Final Chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh GX: The Eternal Struggle of the Duelists.

Well here we are, the final chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh GX: The Eternal Struggle of the Duelists. The setting for this chapter is twelve years after the grand gradation duel. Oh yeah, and to answer your question darksoul, Ryuji really only wanted to create as much chaos as he cans, after all, he was nothing more than a trickster. Oh, and sorry about not using your card, but I see a much better use for it. Hope you don't mind. And I once again apoligize in advance for any spelling errors.

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"Time comes and time goes, but it's the value of time spent and time wasted that matters."-MelloKai

Epilogue: Days of Innocence

Ayato pushed several strands of his hair away from his face, glancing up from his book to watch his children play in a quiet park within Domino City. A smile formed on his lips as his youngest daughter enjoyed a piggy-back ride from her elder brother.

The two wheeled around circling his bench, her happy squeals resonating. Ayato looked down at his book, letting his eyes wander over the page. He had read this particular book about twenty or more times but it never got old, at least, not to him anyway.

The story featured the hero, Seki, matching wits against the henchwoman of an evil king that for one reason or another, wanted him dead. The woman foolishly thought she could use her wiles to twist his mind and confuse him into walking into a trap, but he saw right through her and used his own tactics to spoil her plans. Those tactics, included seduction.

With a few suggestive words and well placed touches, he had the beauty quivering under him as he ran his fingers through her long black hair and began the dutiful task of undressing her.

Ayato closed the book, as the little girl atop her brother's back exclaimed, "Again again!" As he stopped beside him, hands resting on the bench. Their father put his book to the side, giving his son a sympathetic look.

He plucked his daughter from the small boy's back, "Let Hayato play with the other kids for a while. Your aunt Kairi is coming by soon so stay here to greet her."

The girl's pout quickly turned into a bright smile upon hearing the name. She nodded her head vigorously, "Okay papa!" Hayato looked greatly relieved as the girl happily complied with her father's request.

"Thanks." Hayato said, grateful that his duties of big brother were over for the moment, sometimes Kari wore him out, he was thankful for the times his father or mother would intervene.

At age seven, he was a small boy. His wild messy black hair framing his face and sticking out in all directions from his head. He seemed to have inherited his father's eyes, a bright blue, and he had a sweet tooth like Ayato had never seen.

As Hayato began to walk off into the direction of the older kids in the park Ayato chuckled to himself. He remembered the first day that his little bundle of joy, as Hikari had called him, had gotten into a bag of sugar.

When he was two years old, during a game of hide and seek, Hayato had went through the cabinets, hoping to find his father there but instead found a bag of sugar. Looking at it curiously he tried to grab it, causing it to spill over. Having heard the sound Ayato quickly rushed to the scene.

Hayato turned to him, stuffing a handful of the sweet grain in his mouth, smiling happily. Ayato sighed as the memory passed, he had gotten a mouthful from Akari that day when she had come home from shopping with Alexis when he told her what happened.

Ayato broke away from his thoughts, looking over to the nearby field where his elder daughter was located. Hitaki Mutou was the younger twin of Hayato Mutou by a few minutes. Ayato wanted to name her Hina but Akari insisted on naming her after her deceased sister. She was currently picking flowers.

She had short shoulder length black hair that framed her face, her eyes were a darker shade of blue than her brother, more closely resembling her mother's eyes. She looked up, as if she knew her father was watching her and waved to him.

He returned the gesture, smiling as well. As the girl went back to her task of picking flowers for whomever they were for Ayato looked down at the two year old girl in his arms. Unlike her older brother and sister, her hair was a long dark brown and her eyes were violet in color, Ayato mused that she must have gotten them from her grandfather, Yugi. Ayato looked up as someone called out.

"Hey old man!" He looked back to see a blonde haired boy with his sister Kairi approaching them hand in hand. Kairi lifted the small girl from Ayato's grasp. "Are you happy to see me?" She asked sweetly.

The little girl nodded as Kairi kissed her on her cheek. She seated herself next to her brother. Kairi was now sixteen, her long brown hair cascading down to the small of her back, her blue eyes sparkling.

She smiled at her brother, "You spoil her too much big brother." Ayato merely shrugged as he began to read his book once more, "Well I didn't spoil Hayato or Hitaki so I thought I'd make up for lost time." Ayato replied off-handedly.

Kairi and the boy that had accompanied her both looked through the crowd of small children in the playground, looking for said boy. They spotted him, he was currently playing tag with his friends, munching on a candy bar the whole time.

