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"Hey! What're you doing? Are you keying that truck?!"

The two kids standing by the black truck turned as one. The woman saw a box cutter in one of their hands, and a set of keys in another, and knew she was right.

"Back off, lady. This ain't nothing to do with you," the taller of the two said, brandishing the razorblade at her.

"I don't think you should be doing that!" she exclaimed.

"Why? This your truck?"

"Well . . ."

They had her on a technicality. The two kids took her tentativeness as a negative response, and jabbed each other with their elbows, laughing and mocking her.

" . . . he's his own truck, really."

An odd metallic shifting made the kids spin on their heels back to the vehicle. They found themselves face to face with a large, humanoid robot, the barrel of whose cannon was threatening to engulf their heads. A thin whine filled the air as the cannon came online.

The kids scrambled, vandalism forgotten as they pushed each other out of the way to get away as fast as possible.

The woman walked calmly to the robot's side as he watched the two go through his targeting computer.

"Oh man—they did manage to get one scratch right through the paint. Sorry, Ironhide," she apologized, fingering the mark.

He powered down the weapon. "S'okay."

"Hmph. It's pretty small. Give me a lift back to the shop and we'll get it touched up, good as new."

Ironhide gave the woman a rare smile, and shifted back to vehicular form. She climbed in the open passenger door, and they drove off.