The Full Disclaimer for Written in Blood: Pokemon does not belong to me

The Full Disclaimer for Written in Blood: Pokemon does not belong to me. It belongs to Satoshi Tajiri, Nintendo, Game Freaks, and 4Kids. I am not making any money off this, so please don't sue as I am a poor college student with no money. However, the concept of the story, the plotline, as well as Yossarian and Reaper actually do belong to me. You may not use them without my permission.

The following authors own the following characters which may also not be used without their permission:

Blaire belongs to Sabrin. Porygon/The Cyber One/Hawkin/Hanako belong to Porygon, The Cyber One. Lurker belongs to Lurker248. ToedWrath belongs to ToedWrath. MT Tasaki and Chibi-H. belong to Meredith T. Tasaki. Damin Corue and Cassie belong to Brilliant Thinker. Josh Rocket belongs to Meowth. Seifer no Miko belongs to Seifer no Miko. BlastSage belongs to BlastSage. Simone DuMarriott belongs to Latonya Wright. Pikajenn and Indigo belong to Pikajenn. Doratsu belongs to Jessica (who, by the way, is not me). Steel Rogue belongs to Dark Meganium. Charmega belongs to Charmega. Angel belongs to Angel. Darkness Master (DM) and Keya belong to Darkness Master. Lady Rapidash (LR) and Angelique belong to Lady Rapidash. Sensei belongs to Sensei. Stephanie belongs to Hells Angel. Rabid Wolf belongs to Rabid Wolf. LavenderEspeon belongs to LavenderEspeon. Kamatake belongs to Fay'Lynne. Articuno belongs to Articuno.

These characters may NOT be used without their owner's express permission, so don't take them. I have permission to use them for this story and this story alone.

Eh, since I might as well add something onto this page, here's the character run-down for reference since there are quite a few people in Written in Blood.

The Authors of Light:

Blaire, the Red Bandanna Bandit. She's possibly the last person you might expect to be fighting on the good side, with her dark demeanor and threatening appearance. She has quite a bit in common with Yossarian, which the evil author finds very frustrating.

Lara, a girl with many personalities. Among them are the pokemon Porygon, a kind doctor lady named Hanako Nakata, a girl known as The Cyber One with ambiguous loyalties, and a wise elderly gentleman (yes, a man) called Hawkin. While most of Lara's personalities may be good, it tends to be very difficult to keep her in one form for any great length of time.

Lurker, a loud, talkative, Asian guy. He's known for being able to befriend just about anyone, although time will tell if that skill can help save the pokemon world.

ToedWrath, a boy who can change into a half-Politoed, half-Poliwrath at will. His heightened senses should provide valuable assistance, as well as his gift for becoming invulnerable in an arctic climate.

M.T. Tasaki, a girl who prefers the spectator's seat. She's quite content to just watch the happenings in the pokemon world with her laptop, but will help out the good side if they get in trouble.

Damin Corue, a green Mewtwo with electrical abilities. Her blind human friend, a woman by the name of Cassie, runs a breeding farm. A Mewtwo is very useful to have on your side. Unfortunately, Damin isn't the only Mewtwo in this story…

Josh Rocket, a 5'9" Meowth hybrid. He once sided with Team Rocket, but since left after a falling out with Butch. His special teleport, hypnosis, and electric skills will come in handy during his mission to protect pokemon from evil.

Seifer no Miko, a girl who hates evil with a passion. She is a big fan of Mewtwo and can be quite friendly. But when she is angered, she is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

BlastSage, a quiet but attentive boy. His ability to read people and notice what others might miss should prove invaluable in the fight to defeat Yossarian. However, his past is rather shadowy and it is quite possible he could be hiding a nasty secret or two.

Simone DuMarriott, a light-skinned African-American girl. With enduring optimism, she believes that everything will turn out for the best. She can charm any animal she meets and she truly cares for her Butterfree, Twiggy, and Growlithe, Wolfgang, and constantly refers to them as "the kids."