His blue eyes looked their way and caught their gaze, a warm smile spreading across his face. He waved at his aunt and the boy, who returned the gesture. "You know...I plan on having my own personal dueling army one day." Ayato said, causing his sister to glare at him and the young man to snicker.

"I was kidding, Akari would kill me." Ayato said quickly. Kairi rolled her eyes, "She'd do worse than that." Kairi said, standing up from her seat next to the older man. "Come on Kari, let's go play with your sister."

Kari smiled, "Yay!"

Ayato and the boy watched as the two walked off towards Hitaki. "So Naota, what was that crack about me being an old man?" Ayato asked calmly, an evil smirk on his face.

Said boy slowly scratched the back of his head, "Um...nothing." Ayato closed his eyes nodding, "I thought so." The boy began to inch away from the older man, not feeling all that comfortable around him when Kairi wasn't with him.

"Hey, you hurt her and I'll be sure to make you regret it!" Ayato called out to him as he had gained a considerable distance between the two. Naota nodded, "Sure, whatever you say. Thanks for the advice, play nice now." He said, leaving for the three girls in the field.

Ayato looked after him confused until his vision was obscured by a pair of slender hands.

"Guess who?"

"Hmm...Yai?" This earned him a slap to the head. The perpetrator removed her hands, revealing her identity. Ayato watched her jump over the bench to sit beside him but Ayato grabbed her arm quickly, pulling her into his arms. Akari landed in his lap, hair askew and face flushed with embarassment, lips barely a millimeter from his.

"What's so funny?" She asked as he let a deep chuckle escape his lips. Ayato leaned in to claim a kiss but Akari pulled away in a huff, sitting beside him. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders, pulling her into a hug.

"I'm just teasing you." He said planting a kiss on her neck, his action hidden by her long hair, which, like his sister, came down to the small of her back. His wife gave him a withering look, pulling away from him.

She reached under her butt and pulled the book Ayato had been reading earlier from under it. "Honestly." She sighed as she read the title of the book. "Do you really think it's appropiate to be reading stuff like this in public?" She asked.

Ayato shrugged, "Don't I get to express myself like everyone else?" He asked, feigning being hurt. Akari let out a exasperated sigh. "So tell me, why are you an hour late?" He asked.

"I went to pick up presents for Hayato and Hitaki's birthday. Alexis came with me before I dropped her off at her home and came to pick you guys up." She looked at the boy in question before zeroing in on Naota and Kairi. The girl was glomping him, much to little Kari's horror and Hitaki's merriment.

"This is a public place!" Ayato shouted to the two, who quickly turned away from each other, blushing. Akari playfully slapped Ayato on his arm. "Your one to talk, reading such a dirty book at a public park." Akari turned back to the two teens, "Don't mind him!" She called out.

"You had better mind!" Ayato shouted back to the two. He turned to his wife as she giggled, "Protective much?" She asked him. "No." He replied hastily.

"What about that day when you said: 'I won't let that bastard lay a finger on my sister!'" She asked teasingly. Ayato frowned slightly, "Well Kairi said she didn't want me to scare away all her boyfriends." He said, sounding slightly dejected.

"You mean she threatened to never speak to you again if you didn't let her see Naota." Akari guessed, a smirk breaking her face. "Whipped." She added with a grin.

Ayato grinned in return, "We'll see who's whipped later tonight." Akari's cheeks turned a bright red, before she could retort, their son came running towards them.

Akari untangled herself from her husband's side to catch him, pulling him in close for a hug before setting him down on the ground. "Hayato, did you have fun today?" She asked, running her fingers through his wild hair. She was unsuccessful in convincing him into letting her cut it.

Ayato smiled, his son always seemed to brighten when his mother was around. Hayato nodded, "I had a lot of fun. Can you come play with us?" He asked, pointing to a gang of kids that were playing kickball.

Akari turned to her husband, "Why didn't you just ask your father to play with you?"

He pointed to his father, "Dad was reading one of his perverted books so I knew he wouldn't want to."

Ayato looked surprised, 'How did he know?' He thought to himself momentarily. Akari smiled at her little helper, "I'll be sure to talk to him about it later." She said, turning to her husband with a glare.

Ayato sighed, even his own son was against him, what was this world coming to? "Well it's almost dinner time." Ayato said trying to change the subject, "Go get your sisters, okay?"

During dinner, the children only wanted to tell their mother of all the things they saw and did, Kari being very vocal about being against Naota kissing her aunt.

