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Chapter Six: Stealing Twin...Twin Fight Number 2!

"So we're going to go shopping! I have enough money since I worked overnight and overhours thanks to the fact that so many people keep calling in sick. If they don't like their day job then quit!" Yuri ranted as she was texting someone on her new phone that she bought with the money that she was speaking off. After seeing how bad Haruhi's clothes were Yuri announced a shopping spree since she said that she wanted Haruhi to know that it was better dressing like a girl then a boy.

Thank god Sai wasn't on Yuri's side. Haruhi wouldn't blame him either. She couldn't count how many times Yuri's been trying to get Sai to go on a shopping spree with her, only to decline and say that he had enough clothes to last through the Great Depression that hit America a long time ago.

Haruhi didn't look back that far in American history and cared for it even less unless it was about the laws. "And why am I in this?" Haruhi asked as she waited for her laptop to load.

"Because Sai won't let me try to fix his wardrobe. Can you believe it? Nothing but black, blue and red. You would have thought he would have an eye for color since he works at a paint store half time when he's not in school, noooo its always red, black or blue. Won't go for anything else. Not even purple!" Yuri complained. "He sucks."

"He just has his colors." Haruhi said soothingly as she clicked on the MSN icon and entered her information. "I don't want to do the shopping spree myself. I have enough clothes to last me."

"Nonsense. Your on break for two weeks right? Then you have to go straight back to school." Yuri said to her.

Haruhi frowned as she got dragged into another MSN conversation and said to her, "But I wear a uniform. There's no way I'm going to go to school without it on."

"Aww, your no fun."

PikaHika: Haruhi? You there? Are you afk?

Afk? "Yuri you go into chat rooms more then I do. What does A.F.K stand for?"

"Away from keyboard." Yuri said monotonously. "But that's not the point..."

Haruhi was already ignoring her and was typing a reply.

BoyishGirl: No, Yuri's distracting me.

HitaKao120709: A cousin of yours?

BoyishGirl: The kind of cousin that likes shopping sprees, yes.

PikaHika: I feel bad for you then. (laugh)

BoyishGirl: You can laugh Hikaru, but your not the one to talk.

HitaKao120709: Don't you mean type Haruhi?

BoyishGirl: Whatever. She's pretty vain. Tried to get Sai into a shopping spree since she claims that he doesn't have an eye for color. She's as bad as you, but this is shopping and trying things on, not modeling and hope it fits.

PikaHika: Now I'm kinda glad your away on vacation. Tell your cousin Yuri or whatever the chick's name is, to try. You do need a new wardrobe of fashion.

BoyishGirl: I like what I already have, Hikaru.

HitaKao120709: No one's on for some reason :S I hope everything's okay.

BoyishGirl: People don't always have get in front of the computer everyday like you two do.

PikaHika: True.

"Who are you typing too Haruhi?" Yuri asked as she walked over to the computer to read the conversation that was going.

Haruhi hated the lack of privacy and pushed her cousin away from the computer screen. "Stop. I kinda like the conversation to be for my eyes only."

"Aw, I thought cousins don't hide anything from each other!" Yuri complained once again as she sat down on the bed, arms folded across her waist.

Haruhi shrugged simply and then wrote:

BoyishGirl: My cousin is trying to get a glimpse of the conversation going on.

PikaHika: What? Why?

HitaKao120709: Ask her if she has an MSN account.

"Hey Yuri? Don't you have your own MSN account?" Haruhi asked reading the snide reply that Hikaru did to make it become a IW argument. She didn't feel like breaking it up so she left it alone.

Yuri frowned, "No. I have a Pogo, Gaia, and Myspace account though. I use Pogo more then I do of any of the others. Why do you ask?"

"Just wondering." Haruhi frowned as she typed in the information and sent it.

HitaKao120709: Well then, tell her that her nose doesn't belong here. We're pure MSN freaks. Nothing more or less.

BoyishGirl: Right, I'm sure you are.

PikaHika: Kaoru is. I'm not.

BoyishGirl: Websites about Pokemon?

PikaHika: Not really, reading the forums on this one website, can't remember the name of it, and posting up some of Kaoru's stories that I found while looking through our notebooks from grade school. I never knew he could write stories and fanfictions of this one anime...what was it called again Kaoru?

HitaKao120709: You looked through and posted my stories? How dare you?!

BoyishGirl: And you said I was making a fuss out of nothing when you enlarged and photoshopped my photo.

PikaHika: It wasn't a big deal. None of this is.

BoyishGirl: Its doing it without permission!

HitaKao120709: Its doing it without permission

Haruhi blinked, they just said the same thing and at the same time and posted it that way too. Whoa. Weird.

"So how about it Haruhi?" Yuri asked.

"How about what?" Haruhi asked a little bit preoccupied with the conversation to understand what her cousin was going after.

Yuri smiled at her stressed out cousin and said simply, "After your done with the conversation we can go on the shopping spree."

"No shopping spree." Was her reply.

PikaHika: You stole my twin.

BoyishGirl: I did not. He just knows exactly how I feels and knows that you need permission to do something like that!

HitaKao120709: How many chapters of my stories have you posted up.

PikaHika: Well, you had about seven incomplete ones so I didn't even bother, but you had twelve complete ones that were good and with some good editing are acceptable and some chapters here and there.

HitaKao120709: How many stories complete?

PikaHika: On the website three. Two of them are still going.

BoyishGirl: Better stop him before he keeps going Kaoru.

PikaHika: But he gets a lot of reviews. If he ever checks his yahoo account, he would see about 3 to 9 pages of nothing but reviews, possibly more then that from the last time I saw it.

BoyishGirl: Send me a chapter if its okay with Kaoru.

PikaHika: Its on the web Haruhi. Here's the address.

He sent some sort of link, and the penname was sort of weird. Like she had heard it before. Either way, she looked at the site and carefully found a peice of paper on the desk and a pen and wrote down the site so that she could check out later.

HitaKao120709: OMG! That's where my stories are? ITS PUBLIC?

PIkaHika: (laugh) yep.

BoyishGirl: Better go. Bye!

Haruhi logged out before the twins could start fighting again. Oh boy. She wondered where the others were. Then again, it was summer. Possibly they were on some sort of high expensive trip to a forgien county or something. Haruhi sighed and grinned slightly. It was kind of nice in a way, to be a commoner. At least they knew how to save and spend money wisely.

"Come on Haruhi! Shopping Spreeeeeeeeeeeee!" Yuri cried out as she grabbed her cousin's arm and got her out of the chair and dragged her to the front door where Yuri parked her car.

Well, at least some commoners.