talking about their mama to Yashamaru-no-ojisama(2)…'

"Pup, you know-"

'And they were talking about what she used to do with them…play with them, make them feel better, take care of them…"

"I see."

'You do that for me, don't you?'

"Of course I do."

'Are you my mama?'

Silence. That was the only thing Gaara heard for a few minutes before Shukaku finally spoke.

"Do you want me to be?"

'…y-yes.' Shukaku smirked, everthing was going as it should be. She could finally wreak havoc on this damned village and cure her bloodlust!

"Alright, pup. I'll be your mother, but you have to be a good boy and do what I say. Understand, pup?"


"That's a good boy."

Gaara was a good boy. He did everything his mama told him to do. If his mama said kill, he would kill. If he did a good job, his mama would surely reward him with hugs and a few kind words. It was a good deal.

'Mama…am I good boy?" The sand slowly began to wrap around him.

"Yes pup. You're a very good boy."

(1) I don't know how much the average five year old weighs. I read somewhere that it was around forty pounds, so I figure him weighing twenty-five would make him pretty small.

(2) A respectful term for "uncle"

Well, there's chapter one. The next chapter will involve Naruto and Kyuubi. Yes, I know Naruto didn't know he was the Kyuubi's container until he was twelve, but I get the feeling he was aware that he had something inside of him. I'm thinking of doing a couple about Neji and Sasuke remembering their mothers, but I'm not quite sure yet. Reviews are encouraged, flames will be used to light the burning fires of youth (thank you Gai-sensei) Ja ne!