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Hard To Say I Love You



'Inner Sakura'

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Today was the day. The day that she was going to confess. That is if she didn't chicken out first. Like she had so many times before... But she would do it today!!

Sakura's Memories

Sasuke had come back 5 months ago, dragged back by Naruto, Shikamaru, Chouji, Neji, and Kiba, the original retrieval team. That day was a joyous one. Everyone was so happy to have him back. Even Sasuke had smiled a bit. She had run up to him and tackled him in a hug. She was crying and laughing at the same time. When he hugged her back, she was so surprised and happy. She cried some more, and her laughter increased. After many greetings, they left for the Hokage Tower.

Tsunade was firm and strict. That was only expected though. She had put him on house arrest for three months, and he wasn't allowed to go on missions for 1 year. But even that couldn't down the mood.

They had a party at the Uchiha District. And what a party it was. Sake was passed around, and drinking contests ensued. Merry laughter rang through the rooms, as everyone had fun. A dance floor was set up in the living room and Naruto was losing very badly. There were screams from some rooms where scary movies were playing. And noises from upstairs where, ahem, activities were taking place.

The party had ended at 2 a.m. and Sasuke had escorted Sakura home after everyone else had gone. She had stumbled all the way home, leaning on Sasuke for support. When they had gotten to Sakura's apartment, after many falls, Sakura pulled out her keys and fumbled with the lock.

"Thank you-" a hiccup came. "Sasuke-kun." She had kissed him, her first kiss, and ran into the room. She fell promptly and passed out. When she woke up the next morning, she was snuggled up in warm blankets on her bed, her pink locks spread on the pillow. She sighed in contentment.

Back To The Present

Sakura giggled at the memory of the kiss. Sasuke hadn't brought up the kiss, but she was pretty sure she had seen him blush on several occasions, when he was looking at her. 'Oh god. I'm acting like Ino now. Telling myself that he really does like me, when I have absolutely no idea." She quickly stopped giggling and sighed. She then spotted Sasuke leaning against a tree on the playground. Sakura walked forward, then stopped. She backed up a few steps and then she started to turn around. She then walked foward again, into the sandbox. The pink-haired kunoichi started to turn around yet again.

'Sasuke doesn't like me. He said I was annoying. And weak. And pathetic."

'You better not be chickening out now! You already did that so many times!!'

'And plenty of reason too! There are so many girls around him!'

'There are no girls now, so suck it up woman! Just tell him and get it over with. Besides, with the way you've been acting, you might as stick a big neon sign on your forehead that says: I'M IN LOVE WITH UCHIHA SASUKE!'

'You're loud.'

'That's not the point here! Do it now!'

Sakura got a push from behind and turned to see whom it was. Only to find no one there. She quickly pulled a kunai out of her kunai pouch and crouched into her fighting stance. Even if she was standing in the sandbox with kids staring up at her in wonder, looking like a complete idiot.

'Now go!'

Sakura growled and straightened up when she realized where the push came from. Her arms went back to her side, cutting herself accidently. 'How the hell did you do that?'

'Again, not the point! Damn it woman! Go!'

'I hate you so much! I'll get you back for this!'

Sakura slowly walked up to Sasuke, kunai still in hand, as she hoped some rouge ninja would pop out of nowhere, so she wouldn't have to go through on this.

His eyes were closed and he looked so peaceful. "What do you need Sakura?"

She bowed her head. "Gomen Sasuke-kun for disturbing you. I n-need to tell y-you s-something." She began to sound like Hinata when she was around Naruto.

He cocked open an eye and looked at her. When she didn't speak he began getting impatient. "Yes Sakura? What is it?"

"I lo-lo-lo…. I loathe Icha Icha Paridise!" She blurted out.

Both of Sasuke's onyx eyes were open as he stared at her weirdly. "Okay…." He began to walk away, wondering if that had any real meaning to it.

"Wait Sasuke-kun! That's not it!" Sakura yelled out to him.

He stopped and went back to her. "Then what is it?" he asked irritated. He had his precious tomatoes to attend to!

"I lo-lo…. I loaded my snowboard to go snowboarding with you!"

"Sakura…." He said slowly. "It's summer. There's no snow. Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine! It's just that... I lo…. I look like a private investigator!"

Sasuke looked at her green tank top and white skirt. She had green accessories and pink lip gloss. "Right…. Sakura, you seem a bit... different today. Delusional maybe?"

"What I meant to say is…. I lost my strawberry ice cream!"

"Uh…. sorry?"

"I mean…. I locked my chopper pilot!"

"You don't have one... You don't, right?"

"That's not it…. I long for ice-cold water!"

"Um…. I don't have one. You can go to the vendor over there. Here, let me go." Sasuke started to run towards the vendor, in hopes of escaping Sakura and her weird outbursts. Those hopes were burst however, when Sakura grabbed him and spun his around. He almost went flying before she put her hands firmly on his shoulders. He groaned inwardly at the fact he couldn't run away.

She looked at him, somehow hoping that she could get her feelings out if she did. If anything, it only made her feel more nervous. She let go of him. "It's not that…. I loiter away the night with sleeping!"

"Well, most people usually do that Sakura."

"No! It's…. I lodged in a small cabin during my vacation last summer!"

"That's nice…." Sasuke was a bit confused now. He scratched his head lightly.Was she trying to tell him something? Damn it! Women were confusing!

"No! No! No! I logged 20 miles the first day of training with Lee!" Oh good lord, she was getting desperate now.

"Do I need to know this? Cause..."

"Hold on! I lopped off Naruto's penis!"

Sasuke's eyes widened in horror. "W-what?" The great Uchiha was stuttering and he had good reason too. He quickly put both his hands over his ahem lower region. "Uh... What did Naruto do exactly? You wouldn't happen to be looking for another victim would you?" She was waving her arms around in desperation. He looked at the kunai in her hand warily. Now that he noticed it, was that red stuff on the the tip blood?

Sakura groaned in frustration. Was it THAT hard to tell someone you love him? "I looped around in squares today!" Yes, apparently it was.

"Sakura…. That makes no sense. We should take you to the hospital. I think you've been drugged." He reached out to take her arm.

"I looted Tsunade-sensei's precious sake!"

He instantly drew back his arm, looking around as if expecting to see a raving mad woman running around with a chainsaw. No one appeared. 'What the hell is going on?' Sasuke thought. And then he realized it. He leaned against the tree and smirked. And Sasuke's smirk grew bigger and bigger with each sentence.

"I loosened the tie of my imaginary friend! I lowered my skirt! I lope like a horse! I lo-"

Sakura was suddenly cut off with something warm on her mouth. Her eyes widened when she realized that it was Sasuke's lips were on her own. A few seconds later, her eyes closed and she responded to the kiss. After a minute they pulled apart.

"There," Sasuke said softly. "Does that help?"

Sakura nodded. "I love you Sasuke-kun," she said just as softly, hope shining in her eyes.

He looked at her blankly and then he smiled. "I love you too Sakura."

They caught each other's hands. Then the two teens walked off to the ramen stand where Naruto and Hinata surely were. The tomatoes could wait.


'Yes Outer?'

'Did I mention how much I love you?'


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