She listened to them with a smile on her face. Ayato looked momentarily lost, his thoughts drifting back to when his younger daughter was born. He remembered it well, Akari wouldn't stop screaming at him the whole time.

"Ayato, get over here and hold my hand, your the one who did this to me dammit!"

Ayato smiled slightly, Akari was right. It seemed like all the women in his family had him whipped. Akari sent the three children upstairs, telling them to brush their teeth before she tucked them into bed for the night.

Ayato followed after his wife and three kids. Akari led the three into the bathroom as Ayato watched from behind her. When she turned around she nearly bumped into him. "Ayato you startled me." She stated as she moved to head downstairs to get Kari's milk.

Ayato caught her arm and pulled her into his embrace, claiming her lips. Akari fell deeper into his arms, wrapping hers around his neck. The two broke apart as they felt someone clinging to their legs.

"I want a kiss too!" Kari demanded, dressed in her nightdress, the two twins behind her looking up expectantly. With a chuckle Ayato picked the little girl up, kissing her on the cheek, Akari doing the same.

Ayato and Akari then knelt down, kissing both Hayato and Hitaki on their foreheads. "Okay off to bed now." Akari says, causing the three siblings to pout.

"You said you would tell us a story mama." Kari reminds her. Akari looked to her husband, who nodded. "Who wants to hear a story about my days at Duel Academy?" Ayato asks his children.

"Come on let's go!" Hitaki says as she runs off towards their room, Hayato picking up Kari and following after her. "Well don't start without me." Akari says as she makes her way towards the kitchen.

Ayato laid back against the wall of the hallway. Duel Academy. Twelve years had passed since he left that place and started his own family. He vaguely wondered whether or not any of his old teachers were still teaching there.

During the five years after leaving Duel Academy Akari and himself had entered the Pro League as a tag team, making a name for themselves quickly. Of course when the twins were born the two retired.

Syrus, Zane, and Chazz had started their own Pro League, which was an immediate hit. Alexis had become a teacher at a Duel Prep School and Jaden had traveled the world connecting people with cards spirits for five years until Alexis finally gave birth to their healthy baby girl. Of course they named her Jade.

Kazama had remained in the Pro League for several years even after Anna had given birth to their daughter, Kira. It was only a few months ago that Kazama decided that the 'God of the Pro League' was ready to retire for good.

Ayato smiled to himself, everyone was happy. "The kids are getting impatient." Akari says to her husband, waiting in front of a large doorway, warm bottle in hand.

Ayato smiled as he walked over to his wife. "I was just thinking that's all." He said as he opened the door to the room, his eager children waiting inside. "Okay, let's begin." Ayato says, entering the room.

Akari felt like she was floating up gently from the dark abyss of sleep. She smiled wryily, here she was, in the comfort of her own bed with strong arms wrapped around her and warm lips pressed softly to the back of her neck.

The dark haired woman let out a sigh of contentment as she drifted to the surface of consciousness, her lover's lips ghosting over her nape.

"Good morning Ayato." She murmured drowsily, snuggling back against him as his arms tightened around her. "Good morning." Ayato rasped, nuzzling her hair with his nose, taking in her scent.

After their children were peacefully asleep Ayato had made good on his promise, making quiet love to his wife. Ayato allowed his hands to creep down south. "Last night was fun." Ayato whispered in her ears, causing a shiver to go up and down her spine.

Akari reprimanded him, "The children might be awake, besides, we have to get ready for their birthday party." Ayato merely smiled as his hand moved away from her womanhood. "Not even five minutes?"

Akari sighed, "You are such a pervert."

"I'm not a pervert." Ayato countered smoothly, causing her wife to turn to him slightly, "Then what are you?" She asked him curtly.

"I'm the King of All Perverts." He answered smugly, Akari rolled her eyes, "My mistake."

"Besides, five minutes isn't nearly enough." He says as he sits up, stretching. This statement caused Akari to roll her eyes again. "I'll give you ten minutes." She said, giving in to him.

He turned to her with a grin on her face, "That will do."

Hundreds of little candy fell out of the stuffed Blue-Eyes White Dragon pinata as Hitaki's bat connected with it. The little girl lifted her blind-fold, quickly grabbing for the candy, several of the other children attending the birthday party already grabbing for their share.

"Hey don't be greedy." Ayato called out to Hayato, who seemed to be going around collecting large amounts of candy in a plastic bag. "I don't know where he gets it from." Akari said shaking her head. "Maybe if someone didn't let him get in that bag of sugar..." She trailed off, eyeing her husband.