Pikajenn, the light-hearted, 25-year-old. This sword-wielding, flying, ki-blasting author travels with her Raichu morph partner, Indigo. She befriended Yossarian in the real world through the internet. It is possible that she might hold some sway over the younger girl…

Doratsu, a Raichu/Dragonite morph. She is slightly insane, thrives on caffeine, and was also friends with Yossarian in the real world. Although she is winged, she prefers to travel using her incredible speed. She is more neutral to the whole controversy in the pokemon world than the others.

The Authors of Dark:

Yossarian, the lead villain. Her mind and ideals have been twisted by constantly witnessing but never experiencing the idyllic world of pokemon. She loves a good mental challenge and, as such, tends to throw out hints and puzzles to the good guys to see if they can figure out her next move. She rarely travels outside her headquarters without Reaper, the Houndoom morph, at her side.

Darkelf, the second in command. This drow is also a close friend to Yossarian in the real world and is completely loyal to her. He is lethal with his No-Daichi sword and the array of spells he has at his command. He lives in his own castle in the pokemon world instead of at Yossarian's base.

Steel Rogue, a master of steel pokemon. Just like his pokemon type of choice, he likes to play the defense instead of offense. He carries a small sword in case he is forced to fight and will do anything…for the right price, that is.

Charmega, a female Charizard anthro. With fire, psychic, and chameleon-like skills, she is a dangerous foe. Being a Charizard, she has quickly earned favor with Yossarian and is often selected for the more elite missions.

Angel, the computer specialist. She acts as a spy and assassin for the bad guys. Her gift of creating illusions is impressive and her fighting prowess is daunting but both are rarely used, as she spends most of her time in the base hacking into computer systems.

Darkness Master, one of the more sane villains. She has a tendency to be extremely outgoing, but she has suffered no mental decay in the pokemon world. With flight, teleport, and shield-creation abilities, she and her partner Keya are most often on the front lines of battles.

Lady Rapidash, a tough fighter. She fights with fire and is able to transform into a Rapidash if the need arises. Though she has sworn allegiance to the dark authors, her loyalties are often questioned due to the fact that an angel, Angelique, follows her and tries to turn her to the side of good.

Sensei, a wise young man. He is highly intelligent, possibly the smartest of all the dark authors. Yossarian often comes to him for advice, which is one of the few times he will actually talk. He also can turn himself into a ghost-form, giving him the powers of a ghost pokemon and the ability to understand pokemon language.

Stephanie, the Hell's Angel. She is a vicious fighter, armed with a three-foot-long sword, and demonic in appearance with her devil tail and wings. She is often hyper, though she can become serious when the need arises. She despises Tracey Sketchit and seems to have some interest in Reaper.

Rabid Wolf, a human/wolf hybrid. Her legs are that of a wolf and she has a wolf's tail, as well as a wolf's senses. She can blend into any background, and carries a dagger and a bow with poison-tipped arrows. She is loyal to Yossarian and Yossarian only. She will take orders from no one else.

LavenderEspeon, a purple-clad villain. While she is very swift in coming up with strategies against the good authors, she is not often the one who acts on these strategies. She likes to keep a clear conscience and will be more lenient with prisoners than the other dark authors. A purple jewel on her necklace can heal any blade-inflicted wound.

Kamatake, a very nasty Mewthree. This variant of a Mewtwo has only one thing on her mind: her own advancement. She is a powerful pokemon, a valuable ally for the dark authors, but her constant attempts to undermine Yossarian could prove to be a fatal error, especially with the psychic-hating Reaper eagerly awaiting to do away with her.

Articuno, an excellent bodyguard. At five feet tall, he is significantly shorter than Yossarian, yet he serves as her bodyguard when Reaper is not around. His flight ability, super strength, and gift of never tiring also make him formidable on the battlefield.