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Chapter One: Introducing the IM!

"See Haruhi? That's all you have to do. Now. Just make.."

"I can tell how to do it, Hikaru." Haruhi said as she looked at her new laptop that the twins gave her for the summer break. "It looks easy."

"It is, but it's the adding people. Just make your account and I'll tell you who to add." Hikaru said happily as he leaned back in the fold up chair. He watched as Haruhi filled out the registration sheet. Once she was done she clicked install MSN Windows Live Messenger and gave Hikaru a small look.

"How did I let you talk to me into this?" Haruhi asked as Kaoru walked in from the kitchen munching on some sort of candy. He held three cans of soda. He tossed his older brother one and handed the other to Haruhi who gave him a small smile of thanks.

"I think you said that you wanted to keep in touch during Summer Break." Kaoru cracked to lid from his can and to a long gulp from it.

Haruhi frowned. She only said that so that Tamaki wouldn't think anything stupid while she visited some nearby relatives. "True," Haruhi said softly. What better way to make that lie come true then by getting a laptop and MSN? Well, beggers couldn't be choosers she supposed.

"If you think that we're going to tell you who to add then you're sort of right. We know Tamaki's, Kyouya's, Mori's, and Honey's username. Don't worry you'll get an invite from us so you don't have to type it." Hikaru assured her as he cracked open the can.

Haruhi frowned, "Why bother. You can just tell me since you're here."

"Why ruin the fun?" Kaoru asked her.

"What fun? Don't you two share an account?" Haruhi asked.

"Wrong!" The twins shouted together, their mischievous smiles gleaming. Haruhi was not liking the looks on their faces. "We have separate accounts so that the club members and other people can tell us apart. In other words, luring them into a sense of security so that when they see us for real...its like...bad." The twins high fived each other grinning.

Haruhi frowned, something didn't sound write about this. "And you guys don't know the other's password?"

"NOPE!" Was the shrill answer.

Haruhi winced since she had to deal with about seven girls with seven octaves high notes of answers. It wasn't that she didn't care about it. But when the twins decided to act as if eardrums can't be broken...that's what really got her.

"That's new." Haruhi said slowly as she looked over at her screen. The download was fifty percent done. Her computer must be running slow. Either that or it was the site.

"Geeze, this download shouldn't be taking this long." Hikaru said as he glanced at the download sign.

Kaoru walked over and leaned against Haruhi's spinning chair, putting his arms around it. He looked over at the download sign as it said seventy percent done. "Its going faster then usual. Not slower."

"Really?" Hikaru and Haruhi said together as they looked back at it.

Kaoru sweatdropped as he said, "Now I think I know how Haruhi and some of the other girls and club members feel when we talk together like that. It freaks me out! Since when have you became the twin Haruhi?"

Haruhi sighed, "Blame your brother. He's the one that ditched you."

"HEY! I resent that!" Hikaru cried out.

Kaoru chuckled softly and then said, "We better start heading home Hikaru. Didn't mom say she wanted us home by five?"

Haruhi glanced at the right lower corner of the laptop. "It's five thirty at the moment."

Hikaru stood up and stretched before taking out his cellphone and walked away from the room. Kaoru sighed and then hugged Haruhi from the behind. "We'll IM you when we get home."


"I think everyone else would be on too. You know. To say hi." Kaoru shrugged lightly. "Okay hang on," he walked over to the right hand of the desk and found a notebook. "Can I barrow a piece of paper Haruhi?" Haruhi nodded and he ripped a piece. He took out a pencil from the desktop and scribbled down something before handing it to her.






HitaKao120709-Me :)

"Pika Hika?" Haruhi formed a sweatdrop as she read Hikaru's username.

Kaoru grinned at her, "He used to like pokemon. I think he still does. I don't know anymore."

"Everyone sounds like them...but Hikaru?" Haruhi was still in disbelief that this sixteen year old prankseter had a anime hobby. "How long has he liked it?"

"Oh he got into different types of anime." Karou grinned at her. "Pokemon was just one of the top favorites before Full Metal Alchemist."

"No way. He likes that show too? I never knew."

"You watch anime?"

"When I can."

"You and Hikaru are a pair made in heaven." Karou sighed.

Hikaru walked out from the kitchen and was busy trying to put the cellphone away in his pocket to care much about what they were saying. Kaoru pulled away from the desktop. Hikaru sighed, "The car's coming."

"You just HAD to call them." Kaoru said dramatically teasing. "Why?"

"Because as you all so nicely said that mom wanted us home around five and we're thirty minuets late. We're going to get hell. I thought well if we want computer time before or after punishment, now would be such a wonderful time."

"True." Kaoru said as he winked at Haruhi, "We'll get outta your way. Have fun!" The twins walked out the door before Haruhi could say another word.