Ayato turned to her, "So your still blaming me for that?" Alexis watched her two friends' interactions from the other side of the backyard. Even after twelve years they seemed to be the same.

"Okay okay I give up!" Jaden exclaimed as Jade, Kari, and Hitaki tackled him to the ground, tickling him. "I guess Kazama couldn't make it." Syrus says off to the side of Ayato and Akari.

Ayato merely shrugged, "Well he does live in America, so it's no big surprise that he didn't show up." Ayato says off-handedly. " are you and your wife doing?" Ayato asks, changing the subject.

Syrus smiles happily, "She's finally pregnant, it took a few tries but it's finally happened. I'm going to be a father!" Ayato bends down to whisper in the blue-haired man's ear. "If you need a place to stay, let me know, when a woman gets pregnant, it ain't pretty."

"Ow!" Ayato whines as Akari grabs him by his ear, "Don't listen to a word he says Syrus, stay by your wife's side and you'll do fine." Akari throws a glare at her husband. "Maybe if you would have done that I wouldn't have given you such a hard time."

"Akari your hurting me." Ayato complained. "Look look, mama is beating papa up!" Kari exclaims, pointing at the two. Everyone begins to laugh at Ayato's predicament. Ayato sighes, "What have I done to have my own kids be against me?" Ayato asks.

"Well it's getting late, we had better get going." Alexis says as she grabs her daughter by her hand, Jaden grabbing her other. Ayato tends to his now sore ear, "Well don't be strangers." He says.

Jaden and Alexis nod as they head off. "I'm off too." Syrus says as he follows after Jaden and Alexis. "See ya." Akari calls after the four. Akari turns to her husband, who was still tending to his ear. "Now...about you and your perverted books."

Ayato gulped, he didn't like where this was going. Hayato walked passed the two, pulling a rather large bag full of candy along, eating a candy bar happily. "Hayato." Akari says sternly. Ayato sighed a sigh of relief, this would get his wife's attentions off of him.

Ayato sneakily made his way towards the back door of his house as his wife addressed his son. "Give me the bag." Akari commands her oldest child. Hayato pouts, "But mom-"

Akari glares at the young boy, holding her hand out expectantly. Hayato sighs in defeat, handing the bag full of sugary sweets to his mother. "Where are you going?" Akari asked, causing Ayato to freeze in his tracks.


"Not until we have a talk you won't."

Ayato sighes in defeat, "Okay."

Akari bends down to kiss her son on the cheek, "Now go inside, I'll let you have some of this candy later." The boy in question smiled upon hearing this and quickly dashed inside after his siblings.

"You know...this really isn't necessary..." Ayato trailed off as his wife walked towards him. Ayato was surprised as she kissed him on the nose. Ayato blinked several times in confusion, "So...your not mad at me?" He asked.

Akari looked up at her husband's confused expression, over the years the man had surpassed her in height, but she didn't complain, she could still put a hurting on him if she wanted to. "Well you looked so helpless that I couldn't help but feel sorry for you." She said cheekily.

"Ha ha very funny." Ayato scoffed, smirking. Akari smiled joyfully, "I'm glad I met you those fifteen years ago, your a good man Ayato, if a bit perverted." She said as if reprimanding him for it.

Ayato raised a brow, "A bit?"

Akari rolled her eyes, "I forgot, you liked to be known as the King of All Perverts." She said, bowing mockingly to him. "But seriously, we've been through a lot to make it to where we are now, so I guess it wouldn't hurt to let you off the hook every once in a while."

Ayato and Akari were startled when the heard the cry of "SUGAR!"

Akari bolted into the house, "He's found the sugar again?!" Several seconds later the back door bursts open, Hayato holding a bag of sugar running out from it, his mother hot on his heels.

Akari turns to her husband, "Well don't just stand there! Help me catch him!" Ayato simply chuckles to himself as she makes several attempts at catching the sugar-crazed young boy. He looked away from the scene, suddenly looking agitated.

"Yes I remember." He looked reprimanded for a moment. "Sorry." He mumbled. "No, I won't go back on my word." Ayato turned back to look at his son, who was currently laughing, Akari was now covered in sugar.

Ayato sighed, " looks like you'll be having an adventure of your very own soon..." Ayato trails off, smiling at the scene before him. "What's so funny?" Akari asked the smiling Ayato.

Hitaki and Kari join the three in the backyard, wondering what all the commotion is about. "Sugar momma!" Kari points at her sugar covered mother, causing everyone to burst out laughing.

An unseen force watched the scene from above, a voice resounding in the air. "Soon."


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